version 2.2, July 1998

Filenames for TeX fonts

K. Berry


This is Fontname 2.2, a naming scheme for (the base part of) external TeX font filenames. This makes at most eight-character names from (almost) arbitrarily complex font names, thus helping portability of TeX documents. We point out some shortcomings of the scheme, and ways of dealing with them.

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Besides this document, the Fontname distribution includes various encoding files, mapping files, and utilities. See the file `README' for details. You can retrieve the most up-to-date version of these lists from @uref{}. It is mirrored on all CTAN hosts (`', `', `') in the directory `tex-archive/doc/fontname'. For a list of CTAN mirrors, finger @email{}.

This document is uncopyrighted and may be used freely.


The original inspiration for Fontname was Frank Mittelbach and Rainer Schoepf's article in TUGboat 11(2) (June 1990), which led to my article in TUGboat 11(4) (November 1990), pages 512--519. Mittelbach wrote another article criticizing the scheme below in TUGboat 13(1) (April 1992), pages 51--53; most of his points are well-taken, but I saw no alternative then, and see no alternative now. Others of his points are addressed in the appropriate sections below.

In August 1995, Fontname version 2 was released, concomitantly with a new release of the PostScript fonts for use with LaTeX and Dvips. After several years of experience, several modifications of the original distribution seemed desirable: more precise specification of encodings (see section Variants); machine-readable mapping files (the `*.map' files in the distribution) and standardizing directory names as well as font filenames (included in `' and `').

In Fontname version 1, some encoding variant characters (`0', `2', etc.) have been reassigned to a `7' or `8' sequence (see section Variants). Although this is an incompatible change, the advantages of (1) consistency in naming encoding variants, and (2) having some free variants makes it worthwhile. Also, not so coincidentally, new metrics for PostScript fonts in the Cork encoding were issued--same encoding, different metrics. So a new name served a practical purpose as well.

Many people have contributed to this work. In particular, I gratefully acknowledge Nelson Beebe, Barbara Beeton, Rocky Bernstein, Thierry Bouche, Damian Cugley, Berthold K.P. Horn, Alan Jeffrey, Russell Lang, Pierre MacKay, Sebastian Rahtz, Jean Rivlin, and Tom Rokicki.


Related files and distributions:

Filenames for fonts

We must limit ourselves to eight character names, for compatibility with DOS filesystems and the ISO 9660 standard used for CD-ROM distribution. Names may consist of only the letters (monocase a-z), numerals (0-9), and underscore.

Here is the basic division of the eight characters (the spaces here are merely for readability):

 S TT W [V...] [N] [E] [DD]


represents the supplier of the font.
represents the typeface name.
represents the weight.
represents the variant(s), and is omitted if both it and the width are normal. Many fonts have more than one variant.
represents the encoding, and is omitted if the encoding is nonstandard. Encodings are subsumed in the section on variants (see section Variants).
represents the width ("expansion"), and is omitted if it is normal.
represents the design size (in decimal), and is omitted if the font is linearly scaled. Mittelbach in TUGboat 13(1) proposes using hexadecimal or base-36 notation. I don't think the increased range makes up for the unreadability of the common sizes (e.g., 10pt fonts would have a suffix `a' (in hex), or `j' (in base 36)).

The weight, variants, and width are probably all best taken from the original name of the font, instead of trying to relate them to some external standard.


The supplier is the source of a font, typically a (digital) type foundry.

You should use the supplier letter which matches the supplier you obtained the font from, not the original source; for example, Avant Garde was designed by Herb Lubalin for ITC, but Adobe also sells it. The name of the font that you get from Adobe should start with `p'. This is because font resellers typically make modifications to the original design.

Notes on specific suppliers:

For fonts that are distributed without any specific attribution to the creator, by individuals, or by small foundries. (Unfortunately, we don't have enough characters to assign one to every font supplier in the world.)
obsolete; specifies raw fonts, in the old distribution of Dvips. New fonts should never use `r'. (The right thing to do is specify the correct encoding, variant, or whatever the font's characteristics actually are.)
for fonts that just don't fit well into the naming scheme. The `z' should be followed by the real supplier letter.

Here is the table from the file `'. It is organized alphabetically by abbreviation. Each line consists of an abbreviation, directory name, and comment.

9 unknown
a autologi      Autologic
b bitstrea      Bitstream
c cg            Compugraphic
d dtc           Digital Typeface Corporation
e apple         Apple
f public        small foundries
g gnu           Free Software Foundation
h bh            Bigelow & Holmes
i itc           International Typeface Corporation
k softkey       SoftKey
l linotype      Linotype
m monotype      Monotype
n ibm           IBM
o corel         Corel
p adobe         Adobe (`p' for PostScript)
r -             raw (for [obsolete] use with virtual fonts)
s sun           Sun
t paragrap      ParaGraph
u urw           URW
w wolfram       Wolfram
z -             bizarre (fontname is nonstandard)
- jknappen      Joerg Knappen
- yandy         Y@&Y


For our purposes, a typeface is a collection of related fonts.

We sometimes use the same typeface abbreviation for fonts with different supplier names, where we know (usually by inspection) that the fonts truly are the same. This helps conserve abbreviations.

Notes on specific typefaces:

To explain a common confusion: `ad' is Adobe Garamond (with a `FontName' of `AGaramond'). This is quite different from the `Garamond' typeface distributed by Adobe, which is actually ITC Garamond. (Garamond No. 3 (`f3'), Simoncini Garamond (`ig'), and Stempel Garamond (`eg') are still other variations on the Garamond theme.)
These abbreviations for Lucida typeface subfamilies, et al., solve a problem with names getting too long, or help conserve variant abbreviations. See section Variants. Ideally, they would not exist.
Suppliers like to offer as many variations on the Times New Roman design as they do Garamond. Adobe has `Times', `TimesNewRoman', and `TimesNewRomanPS'. Although this last has been used by other foundries (e.g., Monotype) for a Times variation exactly compatible with Adobe's `Times', Adobe itself also offers it, so we must have abbreviations for all three.
For pi fonts. Since names of pi fonts are rather arbitrary, it is not useful to try to assign typeface abbreviations to all of them. Instead, we use the supplier letter, `pi', an arbitarily-assigned three-digit number, a weight and (if necessary) a variant. For example, `mpi001r'. Pi font `001' for one supplier has nothing to do with pi font `001' for another.

Here is the table, from the file `'. It is organized alphabetically by abbreviation. Each line consists of an abbreviation and directory name, possibly followed by PostScript `FontName's and/or a comment in roman. The `FontName' may be preceded by a letter s and a `:', as in `b:Dutch'. In that case, the s is a supplier abbreviation, and we've used that abbreviation for the given `FontName' from that supplier.

