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This document contains an overview of the new font commands of LATEX.
Section 2
describes the commands for selecting fonts in classes and packages. It lists the five LATEX font attributes, and lists the commands for selecting fonts. It also describes how to customize the author commands such as \textrm and \textit to suit your document design.
Section 3
explains the commands for controlling LATEX math fonts. It describes how to specify new math fonts and new math symbols.
Section 4
explains how to install new fonts into LATEX. It shows how LATEX font attributes are turned into TEX font names, and how to specify your own fonts using font definition files.
Section 5
discusses text font encodings. It describes how to declare a new encoding and how to define commands, such as \AE or \", which have different definitions in different encodings, depending on whether ligatures, etc. are available in the encoding.
Section 6
covers font miscellanea. It describes how LATEX performs font substitution, how to customize fonts that are preloaded in the LATEX format, and the naming conventions used in LATEX font selection.

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