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mktexpk - create a PK file for a font


mktexpk [options] font [redirect]


This manual page is not meant to be exhaustive. The complete documentation for this version of can be found in the info file or manual Kpathsea: A library for path searching.

mktexpk is used to generate a pk file from the source files or type1 sources for font, if possible.

If redirect is given, it must be string of the form >&n where n is the number of the file descriptor which is to receive, instead of standard output, the name of the generated file.

mktexpk is typically called by other programs, rather than from the command line.


mktexpk accepts the following options:
--bdpi num
Set the base device resolution.
--dpi num
Generate the font at resolution num.
Print help message and exit.
--mag mag
The magnification that corresponds to the combination of bdpi and dpi that has been specified.
--mfmode mode
The mode to use.
--destdir dir
A directory name. If the directory is absolute, it is used as-is. Otherwise, it is appended to the root destination directory set in the script.
Print version information and exit.


If the mode is not specified, mktexpk tries to determine it from bdpi. The manner in which this is done is primitive. Since bpdi doesn't provide sufficient information to uniquely determine a mode it is strongly recommended that it be specified explicitly.

If the mode and bpdi don't match, the mode is discarded.

The dpi parameter is redundant, but is not checked for consistency. Worse, the program will fail if the wrong dpi is specified.

See Also

mktexmf(1) , mktextfm(1) .

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