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unpost - extract POST resources from Mac PostScript file


unpost [ -b ] [ -r ] input [ output ]


unpost extracts POST resources from a Macintosh PostScript file and create a PFA (hexadecimal) or PFB (binary) file. The file input should be seekable and be in MacBinary (I or II) format or be a raw resource fork. If the file output is not specified output goes to the standard output.


Output in PFB (binary) format. The block lengths are the same as the POST resource block lengths. If you need specific block lengths then output in PFA format and use t1binary(1) instead.
Indicates that the input is a raw resource fork. Without this, the input is assumed to be in MacBinary (I or II) format.

See Also

t1disasm(1) , t1asm(1) , t1ascii(1) , t1binary(1) ,


None known.


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