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last update: Nov. 4, 1998

Note: I tried this product, but it turned out not to be useful for me. Reasons: see here

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Publish your books and documents using TeX or LaTeX with the help of K-Talk's Publishing Companion (DOS). Translate WordPerfect or Microsoft Word files to TeX or LaTeX.

Typeset quality with the ease of word processing
No need for training sessions or workshops
Designed for documents of any length or complexity

Publishing Companion translates the following to plain TeX or LaTeX:

Automatic Indexes Newspaper-style Columns
Boxes Non-break Hyphens & Spaces
Centering Outlines
Endnotes Page Numbering
Flush Right Paragraphs
Footnotes Parallel Columns
Foreign Characters Point Sizes
Full Fonts Redlining
Horizontal Lines Running Headers & Footers
Indents Soft Hyphens
Justification Strikeout
Mail Merge Superscripts & Subscripts
MathEdit Math Equations Table of Contents
MS Word 6.0 Math Equations Type Styles (bold, italic)
WordPerfect Math Equations Widows & Orphans on/off

With Publishing Companion, you don't have to learn TeX to produce typeset quality TeX output. If you do know TeX, Publishing Companion simplifies production.

Publishing Companion by K-Talk Communications, Inc.
with MathEdit Standard edition sells for US$249.00,
with MathEdit Professional edition sells for US$399.00
plus shipping

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