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last update: Nov. 12, 1998

© D.P.Simpson 1997 word2x@duncan.telstar.net

Converts MS Word for Windows 6.0 documents (binary!) to LaTeX or plain text.

See http://word2x.alcom.co.uk

Written in C++, successfully compiled with GCC on
Linux (Unix),
Sun (Unix),
DEC Alpha AXP under OSF/1 (Unix) (but some bugs during execution),
IBM SP/2 (RS6000) under AIX (Unix) (but some bugs during execution).
win32 (win95 and NT4.0) precompiled version available from http://word2x.alcom.co.uk
OS/2 and DOS version see http://www.d3.net/joerg/word2x.html

Further development in progress.

On CTAN sites, directory
(The ... stands for a host specific base directory, which often is either "/pub/tex" or "/tex-archive")

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