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Font substitution

\DeclareErrorFont {<encoding>} {<family>} {<series>} {<shape>} {<size>}

Declares <encoding><family><series><shape> to be the font shape used in cases where the standard substitution mechanism fails (i.e. would loop). For the standard mechanism see the command \DeclareFontSubstitution above. The font specification for <encoding><family><series><shape> must have been defined by \DeclareFontShape before the \begin{document} is reached. Example:



This parameter is used to decide whether or not to produce a terminal warning if a font size substitution takes place. If the difference between the requested and the chosen size is less than \fontsubfuzz the warning is only written to the transcript file. The default value is 0.4pt. This can be redefined with \renewcommand, for example:

   \renewcommand{\fontsubfuzz}{0pt}   % always warn

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