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last update: July 28, 1998

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From: Guido Milanese <MC1194@mclink.it>

This is to inform that there is a new program that converts NotaBene files to LaTeX format. It is my NB4LATEX program, that converts files from NotaBene4 (including ancient Greek and all the symbols of logic) to LaTeX2e format. The program may be downloaded from my homepage http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/3023/ at the URL:


This is also a little contribution to the issue ov 'visual' editing for TeX. With this conversion program and its utilities, you can use NotaBene for editing (seeing all the accents, the Greek chars, etc.) and, at the very final stage of document preparation, convert it to LaTeX2e.

It is a beta version. Please contact me for any problem.

Thanks, gm

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Nota Bene's home page is http://www.notabene.com/

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