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last update: Nov 10, 1998

written in C. Current version converts WordPerfect 4.x, WordPerfect 5.x and WordPerfect 6.x to LaTeX.

Version 2.23.0b from March 1998 and later converts formulas.
Latest version is 2.54 dated Nov 4, 1998
Can be found on all CTAN sites, dir .../support/wp2latex/fojtik;
MSDOS, MSWIN and LINUX executables.

Older versions are on CTAN sites in dirs
.../support/wp2latex/old and .../support/wp2latex-5_1
(The ... stands for a host specific base directory, which often is either "/pub/tex" or "/tex-archive")

An older version, INCLUDING SOURCE, is on CTAN sites, dir .../support/wp2latex-5_1.
On this version I got the following comment
(09 Dec 1996, by Stefan Monnier <monnier-stefan@CS.YALE.EDU>):

citation begin>>
To get it to compile on AIX and Solaris, I've had to hack a bit of the code. The only serious problem being the handling of file termination (the original source code uses the length of the file and ftell or EOF characters, which are both fairly msdos-specific, so I changed it to use getc's return value to detect end of file).
Also the underlining doesn't quite work (the words do get underlined, but any underlined sequence of text cannot span more than a line. So I manually replaced "\Underline{" by "{\bf " in the document. Apart from that, it worked great.
I can mail you some set of patches also.
<<citation end

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