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This is a program that converts a collection of related HTML files into a single LaTeX file. Such a LaTeX file can be processed into a PostScript file. To generate a single LaTeX file from a number of HTML files, the user needs to give a skeleton LaTeX file and indicate where translated versions of the HTML files should be included. The user also has to specify at for each HTML file at which level (chapter, section, subsection, ..) it should be included. Links between the different HTML files are mapped to references in the LaTeX.

The program does extensive checking of links between the different files. Because of this reason it can also be used as a link checking program, by giving it a single HTML file, and specify that it should scan all referenced pages in the local directory (and its sub-directories).

Links to excluded HTML files (and other URL's) can either be reported as footnotes, or as a sorted bibliograph in the LaTeX file. Error messages are reported on the standard output file, and in a cross-reference file that is generated along side.

Download zipped / tar.gz C-source of version 2.6 and 2.7


The HTML to LaTeX conversion program is implemented by the C program html2tex.c, which needs to be compiled first. (The program is developed with the popular gcc compiler, which is freely available under the GNU public license.)

The program takes a single file as input. The input file should contain valid LaTeX commands. In the file all lines starting with %html will be interpreted as special lines by the conversion program. These are used to indicate which HTML files should be included, and to set the various options.

Detailed descriptions of available version

For a detailed description of the functionality of the different version can be found on separate pages:

Version history

For all versions: No warrants what so ever are implied!. Each version has a version number and a date at the top of the source file. Please use these for bug reports. I try to fix small bugs as soon as possible.

Please check the revision history in the source for more information. (What happened to version 2.3? I guess, I skipped that number by accident.)


I would like to thank the following people for their contributions:

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