1. \ConfigureList{list-name} {before-list} {after-list} {before-label} {after-label}

Environments that directly or indirectly are built on top of the `\begin{list}...\end{list}' and `\begin{trivlist}...\end{trivlist}' environments, inherit the appearances of these base environments. The \ConfigureList command may be used to change the default configuration.

       \ConfigureList {description}
                       {\HCode{<hr />}}
               {\HCode{<hr /><strong>}}
The `description', `itemize', and `enumerate' environments are the more obvious extensions of the `list' and `trivlist' environments.

The `verse', `quotation', `quote', `center', `flushleft', and `flushright' are examples of non obvious extensions. The latter extensions are made up in LaTeX from a single-item lists, to get the appearance of displayed paragraphs.

2. \ConfigureEnv{environment-name} {before-environment} {after-environment} {before-list} {after-list}

If either before-environment or after-environment is not empty, then these parameters specify insertions that should be placed before and after the specified environment.

       \ConfigureEnv {tabular}
           {\HCode{<hr />}} {\HCode{<hr />}}
           {} {}
If the parameter before-list or the parameter after-list is not empty, a call is made to \ConfigureList {list-name} {before-list} {before-label} {} {} for configuring the base-list of the environment.
       \ConfigureEnv {flushright}
           {\HCode{<div class="flushright">}}
           {\HCode{<h2>}} {\HCode{</h2>}}