1. \Css{content}

This command sends its content to the CSS file of the document.

2. \Css content\EndCss

This command introduces the specified content, at the location of the command as an inline CSS code fragment. The content should not start with the left brace character `{'.

3. \CssFile[list-of-css-files]content\EndCssFile

The default CSS file TeX4ht produces is initially a file consisting just of a single line of the form `/* css.sty */'. That line is later replaced with the code submitted by the `\Css{...}' commands.

The current command allows to specify an alternative to the initial CSS file. The alternative file consists of the code loaded from listed files, and of the content explicitly specified in its body.

    {\HCode{<div class="mylist">}} {\HCode{</div>}} {* }{} 
  \HCode{<!--created by me-->} 
     /* css.sty */ 
     .mylist { color : red; } 
The names in the list of files should be separated by commas, and the rectangular brackets are optional when the list is empty.

The file should include a line having the content of `/* css.sty */'. If more than one such line is included, the content of the `\Css{...}' commands replace the first occurrence of this line. Arbitrary many space characters may appear around the substrings `/*' and `*/'.