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by Graham Williams

CTAN Edition

europsAccess to Adobe's Euro currency symbol fonts.
Provides access to Adobe's Euro currency symbol fonts from LaTeX. The fonts are named using Karl Berry's naming scheme, providing fd files and a style file to use the fonts directly, and providing four macros: \EURtm, \EURhv, \EURcr and \EUR (from marvosym). The actual symbol they produce depends on the currently active font, i.e., they follow font changes caused by \text.. and other NFSS commands. The actual fonts are not included as they have to be fetched from Adobe's web or ftp server. See also eurosans eurosym marvosym
Visit CTAN:fonts/euro/latex/europs/Download from somewhere nearby (Search)Download from DanteIncluded in TeXLive distribution in fonts2License: unknown     Catalogued: 1999/03/03