a1 arial        Arial
a2 amasis       Amasis
a3 adlib        AdLib
a4 altgoth2     AlternateGothicNo2
a5 allegro      Allegro
a6 amelia       Amelia
a7 amertext     AmericanText
a8 aurora       Aurora
a9 adsans       Adsans b:Humanist970BT
aa aachen       Aachen
ab aboeckli     ArnoldBoecklin
ac acaslon      ACaslon                                 Adobe Caslon
ad agaramon     AGaramond                               Adobe Garamond
ag avantgar     AvantGarde m:MAvantGardeGothicPS u:URWGothicL
ah ashleysc     AshleyScript
ai abadi        Abadi
aj ajenson      AJenson
ak arkona       Arkona
al albertus     Albertus b:Flareserif821BT
am amercana     Americana b:Americana
an anna         Anna
ao atqolive     AntiqueOlive b:Incised901BT
ap apollo       Apollo
aq antiqua      Antiqua u:URWAntiqua m:BookAntiqua
ar arcadia      Arcadia
as aldus        Aldus
at atypewri     AmericanTypewriter
au auriol       Auriol b:Freeform721
av avenir       Avenir
ax alexa        Alexa
az azdzgrot     AkzidenzGrotesk b:Gothic725BT
b0 blackoak     Blackoak
b1 blado        Blado
b2 binnyos      BinnyOldStyle
b3 braggado     Braggadocio
b4 bison        Bison b:Brush738BT
b5 binghams     BinghamScript b:Freehand591BT
b6 block        Block b:Gothic821
b7 bernhard     Bernhard BernhardModern
b8 blippo       Blippo
b9 bremen       Bremen
ba barmeno      Barmeno
bb bembo        Bembo b:Aldine401BT
bc banco        Banco
bd bodoni       Bodoni
be bell         Bell
bf biffo        Biffo
bg benguiat     Benguiat
bh bauhaus      Bauhaus
bi birch        Birch
bk bookman      Bookman m:MBookmanPS u:URWBookmanL
bl belwe        Belwe
bm bulmer       Bulmer
bn bernard      Bernard
bo balloon      Balloon
bp bodocamp     BodoniCampanile b:Modern735
br berling      Berling b:Revival565BT
bs bakersig     BakerSignet
bt boton        Boton
bu brush        BrushScript
bv baskervi     Baskerville
bw broadway     Broadway
by berkeley     Berkeley
bz balzano      Balzano
c0 carolina     Carolina
c1 calisto      Calisto
c2 casln224     CaslonTwoTwentyFour
c3 caslon3      CaslonThree
c4 chicago      Chicago
c5 casln540     CaslonFiveForty
c6 clarion      Clarion
c7 compacta     Compacta
c8 calvert      Calvert
c9 codex        Codex b:Calligraphic421BT
ca caslon       Caslon
cb cooper       Cooper
cc cascade      Cascade b:Freehand471BT
cd clarendo     Clarendon
ce centenni     Centennial
cf clearfac     Clearface
cg charlema     Charlemagne
ch charter      Charter
ci candida      Candida
ck caslonbe     CaslonBookBE
cl cloister     Cloister
cm cm           Computer Modern
cn century      Century
co cochin       Cochin
cp copperpl     Copperplate
cq cheq         Cheq
cr courier      Courier m:MCourierPS m:CourierTwelveMT u:NumbusMonL
cs cntursbk     CenturySchoolbook
ct cheltenh     Cheltenham
cu centuros     CenturyOldStyle
cv clairvx      Clairvaux
cw cottonwd     Cottonwood
cx caxton       Caxton
cy city         City b:SquareSlabserif711BT
cz choc         Choc b:Staccato555BT
d0 davida       DavidaBold
dc domcasl      Dom DomCasual DomDiagonal
dd ducberry     DucDeBerry
de dellarob     DellaRobbia
di diotima      Diotima b:Calligraphic810BT
dj delta        Delta
dk diskus       Diskus
dl dolores      Dolores
dm delima       Delima
do didot        DidotLH
dr doric        Doric
ds dorchesc     DorchesterScript
dt dante        Dante
e0 embassy      Embassy
e1 empire       Empire
ea lectra       Electra b:Transitional521BT
eb baskerbe     BaskervilleBE
ec applecha     e:AppleChancery
ee egyptian     Egyptian EgyptianExtended
ef egyptien     EgyptienneF
eg stgaramo     StempelGaramond b:OriginalGaramondBT
eh engsft       Engschrift
ei esprit       Esprit
ek eckmann      Eckmann b:Freeform710
el ellingtn     Ellington
en engraver     Engravers
eo amerigo      Amerigo b:AmerigoBT
er eras         Eras
es eurostil     Eurostile b:Square721BT k:Minima
et ehrhardt     Ehrhardt
eu euler        Euler
ex exclsior     Excelsior
f0 flemishs     FlemishScript
f1 fournier     Fournier
f2 facade       Facade
f3 festival     Festival
f4 footligh     Footlight
f5 french       FrenchScript
fa formata      Formata
fe forte        Forte
ff fairfld      Fairfield b:Transitional551BT
fg frankgth     FranklinGothic
fi figaro       Figaro
fl flora        Flora
fn fenice       Fenice
fo folio        Folio
fq frizquad     FrizQuadrata
fr frutiger     Frutiger b:Humanist777BT
fs falstaff     Falstaff
ft fettefrk     FetteFraktur Fraktur
fu futura       Futura
fx felixttl     FelixTitling
fy flyer        Flyer
g0 gando        Gando
g1 gothic13     GothicThirteen
g2 giddyup      Giddyup
g3 garamon3     GaramondThree b:AmercianGaramondBT      Garamond No. 3
g4 gymodern     GoudyModern
g5 gycatalg     GoudyCatalogue
g6 gorilla      GorillaITC
g9 ugaramon     GaramondRetrospective
gb gothicbb     GothicBBB
ge geneva       e:Geneva
gg garthgra     GarthGraphic
gh galahad      Galahad
gj granjon      Granjon b:ElegantGaramondBT
gl galliard     Galliard
gm garamond     Garamond
go gyoldsty     GoudyOldStyle
gp glypha       Glypha
gq grotesq      Grotesque u:URWGrotesk
gr gloucest     Gloucester
gs gillsans     GillSans m:GillAltOneMT b:Humanist521BT
gt goudytxt     GoudyText
gu guardi       Guardi
gv giovanni     Giovanni
gy goudy        Goudy
gz gazette      GazetteLH
h0 handelgo     HandelGothic
ha hadriano     Hadriano
hb hobo         Hobo Tramp
hc herculnm     Herculanum
hd headline     Headline
hg hiroshig     Hiroshige
hh highland     Highlander
hi hvinsera     HelveticaInserat b:Swiss921BT
hm charme       Charme
hn hvneue       HelveticaNeue
ho horleyos     HorleyOldStyle
hr hvround      HelveticaRounded
hs hnseati      Hanseatic B:Swiss924BT
ht hoeflert     e:HoeflerText
hv helvetic     Helvetica u:NimbusSans u:NumbusSanL b:Swiss721BT b:Monospace821BT b:Swiss911BT d:Sans Newton n:SonoranSansSerif
hw schadow      Schadow
hx huxleyvr     HuxleyVertical
i0 commscr      CommercialScript
i1 impress      Impress
i2 impuls       Impuls
ia insignia     Insignia
ib ibycus       Ibycus
ic impact       Impact
id isadora      Isadora
if inflex       Inflex
ig scgaramo     SimonciniGaramond b:ItalianGaramond
ii imprint      Imprint
il caecilia     Caecilia
im imago        Imago
in industri     Industria
io ionic        Ionic b:News701BT
ip impressm     Impressum
is italnos      ItalianOldStyle
it italia       Italia
iw ironwood     Ironwood
iy iowanold     IowanOldStyle
iz isabella     Isabella
jf jeffersn     Jefferson b:Freehand575BT
jn janson       Janson
jo joanna       Joanna
jp juniper      Juniper
kb kabel        Kabel
kg bankgoth     BankGothic
kl klang        Klang
kn kino         Kino
ko bookmano     BookmanOldStyle
kp kepler       Kepler
kr korinna      Korinna
ks kuenstsc     KuenstlerScript
ku kaufmann     Kaufmann
kw kolo         Kolo
kx kigali       Kigali
l1 liberty      Liberty
l2 libra        Libra
l3 lucia        Lucia
l4 lucian       Lucian
lb lubaling     LubalinGraph
lc lucida       Lucida
le legacy       Legacy
lf life         Life
lg lettrgth     LetterGothic ISILGothic
lh lubright     LucidaBright
li latin        Latin
ll linolett     LinoLetter
ln lino         Lino
lo lithos       Lithos
ls lucsans      LucidaSans
lt lutetia      Lutetia
lw leawood      Leawood
lx lucidfax     LucidaFax
ly lydian       Lydian
m0 monospac     Monospace
m1 monolisc     MonolineScript
m2 metro        Metro b:Geometric415BT
m3 mirarae      Mirareae
m4 mrearl       MisterEarl
m5 murrayhl     MurrayHill
m6 mittlsft     Mittelschrift
m7 matura       Matura
m8 monotyos     MonotypeOldStyle
ma mandate      Mandate b:Freehand521BT
mc monaco       e:Monaco
md meridien     Meridien
me mercursc     MercuriusScript
mg marigold     Marigold
mh machine      Machine
mi medici       Medici
mj mojo         Mojo
ml melior       Melior b:ZapfElliptical711BT
mn minion       Minion
mo modern       Modern b:Modern20BT
mp memphis      Memphis b:GeometricSlab703BT
mq mesquite     Mesquite
mr madrone      Madrone
