The TeX Catalogue Online

by Graham Williams

CTAN Edition

miktexA free TeX distribution for MS-Windows32.
A distribution of TeX and friends for MS-Windows95 and MS-Windows-NT. Features include easy installation and configuration, and full TeX and LaTeX support. MiKTeX includes a `basic' distribution which is a (useful) sub-set of the complete distribution removing pdfTeX, Computer Modern PostScript Fonts, AMS-Fonts, PostScript Fonts, MetaPost Texinfo, Makeinfo, and Web. The TEXMF tree is a subset of the standard teTeX TEXMF. A command-line utility, `texify', simplifies the production of DVI (PDF) documents by automatically invoking LaTeX (pdfLaTeX), Makeindex, and BibTeX as many times as necessary to produce a DVI (PDF) file with sorted indices and all cross-references resolved. See also ntemacs winedt win95-guide bakoma
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