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by Graham Williams

CTAN Edition

texsisA Plain TeX macro package along the lines of LaTeX.
TeXsis is a Plain TeX macro package which provides useful features for typesetting research papers and related documents. For example, it includes support specifically for: Automatic numbering of equations, figures, tables and references; Simplified control of type sizes, line spacing, footnotes, running headlines and footlines, and tables of contents, figures and tables; Specialized document formats for research papers, preprints and ``e-prints,'' conference proceedings, theses, books, referee reports, letters, and memoranda; Simplified means of constructing an index for a book or thesis; Easy to use double column formatting; Specialized environments for lists, theorems and proofs, centered or non-justified text, and listing computer code; Specialized macros for easily constructing ruled tables. TeXsis was originally developed for physicists, but others may also find it useful. It is completely compatible with Plain TeX.
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