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TeX Collection 2011 by TUG, and DANTE.

TeX Collection 2011 contains four TeX products on a single DVD.


proTeXt is a TeX distribution for Microsoft Windows. It provides an easy installation even for less experienced users. The distribution is based on Christian Schenk's MiKTeX as the TeX system and TeXStudio (formerly known as TeXMakerX) as the included editor. Due to its lack of Unicode support, the TeXnicCenter editor isn't supported anymore by proTeXt.

In the past, proTeXt installation was performed by hyperlinks within the PDF documentation. Due to frequent changes in Adobe Reader's security policy that broke executing our setup scripts, we finally gave up on this installation scheme. Now, we provide our own application named Setup.exe in the DVD's protext directory to install and uninstall the proTeXt components. The manual is provided in PDF as before, currently in English and German.

TeX Live

TeX Live is a complete TeX system for GNU/Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows.

The TeX Live system is located in directory texlive. Please change to this directory and run the script install-tl in this directory to start Unix installation or the batch script texlive/install-tl.bat for Windows.

Further information regarding TeX Live is available in the document texlive/readme-html.dir/readme.en.html. For translations to other languages refer to texlive/index.html.

See The TeX Live Guide for the list of platforms for which executables are included.


MacTeX is a complete TeX distribution for MacOSX (both Intel and PowerPC), containing all of TeX Live, but with a native Mac installer and other Mac-specific packages included.


CTAN, the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network, is a worldwide set of Internet servers making TeX software available. The DVD contains a snapshot of German CTAN node from July 2011. The snapshot is located in DVD's directory ctan. You may find further information in ctan/README.HTML.


This DVD was made possible by the help of several volunteers:

The support from the following companies and organizations was also essential for the creation of this DVD.

TeX Collection 2011 is distributed by TUG in the United States, and DANTE in Germany. The DVD is also distributed by many local TeX user groups, including TUG and DANTE, to their members.

We thank Russell Lang from Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd for his kind permission to include GSview on the DVD.


We encourage donations for MiKTeX development. Please refer to the MiKTeX homepage for details.

And we welcome donations to other TeX development projects via TUG's donation page.

Finally and most importantly, we encourage you to join your local TeX user group! Please see the list of worldwide TeX user groups.