The TeX Catalogue Online

by Graham Williams

CTAN Edition

barracudaA BibTeX database manage.
Allows loading, editing, merging and saving of BibTeX database files. BibTeX databases can be sorted and searched for records. In addition databases can be printed with the help of LaTeX and a provided shell script. Barracuda supports macros that can be stored in a separate file. These macros are merged with the database file upon save. Barracuda supports 13 standard records from @ARTICLE to @UNPUBLISHED. Barracuda knows about the optional and required fields for each record type and the user has the choice of which fields are displayed in the listed view of the database. Preferences can be set in a dialog box and are stored in the users home directory. Barracuda uses the Qt library (popular under Linux) and allows for convenient editing of records through its user interface while the use of the native BibTeX database format allows for the exchange of information with others.
Visit the Package's Home PageLicense: gpl     Catalogued: 2000/06/15