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by Graham Williams

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eurofontProvides a command that prints a euro symbol.
The particular symbol printed by \euro will in general change depending on the font family, weight, and shape in use at the time. This symbol can come from any source, and the package user has complete control over which euro symbol is used in any given situation. The package is pre-configured to behave sensibly with many common text fonts and available euro symbols. The \euro command can print `faked' euro symbols from a C with two lines across it when no suitable real euro symbol is available; the package also includes code for printing fake bold euro symbols for use when no real bold symbol exists, as well as pre-configured support for a faked italic version of the marvosym font. Eurofont comes set up to use euro symbols from Adobe's Eurofonts, the marvosym font, the Eurosym font, and any available Text Companion fonts. The selection between these can be done using options passed to the package. The eurofont package knows about the China2e font's euro symbol, and can be configured to use it. See also eurosym marvosym
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