ms mistral      Mistral b:Staccato222BT
mt minister     Minister
mv malvern      Malvern
mx maximus      Maximus
my myriad       Myriad
mz amazone      Amazone
n0 normande     Normande
n1 binner       Binner not really a family
na newaster     NewAster
nb nbaskerv     NewBaskerville
nc ncntrsbk     NewCenturySchlbk u:CenturySchL
nd ncaledon     NewCaledonia
nf nofret       Nofret
ng newsgth      NewsGothic
ni nimrod       Nimrod
nk neograph     Neographik
nl neuland      Neuland b:Informal011BT
nm nimbus       Nimbus
nn nclarend     NewClarendon
no notredam     NotreDame
np nsplanti     NewsPlantin
nr nberolin     NewBerolina
ns timesnps     TimesNewRomanPS
nt timesnew     TimesNewRoman m:TimesNR n:SonoranSerif
nu nuptial      Nuptial
nv novarese     Novarese
nw neueunzi     NeueHammerUnziale
nx nyx          Nyx
nz neuzeits     NeuzeitS b:Geometric706BT
o0 oldreadf     OldDreadfulNo7
o1 oranda       Oranda
o2 orbitb       OrbitB
o3 colonna      Colonna
o4 oceansan     OceanSans
o7 oldsty7      OldStyleSeven
o8 officina     Officina
o8 officina     OfficinaSans
oa ocra         OCR-A
ob ocrb         OCR-B
oc concorde     Concorde
oe oldengli     OldEnglish b:English157
of oxford       Oxford
oi ondine       Ondine Mermaid b:FormalScript421BT
oj oldclaud     OldClaude
ol colmcill     Colmcille
om omnia        Omnia
on corona       Corona
op optima       Optima d:Optimum b:ZapfHumanist601BT Omega
oq ouch         Ouch
or orator       Orator
os oldstyle     OldStyle
ot coronet      Coronet b:Ribbon131BT
ov octavian     Octavian
ox onyx         Onyx
oy olympian     Olympian l:OlympicLH
oz ozhandcr     OzHandicraft
p0 poplar       Poplar
p1 palacesc     PalaceScript
p2 pepita       Pepita
p3 palette      Palette b:Brush445BT
p4 pioneer      PioneerITC
p5 piranesi     Piranesi
p6 blueprin     Blueprint
pa parkave      ParkAvenue
pb ptbarnum     PtBarnum
pc poetica      PoeticaChancery s:Scriptoria
pd placard      Placard
pe prestige     PrestigeElite
pf profile      Profile Profil b:Decorated035BT
pg peignot      Peignot b:Exotic350BT
ph photina      Photina
pi pi           pi fonts--see text and `*.map' files
pj pompeija     Pompeijana
pl palatino     Palatino d:Palton b:ZapfCalligraphic801BT u:URWPalladioL Palmspring k:Palindrome
pm postmed      PostMediaeval
pn plantin      Plantin b:Aldine721BT
po ponderos     Ponderosa
pp perpetua     Perpetua b:Lapidary333BT
pq postatqa     PostAntiqua
pr popplres     PopplResidenz
ps parisian     Parisian
pt present      Present
pu popplaud     PopplLaudatio
pw perrywoo     Perrywood
px popplpfx     PopplPontifex
py playbill     Playbill
pz poliphil     Poliphilus
qr quorum       Quorum
qs bellevue     Bellevue
qt boulevar     Boulevard
r0 romana       Romana
r1 rotis        RotisSemiSerif
r2 cantoria     Cantoria
r3 rotis        RotisSemiSans
r4 rotis        RotisSansSerif
ra raleigh      Raleigh
rc romic        Romic
rm carmina      Carmina
rn rotation     Rotation
ro rotis        RotisSerif
rp reporter     Reporter
rq russelsq     RussellSquare
rr raphael      Raphael
rs arrus        Arrus
rt carta        Carta
ru runic        Runic
rv revue        Revue
rw rockwell     Rockwell Slate b:GeometricSlab712BT
rc rustican     Rusticana
ry ryumin       Ryumin
rz ruzicka      RuzickaFreehandLH
s0 sanmarco     SanMarco
s1 scotchro     ScotchRoman
s2 script       Script
s3 seagull      Seagull
s4 shotgun      Shotgun ShotgunBlanks
s5 snell        Snell
s6 stuyvesa     Stuyvesant
s7 sassoon      Sassoon
s8 stonesan     StoneSans
sb sabon        Sabon b:ClassicalGaramondBT
sc slimbach     Slimbach
sf serifa       Serifa
sg serifgth     SerifGothic
sh shannon      Shannon
si stoneinf     StoneInformal
sk skia         e:Skia
sl stencil      Stencil
sm spectrum     Spectrum
sn spartan      Spartan
so sonata       Sonata
sp serpenti     Serpentine
sr snellrnd     SnellRoundhand
ss stschnei     StempelSchneidler
st stone        StoneSerif
sv souvenir     Souvenir
sw swing        Swing
sx syntax       Syntax
sy symbol       Symbol m:MSymbolPS u:StandardSymL
t0 tango        Tango
t1 thunderb     Thunderbird
t2 typo         TypoUpright
tb bebodoni     BodoniBE BBodoni                        Berthold Bodoni
te timeseur     TimesEuropa
tf tiffany      Tiffany
tg tradegth     TradeGothic
ti techphon     TechPhonetic
tj trajan       Trajan
tk tekton       Tekton
tl castella     Castellar
tm times        Times u:NimbusRoman u:NimbusRomNo9L b:Dutch801BT
to torino       Torino b:Industrial736BT
tp tempo        Tempo
tv trumpmed     TrumpMediaeval b:Kuenstler480BT
tw twentyc      TwentiethCentury
ty typewrit     Typewriter
u0 columbus     Columbus
ub babodoni     BauerBodoni
ug bengugth     BenguiatGothic
uh cushing      Cushing
ul universa     Universal
um umbra        Umbra
un univers      Univers b:ZurichBT
ur centaur      Centaur b:Venetian301BT
ut utopia       Utopia
uw usherwoo     Usherwood
uy universi     University
v0 vineta       Vineta
va activa       Activa
vc vectora      Vectora
vd vandijck     VanDijck
vg visigoth     Visigoth
vi victoria     Victoria
vj veljovic     Veljovic
vl versaill     Versailles
vr vagrnd       VAGRounded
vv viva         Viva
w0 weddingt     WeddingT
wb walbaum      Walbaum
wd weideman     Weidemann
wg wlklgth      WilhelmKlingsporGotisch
wh wendy        Wendy
wi wingding     Wingdings
wk wilke        Wilke
wn windsor      Windsor
wr wittenbe     WitternbergerFrakt
ws weiss        Weiss
wt watertit     WatersTitling
ww willow       Willow
xc eccentri     Eccentric
xp exponto      ExPonto
yg centuryg     CenturyGothic
yh strayhor     Strayhorn
ym stymie       Stymie
ys goudysan     GoudySans       
za zantiqua     ZAntiqua
zc zapfchan     ZapfChancery m:ZapfChanceryPS u:URWChanceryL
zd zapfding     ZapfDingbats m:ZapfDingbatsPS u:Dingbats
zg neuzeitg     NeuzeitGrotesk
zp ziptydo      ZiptyDo
zt zeitgeis     Zeitgeist
__ aja          Aja
__ amigo        Amigo
__ andreas      Andreas
__ ariadne      Ariadne
__ banshee      Banshee
__ beesknee     Beesknees
__ bellcent     BellCentenial
__ berlgrot     BerlinerGrotesk
__ bermuda      Bermuda
__ berthold     BertholdScript
__ bickhams     BickhamScript
__ bodoniof     BodoniOldFace
__ bossanov     BossaNova
__ briemaka     BriemAkademi
__ briemscr     BriemScript
__ caflisch     CaflischScript
__ caliban      Caliban
__ catull       Catull
__ celestia     CelestiaAntiqua
__ cerigo       Cerigo
__ chaparra     Chaparral
__ christia     Christiana
__ collosal     Colossalis
__ comenius     ComeniusAntiqua
__ concrdnv     ConcordeNova
__ copal        Copal
__ coriande     Coriander
__ cosmos       Cosmos
__ cremona      Cremona
__ critter      Critter
__ cronos       Cronos
__ cutout       Cutout
__ delphin      Delphin
__ elgreco      ElGreco
__ else         Else
__ emmascri     Emmascript
__ flood        Flood
__ florens      Florens
__ fusaka       Fusaka
__ garamobe     GaramondBE
__ graphite     Graphite
__ hardwood     Hardwood
__ immi505      Immi505
__ jimbo        Jimbo
__ khaki        Khaki
__ kiniesis     Kinesis
__ kochantq     KochAntiqua
__ lotype       LoType
__ micr         MICR
__ magnolia     Magnolia
__ manito       Manito
__ mendoza      MendozaRoman
__ mezz         Mezz
__ monalisa     MonaLisa
__ motterco     MotterCorpus
__ mythos       Mythos
__ nueva        Nueva
__ oceansan     OceanSans
__ ozwald       Ozwald
__ pelican      Pelican
__ penumbra     Penumbra
__ pepperwo     Pepperwood
__ poetica      Poetica
__ popplexq     PopplExquisit
__ postino      Postino
__ quake        Quake
__ rad          Rad
__ reliq        Reliq
__ rosewood     Rosewood
__ rulingsc     RulingScript
__ russlobl     RusselOblique
__ sanvito      Sanvito
__ sassafra     Sassafras
__ serlio       Serlio
__ sho          Sho
__ shuriken     Shuriken
__ smaragd      Smaragd
__ spring       Spring
__ spumoni      Spumoni
__ studz        Studz
__ tiepolo      Tiepolo
__ toolbox      Toolbox
__ wiesbswi     WiesbadenSwing
__ zebrawoo     Zebrawood


