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last update: July 28, 1998

written in C. (C compiler necessary.) Actually converts RTF to LaTeX.
The Word document must first be saved to disk in RTF format.

Converts text elements and formula fields.
Converts nearly all special characters of the basic TrueType fonts (Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman) I personally made some changes to additionally support German left quotes and a few other special characters.

Does not convert the document structure (i.e. headings are not recognised as such).
Does not handle other fields, equation editor objects, graphics. Table handling is rudimentary (conversion of table cells to minipages, but problems with borders).
It only handles RTF versions up to WinWord 2, not yet WinWord 6.

Can be found on all CTAN sites, dir .../support/w2latex
German version is in dir .../support/w2latex/german
(The ... stands for a host specific base directory, which often is either "/pub/tex" or "/tex-archive")

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