TeX Live 2005 - bugs and updates

Please email further bug reports or other comments to the tex-live mailing list. See the TeX Live home page for general information and links.

  1. The Windows installer leaves the texmf-var directory read-only. It is fine to change the permissions by hand (attrib -R texmf-var\*.* /S), or you can get the latest installer version.
  2. Solaris tar fails to install from the live image, complaining "xf: command not found". Workarounds: 1) use GNU tar; 2) install from the inst image.
  3. unzip appears to fail to create symbolic links in at least one version of Debian GNU/Linux. This is not under our control. One workaround is to use a capable version of unzip; the unzip home page has both binaries and sources. Another workaround is to install from the live distribution, instead of inst.
  4. The msg package was incorrectly installed; all the generated .tex files are needed to use the package. The easiest thing to do is probably remove msg.sty and then install the original msg distribution from CTAN.
  5. The euclide LaTeX package (texmf-dist/tex/latex/euclide and texmf-dist/dvips/euclide) is now obsolete, and should be removed. It interferes with operation of the current pst-eucl package.
  6. The picins LaTeX package was discovered to be under a nonfree license, and so was dropped from this release (it's still available on CTAN). The picinpar package is a good replacement.
  7. The pst-3d.tex file is misplaced; it should be in texmf-dist/tex/generic/pst-3d, not texmf-dist/doc/latex/pst-3d.
  8. Running texconfig paper letter rebuilds all the formats, instead of only those that have already been built. If this is troublesome, change line 1257 of the texconfig script to specify --refresh instead of --all. (This will be the behavior next time.)

Not exactly bugs, but known and intentional incompatibilities with previous releases (sorry). These changes were all made in teTeX-3.0, and TeX Live has followed suit.

If you find other compatibility problems, we'd like to know.

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