The weight of a font specifies its boldness. Arranged from lightest to heaviest (more or less):

hairline, extra light, light
book, regular, medium
demibold, semibold, bold, extra bold, heavy
black, ultra, poster

Here is the table, from the file `'. It is organized alphabetically by abbreviation. Each line consists of an abbreviation and any parts of a PostScript `FontName' which use that abbreviation.

a Thin Hairline
b Bold
c Black
d Demi
h Heavy Heavyface
j ExtraLight
k Book
l Light
m Medium
p Poster
r Regular Roman
s Semibold
u Ultra UltraBlack
x ExtraBold ExtraBlack


Variants include typeface variations (e.g., italic, sans serif), and font encodings (e.g., Adobe standard, TeX text).

A fontname may require multiple variants. To resolve the worst ambiguities, we specify that any encoding variant (`7', `8', or `9', see below) come last and any other numeral variant come first (to avoid confusion with a design size). We recommend but do not require that the other variants be given in alphabetical order. (It's not required because it's too painful to implement the sorting in TeX, and many existing names already have non-alphabetized variants.)

The letterspacing possibilities introduced by fontinst and virtual fonts have not yet become sufficiently widespread to make standardization beneficial. Likewise for the many possible ways to generate small caps fonts.

Notes on specific variants, both old and new:

These variants (`semisans', `bright', `semiserif', and `fax') were used only for single typefaces, so to conserve variant abbreviations, they now have typeface abbreviations instead. Also, for `b', to avoid too-long names; and for the others, to avoid variant vs. design-size ambiguities.
Since these variants were not actually used in any font names, they are now obsolete and may be reassigned in the future.
These characters begin a two-character encoding variant. Generally, `7' is for 7-bit encodings, `8' is for 8-bit encodings, and `9' is for expertised encodings with or without oldstyle digits (see the `x' item below), but this is not an absolute rule. Also, `5' is presently used for phonetic encodings and `6' for Cyrillic encodings. The `9s' (`SuperFont') variant contain all of Adobe, Latin 1, and Expert glyphs, perhaps with slightly different metrics than the original fonts. For a font to be named with a certain encoding variant, it's not necessary that all the characters appear in precisely the same positions as in the encoding definition. It's enough that the usual TeX macros work. In practice, this means that it's ok for a font to be labelled `7t' if the only difference from Computer Modern is that the ligatures and the `lslash' and `Lslash' characters are different, since it's impossible to access or change the ligature table from TeX. Standard PostScript fonts don't have an `lslash' character the way Computer Modern does, but they do have the `Lslash' and `lslash' characters themselves, so the usual TeX \lslash and \Lslash macros can be made to work via ligatures. See the file `T1.etx' file in the fontinst distribution for details. If a name does not contain a specific encoding variant, its encoding is unspecified. For example, some of the fonts distributed with Dvips(k) have names like `ptmr' for `Times-Roman'; they use the Dvips encoding (see section `dvips.enc': Dvips encoding), which is close to (but not the same as) the TeX text encoding (as in Computer Modern Roman). Similarly, the TFM files distributed with Dvilj(k) for the builtin LaserJet 4 fonts have names like `cunm', since these fonts, while compatible with TeX text, contain many additional characters.
These items are needed only because `x' (and possibly `j') followed by a two-character regular variant makes some names too long. That is, `9t' is equivalent in meaning to `x7t', and `9d' is equivalent to `jx7t'. (This may not be true for all `9x' encodings, though.)
These variants (indicating Greek and Cyrillic fonts, respectively) are obsolete; future fonts in different scripts should be assigned an appropriate encoding abbreviation. These are not currently standardized, due to ignorance of the appropriate encodings. Please send suggestions for abbreviations to the address in section Introduction.
These math-related variants remain for the sake of typeface-specific math encodings, e.g., Lucida. Fonts that use the Computer Modern math encodings should use `7m' (see section `texmital.enc': TeX math italic encoding), `7v' (see section `texmext.enc': TeX math symbol encoding), and `7y' (see section `texmsym.enc': TeX math symbol encoding).
This is used for several different (but very rare) variants: only the Stone typeface has an "informal" variant, and only a few Monotype fonts have a "schoolbook" variant, with different `a', `g', and `y' shapes.
Included only if no other variants, including encodings, apply, and either the width (see section Widths) is not `r' or a design size is present. I.e., `r' is only used as a placeholder. When the normal version of the typeface is sans serif (e.g., Helvetica), `r' should be used when necessary, not `s'. Use `s' only when the typeface family has both serif and sans serif variants.
Mittelbach in TUGboat 13(1) suggests that these variants (for `sans' and `typewriter') should be identified as part of the typeface name, because there are few typeface families with these variants. I feel that since they are logically variants, it's best to name them that way. But `LucidaSans' (see section Typefaces) and a few others are exceptions, to avoid too-long names.
`8x' indicates a font in the `Expert' encoding itself. `x' indicates an expertised font, i.e., a composite (virtual) font that includes characters from an `8x' font. And in fact an `xee' sequence is replaced by `9e', to save characters.

Fontname 1 assignments are shown in brackets in the following table, from the file `'. It is organized alphabetically by abbreviation. Each line consists of an abbreviation and either any parts of a PostScript `FontName' which use that abbreviation or the PostScript `Encoding' name.

0 inferior
1 superior
obsolete [2=>7c] Fraktur encoding
obsolete [3=>7f] Fraction
obsolete [4 fax; now typeface `lx', Lucida Fax]
5 escape for (presently) phonetic encodings
6 escape for Cyrillic encodings [was `SemiSerif']
7 escape for (mostly) 7-bit encodings
8 escape for (mostly) 8-bit encodings
9 escape for (presently) expert encodings [was oldstyle digits]
a Alt Arrows Alternative             [was alternate encoding]
obsolete [b bright; now typeface lh, Lucida Bright]
c SmallCaps
d Display Titling Caption Headline TallCaps SwashCaps LombardicCaps
e Engraved Copperplate Elite
f Fraktur Gothic OldEnglish Handtooled (`gothic' can also be sans)
g SmallText      designed for small sizes [was grooved, as in the IBM logo]
h Shadow
i Italic Kursiv Ital                 text italic
j                                    old-style digits [was invisible]
k Greek                              obsolete
l Outline OpenFace Blanks
m math italic
n Informal Fashion Schlbk            for Stone
o Oblique Obl                        slanted
p Ornaments
obsolete [q=>8t Cork (TeX extended) encoding]
r                                    roman or sans; often omitted, see text
s Gothic                             sans serif
t Monospace                          fixed-width typewriter
u                                    unslanted italic
v MathExtension
w Script Handwritten Swash Calligraphy Cursive Tango
x built with Adobe expert encoding [was expert-encoded]
y MathSymbol
z Cyrillic                           font-dependent Cyrillic
5a PhoneticAlternate
5i PhoneticIPA
5s sil-IPA
5t TeX-IPA                           Fukui Rei, LaTeX T3
5w TeXAfricanLatin                   wsuipa fonts, LaTeX OT3
5z user
6a T2A
6b Cyrillic part of ISO 8859-5, seven bits
6c T2C
6d Cyrillic CP866 encoding
6i ISO 8859-5
6k Cyrillic KOI-8 encoding
6m Cyrillic Macintosh encoding
6t T2B
6w Cyrillic CP1251 encoding
6x X2
6z user
7a A                                 alternate characters only
7c Dfr                               Fraktur
7d OsF OSF                           oldstyle digit encoding
7f Fraction
7k OT2Cyrillic
7m TeXMathItalicEncoding             see section `texmital.enc: TeX math italic encoding'
7t                       TeX text encoding (as in Computer Modern Roman)
7v TeXMathExtensionEncoding          see section `texmext.enc: TeX math symbol encoding'
7y TeXMathSymbolEncoding             see section `texmsym.enc: TeX math symbol encoding'
7z user
82 GreekKeys
83 Ibycus1
84 Ibycus2
8a StandardEncoding                  Adobe standard encoding, see section `8a.enc: Adobe standard encoding'
8c TeXTextCompanion                  LaTeX TS1
8f TeXAfricanLatin                   LaTeX T4
8i TS0                               Intersection of TS1/Adobe Standard
8m Macintosh standard encoding
8n LM1 Textures
8r TeXBase1Encoding                  see section `8r.enc: TeX base encoding'
8t CorkEncoding                      see section `cork.enc: Cork encoding'
8u XT2Encoding                       cmtt + Latin 2, see `xl2.enc'
8v TeXVietnamese                     to be defined
8w Windows 3.1 ANSI encoding
8x Expert                            expert encoding
8y LY1                               TeX 'n ANSI
8z XL2Encoding                       cmr + Latin 2, see `xl2.enc'
9c expert + Text companion
9d expert + oldstyle digits + Cork
9e expert + Cork
9i TS0X                              Intersection of TS1/Standard/Expert
9o expert + oldstyle digits + TeX text
9s SF                                SuperFont
9t expert + TeX text
9z user


The width of a font specifies the compression or expansion of the font. Arranged from narrowest to widest (more or less):

ultra compressed, extra condensed, compressed, condensed, narrow
extended, expanded, wide

Expansion or compression of fonts is sometimes done automatically (as by the PostScript scale operator), and sometimes done by humans. In the latter case, the human will also presumably choose a font name which includes `Extended' or `Expanded' or `Condensed' or `Narrow' or whatever according to their own preferences; the abbreviation can follow along. When creating a new synthetically expanded or compressed font for use with TeX, e.g., with Afm2tfm or fontinst, use `n' and `e'.

Here is the table, from the file `'. It is organized alphabetically by abbreviation. Each line consists of an abbreviation and any parts of a PostScript `FontName' which use that abbreviation.

c Condensed Cond
e Expanded
n Narrow
o UltraCondensed
p Compressed Compact
q ExtraCompressed ExtraCondensed
r Normal Medium Regular (usually omitted)
t Thin
u UltraCompressed
v ExtraExpanded more than Expanded, less than Wide
w Wide
x Extended Elongated

Long names

Eight characters is not enough to unambiguously represent all fonts. To do that, we have to allow ourselves arbitrarily long names. Although we certainly cannot use such names for the files themselves, we could still use them in TeX documents given a simple mapping file, as discussed below.

A fontname mapping file

At the moment, most implementations of TeX look up a TFM file (as part of the \font command), by searching for a file with the name given by the user (possibly in any of series of directories). But if we also looked TFM names up in another file (or set of files), which specifies the actual filename, the fontname given in the TeX source file could be almost anything at all, of any length.

In version 5.851d of Web2c, I implemented this mapping file. Each file `' in a search path is read for abbreviations. The file has a straightforward format: each line specifies the filename and the TeX name for one font, separated by whitespace. Extra information on the line is ignored; then more information could be specified for the benefit of DVI-reading programs in the same file. Comments start with % and continue to the end of the line.

Besides allowing long names, this sort of mapping file has other benefits. TeX source or DVI files can be more easily transported, because the font names in a particular file can be made work on every system. Also, when combined with a consistent naming scheme, macros could be written to access any of a number of fonts. Right now, each font family has to have specialized macros written to deal with it.

Incidentally, Professor Knuth has approved this as a legitimate "system-dependent" extension; a TeX with such a feature can still be called "TeX".

A naming scheme for long names

Once we allow ourselves long names, we can construct a naming scheme to handle arbitrary fonts without much difficulty. Here is one proposal, based on the X Window System font naming conventions.


supplier is the usual Adobe, Autologic, etc., as well as unknown or bizarre---this last meaning the rest of the name is nonstandard. If the supplier is missing, i.e., the name starts with a -, "public domain" is assumed. For fonts made by individuals, the initials of the designer would probably make a good supplier.

family is ComputerModern or Times or whatever.

Everything else is optional. The -- before the size lets one specify a name with, say, a weight and variants, but then skip the width and encoding, but still be able to give a size.

weight and width are as described earlier.

If there is more than one variant, they are separated with some character other than `-', say `=':


encoding is what Metafont calls the font_coding_scheme---the layout of the characters in the font. For example, `Cork' or `ISOLatin1' or `AdobeAlternate'.

