The TeX Catalogue Online

by Graham Williams

CTAN Edition

dviwinMS-Windows DVI screen and printer driver.
A screen and printer driver for TeX DVI files under Windows 3.1 and Windows NT. Its main features are: Fast previewing (uses 386-specific code if it finds a 386/486); Painless support for graphics in TeX documents; Uses any standard PK font files or FLI font libraries; Works with all displays and printers supported by Windows; Automatic generation of missing fonts; Support for color printers; Native 32-bit versions for Windows NT; Selectable measurement units; User-definable strings for easy adaptation to various languages (the distribution contains strings for four different languages apart from English); graphics filters for GIF and XPM files, etc. The required memory depends on the resolution that you use. It needs about 1.5M free RAM to print on a 300dpi printer without swapping. See also windvi
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