TeX Live 6: BUGS and UPDATES

Installation and setup

On the TeXLive 6 CD (v. 20010720 and 20010730), the size of the main memory allocated in LaTeX is wrong. To correct it:



People wishing to mount the TeX Live CD on a Mac OS computer will find that there is a sad lack in that OS in that it supports neither the Joliet nor the Rock Ridge extensions, so you will see only the ISO 9660 file names (8+3 format).

The following link leads to freeware providing a Joliet file system for Mac OS: http://www.tempel.org/joliet/

After installing this system extension, you will be able to mount any ISO 9660 CD-ROM with Joliet extensions and see the full file names, access the CD-ROM's web pages with your favorite browser, etc.

Windows 32

The autostart/setup programs on the TeX live CD on Windows 95 only run with Internet Explorer (>= 4.0?) installed. Otherwise the programs complain about WININET.DLL missing. This is missing from the documentation, but there is a redistributable component from Microsoft that will install this dll on systems where it is lacking. Run setupw32\wintdist.exe, follow the instructions and then you will be able to autorun the CD.


No known problems


graphics.cfg and color.cfg files have been updated by Heiko Oberdiek. Click on the links to grab the files and install them in your $TEXMF/tex/latex/texlive/ directory.

Extra binary sets

Author: Sebastian Rahtz.
Please send comments by email to sebastian.rahtz@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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