Names are case-sensitive, for consistency with the rest of TeX and with PostScript, etc. Spaces cannot be used in the name, to make it easier for TeX to parse. Likewise, characters with default category codes other than 11 (letter) or 12 (other) should not be used.

Another possibility is to forget all the above, and simply use the vendor's name (perhaps prefixed by the vendor): `Times-Roman'.

Font name lists

These sections contain a list of fonts from various suppliers together with the corresponding names.

Standard PostScript fonts

Abbreviated names for the 35 standard PostScript fonts. An encoding variant, such as `8a' for the Adobe `StandardEncoding', is omitted.


Adobe fonts

The `' file has abbreviations for Adobe fonts.

pcrb8r    Courier-Bold                      0.1 cob_____
pcrbo8r   Courier-BoldOblique               0.1 cobo____
pcrr8r    Courier                           0.1 com_____
pcrro8r   Courier-Oblique                   0.1 coo_____
phvr8r    Helvetica                         0.2 hv______
phvb8r    Helvetica-Bold                    0.2 hvb_____
phvbo8r   Helvetica-BoldOblique             0.2 hvbo____
phvro8r   Helvetica-Oblique                 0.2 hvo_____
psyr      Symbol                            0.3 sy______
ptmb8r    Times-Bold                        0.4 tib_____
ptmbi8r   Times-BoldItalic                  0.4 tibi____
ptmri8r   Times-Italic                      0.4 tii_____
ptmr8r    Times-Roman                       0.4 tir_____
phvr8rn   Helvetica-Narrow                  0.5 hvn_____
phvb8rn   Helvetica-Narrow-Bold             0.5 hvnb____
phvbo8rn  Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique      0.5 hvnbo___
phvro8rn  Helvetica-Narrow-Oblique          0.5 hvno____
pplb8r    Palatino-Bold                     001 pob_____
pplbi8r   Palatino-BoldItalic               001 pobi____
pplri8r   Palatino-Italic                   001 poi_____
pplr8r    Palatino-Roman                    001 por_____
pbkd8r    Bookman-Demi                      002 bkd_____
pbkdi8r   Bookman-DemiItalic                002 bkdi____
pbkl8r    Bookman-Light                     002 bkl_____
pbkli8r   Bookman-LightItalic               002 bkli____
pzcmi8r   ZapfChancery-MediumItalic         003 zcmi____
pzdr      ZapfDingbats                      003 zd______
pagd8r    AvantGarde-Demi                   004 agd_____
pagdo8r   AvantGarde-DemiOblique            004 agdo____
pagk8r    AvantGarde-Book                   004 agw_____
pagko8r   AvantGarde-BookOblique            004 agwo____
pncb8r    NewCenturySchlbk-Bold             005 ncb_____
pncbi8r   NewCenturySchlbk-BoldItalic       005 ncbi____
pncri8r   NewCenturySchlbk-Italic           005 nci_____
pncr8r    NewCenturySchlbk-Roman            005 ncr_____
popr8r    Optima                            006 op______
popb8r    Optima-Bold                       006 opb_____
popbi8r   Optima-BoldItalic                 006 opbi____
popbo8r   Optima-BoldOblique                006 opbo____
popri8r   Optima-Italic                     006 opi_____
popro8r   Optima-Oblique                    006 opo_____
psvd8r    Souvenir-Demi                     007 sud_____
psvdi8r   Souvenir-DemiItalic               007 sudi____
psvl8r    Souvenir-Light                    007 sul_____
psvli8r   Souvenir-LightItalic              007 suli____
plbd8r    LubalinGraph-Demi                 008 lud_____
plbdo8r   LubalinGraph-DemiOblique          008 ludo____
plbk8r    LubalinGraph-Book                 008 luw_____
plbko8r   LubalinGraph-BookOblique          008 luwo____
pgmb8r    Garamond-Bold                     009 gab_____
pgmbi8r   Garamond-BoldItalic               009 gabi____
pgml8r    Garamond-Light                    009 gal_____
pgmli8r   Garamond-LightItalic              009 gali____
patb8r    AmericanTypewriter-Bold           010 atb_____
patba8r   AmericanTypewriter-BoldA          010 atba____
patb8rc   AmericanTypewriter-BoldCond       010 atbc____
patba8rc  AmericanTypewriter-BoldCondA      010 atbca___
patr8rc   AmericanTypewriter-Cond           010 atc_____
patra8rc  AmericanTypewriter-CondA          010 atca____
patl8r    AmericanTypewriter-Light          010 atl_____
patla8r   AmericanTypewriter-LightA         010 atla____
patl8rc   AmericanTypewriter-LightCond      010 atlc____
patla8rc  AmericanTypewriter-LightCondA     010 atlca___
patm8r    AmericanTypewriter-Medium         010 atm_____
patma8r   AmericanTypewriter-MediumA        010 atma____
pbgb8r    Benguiat-Bold                     011 bgb_____
pbgk8r    Benguiat-Book                     011 bgw_____
pfqr8r    FrizQuadrata                      011 fq______
pfqb8r    FrizQuadrata-Bold                 011 fqb_____
pgpr8r    Glypha                            012 gy______
pgpb8r    Glypha-Bold                       012 gyb_____
pgpbo8r   Glypha-BoldOblique                012 gybo____
pgpro8r   Glypha-Oblique                    012 gyo_____
phvc8r    Helvetica-Black                   013 hvbl____
phvco8r   Helvetica-BlackOblique            013 hvblo___
phvl8r    Helvetica-Light                   013 hvl_____
phvlo8r   Helvetica-LightOblique            013 hvlo____
phvr8rc   Helvetica-Condensed               014 hvc_____
phvb8rc   Helvetica-Condensed-Bold          014 hvcb____
phvc8rc   Helvetica-Condensed-Black         014 hvcbl___
phvbo8rc  Helvetica-Condensed-BoldObl       014 hvcbo___
phvro8rc  Helvetica-Condensed-Oblique       014 hvcdo___
phvl8rc   Helvetica-Condensed-Light         014 hvcl____
phvlo8rc  Helvetica-Condensed-LightObl      014 hvclo___
phvco8rc  Helvetica-Condensed-BlackObl      014 hvco____
ptvb8r    TrumpMediaeval-Bold               015 tmb_____
ptvbi8r   TrumpMediaeval-BoldItalic         015 tmbi____
ptvri8r   TrumpMediaeval-Italic             015 tmi_____
ptvr8r    TrumpMediaeval-Roman              015 tmr_____
pmlr8r    Melior                            016 me______
pmlb8r    Melior-Bold                       016 meb_____
pmlbi8r   Melior-BoldItalic                 016 mebi____
pmlri8r   Melior-Italic                     016 mei_____
pglb8r    Galliard-Bold                     017 glb_____
pglbi8r   Galliard-BoldItalic               017 glbi____
pglri8r   Galliard-Italic                   017 gli_____
pglr8r    Galliard-Roman                    017 glr_____
pnbb8r    NewBaskerville-Bold               018 nbb_____
pnbbi8r   NewBaskerville-BoldItalic         018 nbbi____
pnbri8r   NewBaskerville-Italic             018 nbi_____
pnbr8r    NewBaskerville-Roman              018 nbr_____
pkrb8r    Korinna-Bold                      019 krb_____
pkrbi8r   Korinna-KursivBold                019 krkb____
pkrr8r    Korinna-KursivRegular             019 krkx____
pkrri8r   Korinna-Regular                   019 krrg____
pgyr8r    Goudy                             020 go______
pgyb8r    Goudy-Bold                        020 gob_____
pgybi8r   Goudy-BoldItalic                  020 gobi____
pgyri8r   Goudy-Italic                      020 goi_____
psor      Sonata                            021 so______
pcub8r    CenturyOldStyle-Bold              022 csb_____
pcuri8r   CenturyOldStyle-Italic            022 csi_____
pcur8r    CenturyOldStyle-Regular           022 csrg____
pfgd8r    FranklinGothic-Demi               023 frd_____
pfgdi8r   FranklinGothic-DemiItal           023 frdi____
pfgdo8r   FranklinGothic-DemiOblique        023 frdo____
pfgh8r    FranklinGothic-Heavy              023 frh_____
pfghi8r   FranklinGothic-HeavyItal          023 frhi____
pfgho8r   FranklinGothic-HeavyOblique       023 frho____
pfgm8r    FranklinGothic-Medium             023 frm_____
pfgmi8r   FranklinGothic-MediumItal         023 frmi____
pfgk8r    FranklinGothic-Book               023 frw_____
pfgki8r   FranklinGothic-BookItal           023 frwi____
pfgko8r   FranklinGothic-BookOblique        023 frwo____
pctb8r    Cheltenham-Bold                   024 chb_____
pctbi8r   Cheltenham-BoldItalic             024 chbi____
pctk8r    Cheltenham-Book                   024 chw_____
pctki8r   Cheltenham-BookItalic             024 chwi____
ppar8r    ParkAvenue                        025 pa______
pbdr8r    Bodoni                            026 bd______
pbdb8r    Bodoni-Bold                       026 bdb_____
pbdbi8r   Bodoni-BoldItalic                 026 bdbi____
pbdri8r   Bodoni-Italic                     026 bdi_____
pbdp8r    Bodoni-Poster                     026 bdps____
plgr8r    LetterGothic                      027 lg______
plgb8r    LetterGothic-Bold                 027 lgb_____
plgbo8r   LetterGothic-BoldSlanted          027 lgbsl___
plgro8r   LetterGothic-Slanted              027 lgsl____
pper8r    PrestigeElite                     028 pe______
ppeb8r    PrestigeElite-Bold                028 peb_____
ppebo8r   PrestigeElite-BoldSlanted         028 pebsl___
