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ltx2rtf converter

last update: Sep. 1, 1999

ltx2rtf, written in C.

In 1994 the first Version of LaTeX2rtf was written by a group of students of the Viena University supervised by Ralf Schlatterbeck. They took up a LaTeX parser and added most of the functionality to the program. In 1995 work continued with a second group of students. The result was LaTeX2rtf Version 1.5.

Unfortunately, two different teams started further development of that program, not knowing of each other:

My dream is that in some future we can synchronize both developments, but up to now they are different.

So this page is about Daniel's version.

You can get it via ftp://ftp.lps.u-psud.fr/pub/ltx2rtf/

Look here for Daniel's description of his version.

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