TeX Live ISO Images

This directory contains the ISO image for the TL 2008 release. md5 and sha256 checksums are provided.

The TeX Live web pages have tips on other ways to acquire the distribution, quick installation, documentation, and more.

Instead of dealing with this giant image, for typical use we recommend the small installer package(s) available from CTAN.

For 2008, unlike previous years, there will be only one image: the live image, which contains everything and can be run (more or less) live, but only fits on DVD. (It was no longer practical to create a distribution that fits on CD.)

If you have problems with installation or running TeX after installation, please check your environment variables: settings, including your PATH, that end up referencing previously-installed TeX systems (TeX Live or otherwise), can cause trouble, especially on Windows.

The image is compressed with lzma. The results are much superior to zip (or bzip2 or gzip), and for the file this size, it's worth it. If needed, get the sources for lzma utilities and/or the lzma binaries, including Windows, that we've compiled for TeX Live. From a command prompt, run lzmadec <texlive2008.iso.lzma >texlive2008.iso to decompress it.

Bug reports are welcome. Please email tex-live@tug.org with any problems, questions, suggestions. The tex-live mail archives may be of some use.

There is no guaranteed support of the contents of this directory.