ppero8r   PrestigeElite-Slanted             028 pesl____
porr8r    Orator                            029 or______
porro8r   Orator-Slanted                    029 orsl____
pngr8r    NewsGothic                        030 ng______
pngb8r    NewsGothic-Bold                   030 ngb_____
pngbo8r   NewsGothic-BoldOblique            030 ngbo____
pngro8r   NewsGothic-Oblique                030 ngo_____
ptfr8r    Tiffany                           031 tf______
ptfd8r    Tiffany-Demi                      031 tfd_____
ptfdi8r   Tiffany-DemiItalic                031 tfdi____
ptfhi8r   Tiffany-Heavy                     031 tfh_____
ptfhi8r   Tiffany-HeavyItalic               031 tfhi____
ptfri8r   Tiffany-Italic                    031 tfi_____
pcbci8r   CooperBlack                       032 cb______
pcbci8r   CooperBlack-Italic                032 cbi_____
pburw8r   BrushScript                       033 bs______
phbr8r    Hobo                              033 ho______
pslr8r    Stencil                           033 st______
paab8r    Aachen-Bold                       034 acb_____
pfsrw8r   FreestyleScript                   034 fs______
prvr8r    Revue                             034 re______
puyr8r    UniversityRoman                   034 ur______
prtr      Carta                             035 cr______
plcr8r    Lucida                            036 lc______
plcb8r    Lucida-Bold                       036 lcb_____
plcbi8r   Lucida-BoldItalic                 036 lcbi____
plcri8r   Lucida-Italic                     036 lci_____
punr8r    Univers                           037 uv______
punb8r    Univers-Bold                      037 uvb_____
punc8r    Univers-Black                     037 uvbl____
punco8r   Univers-BlackOblique              037 uvblo___
punbo8r   Univers-BoldOblique               037 uvbo____
punl8r    Univers-Light                     037 uvl_____
punlo8r   Univers-LightOblique              037 uvlo____
punro8r   Univers-Oblique                   037 uvo_____
punr8rc   Univers-Condensed                 038 uvc_____
punb8rc   Univers-CondensedBold             038 uvcb____
punbo8rc  Univers-CondensedBoldOblique      038 uvcbo___
punro8rc  Univers-CondensedOblique          038 uvcdo___
punl8rc   Univers-CondensedLight            038 uvcl____
punlo8rc  Univers-CondensedLightOblique     038 uvclo___
pfub8r    Futura-Bold                       039 fub_____
pfubo8r   Futura-BoldOblique                039 fubo____
pful8r    Futura-Light                      039 ful_____
pfulo8r   Futura-LightOblique               039 fulo____
pfuk8r    Futura-Book                       039 fuw_____
pfuko8r   Futura-BookOblique                039 fuwo____
pstr8r    StoneSerif                        040 sr______
pstb8r    StoneSerif-Bold                   040 srb_____
pstbi8r   StoneSerif-BoldItalic             040 srbi____
pstri8r   StoneSerif-Italic                 040 sri_____
psts8r    StoneSerif-Semibold               040 srsb____
pstsi8r   StoneSerif-SemiboldItalic         040 srsbi___
ps8r8r    StoneSans                         041 ss______
ps8b8r    StoneSans-Bold                    041 ssb_____
ps8bi8r   StoneSans-BoldItalic              041 ssbi____
ps8ri8r   StoneSans-Italic                  041 ssi_____
ps8s8r    StoneSans-Semibold                041 sssb____
ps8si8r   StoneSans-SemiboldItalic          041 sssbi___
psir8r    StoneInformal                     042 si______
psib8r    StoneInformal-Bold                042 sib_____
psibi8r   StoneInformal-BoldItalic          042 sibi____
psiri8r   StoneInformal-Italic              042 sii_____
psis8r    StoneInformal-Semibold            042 sisb____
psisi8r   StoneInformal-SemiboldItalic      042 sisbi___
ponr8r    Corona                            043 cn______
ponb8r    Corona-Bold                       043 cnb_____
ponri8r   Corona-Italic                     043 cni_____
pesr8r    Eurostile                         044 eu______
pesb8r    Eurostile-Bold                    044 eub_____
pesbi8r   Eurostile-BoldOblique             044 eubo____
pesd8r    Eurostile-Demi                    044 eud_____
pesdi8r   Eurostile-DemiOblique             044 eudo____
pesri8r   Eurostile-Oblique                 044 euo_____
pexr8r    Excelsior                         045 ex______
pexb8r    Excelsior-Bold                    045 exb_____
pexri8r   Excelsior-Italic                  045 exi_____
pfur8r    Futura                            046 fu______
pfux8r    Futura-ExtraBold                  046 fueb____
pfuxo8r   Futura-ExtraBoldOblique           046 fuebo___
pfuh8r    Futura-Heavy                      046 fuh_____
pfuho8r   Futura-HeavyOblique               046 fuho____
pfuro8r   Futura-Oblique                    046 fuo_____
pfuxo8rc  Futura-CondExtraBoldObl           047 fcebo___
pfur8rc   Futura-Condensed                  047 fuc_____
pfub8rc   Futura-CondensedBold              047 fucb____
pfubo8rc  Futura-CondensedBoldOblique       047 fucbo___
pfux8rc   Futura-CondensedExtraBold         047 fuceb___
pful8rc   Futura-CondensedLight             047 fucl____
pfulo8rc  Futura-CondensedLightOblique      047 fuclo___
pfuro8rc  Futura-CondensedOblique           047 fuco____
plsr8r    LucidaSans                        048 ls______
plsb8r    LucidaSans-Bold                   048 lsb_____
plsbi8r   LucidaSans-BoldItalic             048 lsbi____
plsri8r   LucidaSans-Italic                 048 lsi_____
pmpb8r    Memphis-Bold                      049 mpb_____
pmpbi8r   Memphis-BoldItalic                049 mpbi____
pmpx8r    Memphis-ExtraBold                 049 mpeb____
pmpl8r    Memphis-Light                     049 mpl_____
pmpli8r   Memphis-LightItalic               049 mpli____
pmpm8r    Memphis-Medium                    049 mpm_____
pmpmi8r   Memphis-MediumItalic              049 mpmi____
phvx8rp   Helvetica-ExtraCompressed         050 hvek____
phvr8rp   Helvetica-Compressed              050 hvk_____
phvu8rp   Helvetica-UltraCompressed         050 hvuk____
pitb8r    Italia-Bold                       051 itb_____
pitm8r    Italia-Medium                     051 itm_____
pitk8r    Italia-Book                       051 itw_____
pblb8r    Belwe-Bold                        052 bwb_____
pblr8rc   Belwe-Condensed                   052 bwc_____
pbll8r    Belwe-Light                       052 bwl_____
pblm8r    Belwe-Medium                      052 bwm_____
pc5ri8r   CaslonFiveForty-Italic            053 cfi_____
pc5r8r    CaslonFiveForty-Roman             053 cfr_____
pc3ri8r   CaslonThree-Italic                053 cti_____
pc3r8r    CaslonThree-Roman                 053 ctr_____
pgyx8r    Goudy-ExtraBold                   054 goeb____
pgyh8r    Goudy-Heavyface                   054 goh_____
pgyhi8r   Goudy-HeavyfaceItalic             054 gohi____
pjnb8r    JansonText-Bold                   055 jtb_____
pjnbi8r   JansonText-BoldItalic             055 jtbi____
pjnri8r   JansonText-Italic                 055 jti_____
pjnr8r    JansonText-Roman                  055 jtr_____
ierb8r    ItcEras-Bold                      056 erb_____
ierk8r    ItcEras-Book                      056 erbk____
ierd8r    ItcEras-Demi                      056 erd_____
ierl8r    ItcEras-Light                     056 erl_____
ierm8r    ItcEras-Medium                    056 erm_____
ieru8r    ItcEras-Ultra                     056 eru_____
ikbb8r    ItcKabel-Bold                     057 kbb_____
ikbd8r    ItcKabel-Demi                     057 kbd_____
ikbm8r    ItcKabel-Medium                   057 kbm_____
ikbu8r    ItcKabel-Ultra                    057 kbu_____
ikbk8r    ItcKabel-Book                     057 kbw_____
p__cr     MICR                              058 mi______
poar      OCRA                              058 oa______
poara     OCRA-Alternate                    058 oaalt___
pobr      OCRB                              058 ob______
pobra     OCRB-Alternate                    058 obalt___
phnc8r    HelveticaNeue-Black               059 hlbl____
phnci8r   HelveticaNeue-BlackItalic         059 hlbli___
phnu8r    HelveticaNeue-UltraLight          059 hlul____
phnui8r   HelveticaNeue-UltraLightItal      059 hluli___
phnb8r    HelveticaNeue-Bold                060 hlb_____
phnbi8r   HelveticaNeue-BoldItalic          060 hlbi____
phnri8r   HelveticaNeue-Italic              060 hli_____
phnr8r    HelveticaNeue-Roman               060 hlr_____
phna8r    HelveticaNeue-Thin                060 hlt_____
phnai8r   HelveticaNeue-ThinItalic          060 hlti____
phnh8r    HelveticaNeue-Heavy               061 hlh_____
phnhi8r   HelveticaNeue-HeavyItalic         061 hlhi____
phnl8r    HelveticaNeue-Light               061 hll_____
phnli8r   HelveticaNeue-LightItalic         061 hlli____
phnm8r    HelveticaNeue-Medium              061 hlm_____
