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The default font families in LATEX are the Computer Modern families, namely the CM fonts (OT1 encoded) and the EC fonts (T1 encoded). The LH fonts, which are now available, provide Computer Modern fonts for all Cyrillic font encodings. They are designed to be compatible with the EC fonts, and they provide the same font shapes and sizes; they are available at CTAN:fonts/cyrillic/lh (the latest version is 3.20). The installation instructions for the fonts are in the file INSTALL in the font distribution.

Other fonts, including Type 1 fonts, can also be used, provided that their encoding (for TEX) is T2-compatible. Some ready-to-use packages supporting such fonts are also available, e.g., at (they should soon be on CTAN). Currently, you will find two packages there: PsCyr, which contains some freely distributable Cyrillic Type 1 fonts with support for LATEX; and c1fonts, which contains virtual fonts similar to the AE fonts package using the BlueSky and BaKoMa fonts available from CTAN (see the README file in that package for detailed information). Further font packages are expected soon.

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