phnmi8r   HelveticaNeue-MediumItalic        061 hlmi____
pttb8r    TimesTen-Bold                     062 ttb_____
pttri8r   TimesTen-BoldItalic               062 ttbi____
pttri8r   TimesTen-Italic                   062 tti_____
pttr8r    TimesTen-Roman                    062 ttr_____
pkur8r    Kaufmann                          063 kf______
pkub8r    Kaufmann-Bold                     063 kfb_____
pcdr8r    Clarendon                         064 cl______
pcdb8r    Clarendon-Bold                    064 clb_____
pcdl8r    Clarendon-Light                   064 cll_____
ppgb8r    Peignot-Bold                      065 pgb_____
ppgd8r    Peignot-Demi                      065 pgd_____
ppgl8r    Peignot-Light                     065 pgl_____
pndr8r    NewCaledonia                      066 nl______
pndb8r    NewCaledonia-Bold                 066 nlb_____
pndbi8r   NewCaledonia-BoldItalic           066 nlbi____
pndc8r    NewCaledonia-Black                066 nlbl____
pndci8r   NewCaledonia-BlackItalic          066 nlbli___
pndri8r   NewCaledonia-Italic               066 nli_____
pnds8r    NewCaledonia-SemiBold             066 nls_____
pndsi8r   NewCaledonia-SemiBoldItalic       066 nlsi____
pcfb8r    Clearface-Bold                    067 ceb_____
pcfbi8r   Clearface-BoldItalic              067 cebi____
pcfc8r    Clearface-Black                   067 cebl____
pcfci8r   Clearface-BlackItalic             067 cebli___
pcfh8r    Clearface-Heavy                   067 ceh_____
pcfhi8r   Clearface-HeavyItalic             067 cehi____
pcfr8r    Clearface-Regular                 067 cerg____
pcfri8r   Clearface-RegularItalic           067 cergi___
pamr8r    Americana                         068 am______
pamb8r    Americana-Bold                    068 amb_____
pamx8r    Americana-ExtraBold               068 ameb____
pamri8r   Americana-Italic                  068 ami_____
psgr8r    SerifGothic                       069 sg______
psgb8r    SerifGothic-Bold                  069 sgb_____
psgc8r    SerifGothic-Black                 069 sgbl____
psgx8r    SerifGothic-ExtraBold             069 sgeb____
psgh8r    SerifGothic-Heavy                 069 sgh_____
psgl8r    SerifGothic-Light                 069 sgl_____
pcnr8r    CenturyExpanded                   070 cy______
pcnri8r   CenturyExpanded-Italic            070 cyi_____
psfb8r    Serifa-Bold                       071 seb_____
psfc8r    Serifa-Black                      071 sebl____
psfri8r   Serifa-Italic                     071 sei_____
psfl8r    Serifa-Light                      071 sel_____
psfli8r   Serifa-LightItalic                071 seli____
psfr8r    Serifa-Roman                      071 ser_____
pcarl8r   CaslonOpenFace                    072 ca______
pfrb8r    Frutiger-Bold                     073 ftb_____
pfrbi8r   Frutiger-BoldItalic               073 ftbi____
pfrc8r    Frutiger-Black                    073 ftbl____
pfrci8r   Frutiger-BlackItalic              073 ftbli___
pfrri8r   Frutiger-Italic                   073 fti_____
pfrl8r    Frutiger-Light                    073 ftl_____
pfrli8r   Frutiger-LightItalic              073 ftli____
pfrr8r    Frutiger-Roman                    073 ftr_____
pfru8r    Frutiger-UltraBlack               073 ftubl___
pceb8r    Centennial-Bold                   074 cib_____
pcebi8r   Centennial-BoldItalic             074 cibi____
pcec8r    Centennial-Black                  074 cibl____
pceci8r   Centennial-BlackItalic            074 cibli___
pceri8r   Centennial-Italic                 074 cii_____
pcel8r    Centennial-Light                  074 cil_____
pceli8r   Centennial-LightItalic            074 cili____
pcer8r    Centennial-Roman                  074 cir_____
pegb8r    StempelGaramond-Bold              075 gsb_____
pegbi8r   StempelGaramond-BoldItalic        075 gsbi____
pegri8r   StempelGaramond-Italic            075 gsi_____
pegr8r    StempelGaramond-Roman             075 gsr_____
pwsr8r    Weiss                             076 we______
pwsb8r    Weiss-Bold                        076 web_____
pwsx8r    Weiss-ExtraBold                   076 weeb____
pwsri8r   Weiss-Italic                      076 wei_____
pg3r8r    GaramondThree                     077 gm______
pg3b8r    GaramondThree-Bold                077 gmb_____
pg3bi8r   GaramondThree-BoldItalic          077 gmbi____
pg3ri8r   GaramondThree-Italic              077 gmi_____
pulrk     Universal-GreekwithMathPi         078 unvmg___
pulrncp   Universal-NewswithCommPi          078 unvnc___
pavh8r    Avenir-Heavy                      079 aeh_____
pavho8r   Avenir-HeavyOblique               079 aeho____
pavl8r    Avenir-Light                      079 ael_____
pavlo8r   Avenir-LightOblique               079 aelo____
pavr8r    Avenir-Roman                      079 aer_____
pavro8r   Avenir-Oblique                    079 aero____
pavc8r    Avenir-Black                      080 aebl____
pavco8r   Avenir-BlackOblique               080 aeblo___
pavm8r    Avenir-Medium                     080 aem_____
pavmo8r   Avenir-MediumOblique              080 aemo____
pavk8r    Avenir-Book                       080 aew_____
pavko8r   Avenir-BookOblique                080 aewo____
pwbb8r    WalbaumBook-Bold                  081 wbb_____
pwbbi8r   WalbaumBook-BoldItalic            081 wbbi____
pwbri8r   WalbaumBook-Italic                081 wbi_____
pwbm8r    WalbaumBook-Medium                081 wbm_____
pwbmi8r   WalbaumBook-MediumItalic          081 wbmi____
pwbr8r    WalbaumBook-Regular               081 wbrg____
paob8r    AntiqueOlive-Bold                 082 aqb_____
paoc8r    AntiqueOlive-Black                082 aqbl____
paori8r   AntiqueOlive-Italic               082 aqi_____
paol8r    AntiqueOlive-Light                082 aql_____
paor8r    AntiqueOlive-Roman                082 aqr_____
plfb8r    Life-Bold                         083 lib_____
plfri8r   Life-Italic                       083 lii_____
plfr8r    Life-Roman                        083 lir_____
pocri8r   ConcordeBE-Italic                 084 qqi_____
pocm8r    ConcordeBE-Medium                 084 qqm_____
pocmi8r   ConcordeBE-MediumItalic           084 qqmi____
pocr8r    ConcordeBE-Regular                084 qqrg____
pg1r8r    Gothic-Thirteen                   085 gtt_____
ptph8rc   Tempo-HeavyCondensed              085 tehc____
ptphi8rc  Tempo-HeavyCondensedItalic        085 tehci___
pcor8r    Cochin                            086 cc______
pcob8r    Cochin-Bold                       086 ccb_____
pcobi8r   Cochin-BoldItalic                 086 ccbi____
pcori8r   Cochin-Italic                     086 cci_____
pbhb8r    Bauhaus-Bold                      087 bhb_____
pbhd8r    Bauhaus-Demi                      087 bhd_____
pbhh8r    Bauhaus-Heavy                     087 bhh_____
pbhl8r    Bauhaus-Light                     087 bhl_____
pbhm8r    Bauhaus-Medium                    087 bhm_____
psbb8r    Sabon-Bold                        088 sab_____
psbbi8r   Sabon-BoldItalic                  088 sabi____
psbri8r   Sabon-Italic                      088 sai_____
psbr8r    Sabon-Roman                       088 sar_____
phgb8r    Hiroshige-Bold                    089 hrb_____
phgbi8r   Hiroshige-BoldItalic              089 hrbi____
phgc8r    Hiroshige-Black                   089 hrbl____
phgci8r   Hiroshige-BlackItalic             089 hrbli___
phgm8r    Hiroshige-Medium                  089 hrm_____
phgmi8r   Hiroshige-MediumItalic            089 hrmi____
phgk8r    Hiroshige-Book                    089 hrw_____
phgki8r   Hiroshige-BookItalic              089 hrwi____
pabr8r    ArnoldBoecklin                    090 ab______
pftr8r    FetteFraktur                      090 ff______
pftra8r   FetteFraktur-Dfr                  090 ffdfr___
phir8r    HelveticaInserat-Roman            090 hir_____
pptr8r    Present                           090 pr______
pdcr8r    DomCasual                         091 dc______
pdcb8r    DomCasual-Bold                    091 dcb_____
ppqm8r    PostAntiquaBE-Medium              092 pbm_____
ppqr8r    PostAntiquaBE-Regular             092 pbrg____
pfob8r    Folio-Bold                        093 fob_____
pfob8rc   Folio-BoldCondensed               093 fobc____
pfox8r    Folio-ExtraBold                   093 foeb____
pfol8r    Folio-Light                       093 fol_____
pfom8r    Folio-Medium                      093 fom_____
plnrw8r   Linoscript                        094 lp______
plnr8r    Linotext                          094 lx______
plnra8r   Linotext-Dfr                      094 lxdfr___
pvrb8r    VAGRounded-Bold                   095 vrb_____
pvrc8r    VAGRounded-Black                  095 vrbl____
pvrl8r    VAGRounded-Light                  095 vrl_____
pvra8r    VAGRounded-Thin                   095 vrt_____
pazb8r    AkzidenzGroteskBE-Bold            096 gfb_____
pazbi8r   AkzidenzGroteskBE-BoldIt          096 gfbi____
pazri8r   AkzidenzGroteskBE-It              096 gfi_____
pazl8r    AkzidenzGroteskBE-Light           096 gfl_____
pazlj8r   AkzidenzGroteskBE-LightOsF        096 gflos___
pazm8r    AkzidenzGroteskBE-Md              096 gfm_____
pazmi8r   AkzidenzGroteskBE-MdIt            096 gfmi____
pazr8r    AkzidenzGroteskBE-Regular         096 gfrg____
pazr9s    AkzidenzGroteskBE-Super           096 gfsu____
pipb8r    Impressum-Bold                    097 imb_____
pibri8r   Impressum-Italic                  097 imi_____
pipr8r    Impressum-Roman                   097 imr_____
pubb8r    BauerBodoni-Bold                  098 bbb_____
pubbi8r   BauerBodoni-BoldItalic            098 bbbi____
pubri8r   BauerBodoni-Italic                098 bbi_____
pubr8r    BauerBodoni-Roman                 098 bbr_____
pna8r     NewAster                          099 na______
pna8r     NewAster-Bold                     099 nab_____
pna8r     NewAster-BoldItalic               099 nabi____
pna8r     NewAster-Black                    099 nabl____
pna8r     NewAster-BlackItalic              099 nabli___
pna8r     NewAster-Italic                   099 nai_____
pna8r     NewAster-SemiBold                 099 nas_____
pna8r     NewAster-SemiBoldItalic           099 nasi____
padb8r    AGaramond-Bold                    100 gdb_____
padbi8r   AGaramond-BoldItalic              100 gdbi____
padri8r   AGaramond-Italic                  100 gdi_____
padr8r    AGaramond-Regular                 100 gdrg____
pads8r    AGaramond-Semibold                100 gdsb____
padsi8r   AGaramond-SemiboldItalic          100 gdsbi___
padbij8r  AGaramond-BoldItalicOsF           101 gdbio___
padbj8r   AGaramond-BoldOsF                 101 gdbos___
padrij8r  AGaramond-ItalicOsF               101 gdio____
padsc8r   AGaramond-SemiboldSC              101 gdsbs___
padrc8r   AGaramond-RegularSC               101 gdsc____
padsij8r  AGaramond-SemiboldItalicOsF       101 gdsis___
padrd8r   AGaramond-Titling                 101 gdttl___
padb8x    AGaramondExp-Bold                 101 geb_____
padbi8x   AGaramondExp-BoldItalic           101 gebi____
padri8x   AGaramondExp-Italic               101 gei_____
padr8x    AGaramondExp-Regular              101 gerg____
pads8x    AGaramondExp-Semibold             101 gesb____
padsi8x   AGaramondExp-SemiboldItalic       101 gesbi___
padri7a   AGaramondAlt-Italic               101 ggi_____
padr7a    AGaramondAlt-Regular              101 ggrg____
pcib8r    Candida-Bold                      102 cgb_____
pciri8r   Candida-Italic                    102 cgi_____
pcir8r    Candida-Roman                     102 cgr_____
pfgr8rc   FranklinGothic-Condensed          103 fgc_____
pfgr8rq   FranklinGothic-ExtraCond          103 fgec____
pfgr8r    FranklinGothic-Roman              103 fgr_____
putb8r    Utopia-Bold                       104 utb_____
putbi8r   Utopia-BoldItalic                 104 utbi____
putc8r    Utopia-Black                      104 utbl____
putri8r   Utopia-Italic                     104 uti_____
putr8r    Utopia-Regular                    104 utrg____
puts8r    Utopia-Semibold                   104 utsb____
putsi8r   Utopia-SemiboldItalic             104 utsbi___
putb8x    UtopiaExp-Bold                    105 ueb_____
putbi8x   UtopiaExp-BoldItalic              105 uebi____
putc8x    UtopiaExp-Black                   105 uebl____
putri8x   UtopiaExp-Italic                  105 uei_____
putr8x    UtopiaExp-Regular                 105 uerg____
puts8x    UtopiaExp-Semibold                105 uesb____
putsi8x   UtopiaExp-SemiboldItalic          105 uesbi___
putbij8r  Utopia-BoldItalicOsF              105 utbio___
putbj8r   Utopia-BoldOsF                    105 utbos___
putrij8r  Utopia-ItalicOsF                  105 utio____
putrp     Utopia-Ornaments                  105 utor____
putrc8r   Utopia-RegularSC                  105 utrsc___
putsc8r   Utopia-SemiboldSC                 105 utsbs___
putsij8r  Utopia-SemiboldItalicOsF          105 utsis___
putrd8r   Utopia-Titling                    105 utttl___
putcj8r   Utopia-BlackOsF                   105 utzof___
pbyb8r    Berkeley-Bold                     106 byb_____
pbybi8r   Berkeley-BoldItalic               106 bybi____
pbyc8r    Berkeley-Black                    106 bybl____
pbyci8r   Berkeley-BlackItalic              106 bybli___
pbymi8r   Berkeley-Italic                   106 byi_____
pbym8r    Berkeley-Medium                   106 bym_____
pbyk8r    Berkeley-Book                     106 byw_____
pbyki8r   Berkeley-BookItalic               106 bywi____
paob8rc   AntiqueOlive-BoldCond             107 aqbc____
paor8rp   AntiqueOlive-Compact              107 aqct____
paohix8r  AntiqueOlive-Nord                 107 aqnr____
paohrx8r  AntiqueOlive-NordItalic           107 aqnri___
ppsr8r    Parisian                          108 pn______
pumr8r    Umbra                             108 um______
pmsr8r    Mistral                           109 ms______
prpr8r    Reporter-Two                      109 rp______
pccrw8r   CascadeScript                     110 ck______
pmirw8r   MediciScript                      110 mc______
pnurw8r   NuptialScript                     110 nu______
pubb8rc   BauerBodoni-BoldCond              111 bbbc____
pubc8r    BauerBodoni-Black                 111 bbbl____
pubc8rc   BauerBodoni-BlackCond             111 bbblc___
pubci8r   BauerBodoni-BlackItalic           111 bbbli___
pmd8r     Meridien-Bold                     112 m0b_____
pmd8r     Meridien-BoldItalic               112 m0bi____
pmd8r     Meridien-Italic                   112 m0i_____
pmd8r     Meridien-Medium                   112 m0m_____
pmd8r     Meridien-MediumItalic             112 m0mi____
pmd8r     Meridien-Roman                    112 m0r_____
zpcp29ab  Copperplate-TwentyNineAB          113 cp29a___
zpcp29bc  Copperplate-TwentyNineBC          113 cp29c___
zpcp30ab  Copperplate-ThirtyAB              113 cp30a___
zpcp30ab  Copperplate-ThirtyBC              113 cp30c___
zpcp31ab  Copperplate-ThirtyOneAB           113 cp31a___
zpcp31bc  Copperplate-ThirtyOneBC           113 cp31c___
zpcp32ab  Copperplate-ThirtyTwoAB           113 cp32a___
zpcp32bc  Copperplate-ThirtyTwoBC           113 cp32c___
zpcp33bc  Copperplate-ThirtyThreeBC         113 cp33c___
pnvb8r    Novarese-Bold                     114 nob_____
pnvbi8r   Novarese-BoldItalic               114 nobi____
pnvm8r    Novarese-Medium                   114 nom_____
pnvmi8r   Novarese-MediumItalic             114 nomi____
pnvu8r    Novarese-Ultra                    114 nou_____
pnvk8r    Novarese-Book                     114 now_____
pnvki8r   Novarese-BookItalic               114 nowi____
pksb28r   KuenstlerScript-TwoBold           115 kt2b____
pksc8r    KuenstlerScript-Black             115 ktbl____
pksm8r    KuenstlerScript-Medium            115 ktm_____
parr8r    Arcadia                           116 a_______
parra8r   Arcadia-A                         116 a_aaa___
pinrh8r   Industria-Inline                  116 inin____
pinrha8r  Industria-InlineA                 116 inina___
piar8r    Insignia                          116 ins_____
piara8r   Insignia-A                        116 insa____
pinr8r    Industria-Solid                   116 insd____
pinra8r   Industria-SolidA                  116 insda___
psvb8r    Souvenir-Bold                     117 sub_____
psvbi8r   Souvenir-BoldItalic               117 subi____
psvm8r    Souvenir-Medium                   117 sum_____
psvmi8r   Souvenir-MediumItalic             117 sumi____
pbdb8rc   Bodoni-BoldCondensed              118 bdbc____
pbdp8rp   Bodoni-PosterCompressed           118 bdpsc___
pbdpi8r   Bodoni-PosterItalic               118 bdpsi___
pbdk8r    Bodoni-Book                       118 bdw_____
pbdki8r   Bodoni-BookItalic                 118 bdwi____
prqr8r    RussellSquare                     119 ru______
prqro8r   RussellSquare-Oblique             119 ruo_____
pcgb8r    Charlemagne-Bold                  120 czb_____
pcgr8r    Charlemagne-Regular               120 czrg____
ptjb8r    Trajan-Bold                       120 tjb_____
ptjr8r    Trajan-Regular                    120 tjrg____
plob8r    Lithos-Bold                       121 lob_____
ploc8r    Lithos-Black                      121 lobl____
ploi8r    Lithos-ExtraLight                 121 loel____
plol8r    Lithos-Light                      121 lol_____
plor8r    Lithos-Regular                    121 lorg____
pcwr8r    Cottonwood                        122 c_______
piwr8r    Ironwood                          122 i_______
pjpr8r    Juniper                           122 j_______
pmqr8r    Mesquite                          122 m_______
ppor8r    Ponderosa                         122 p_______
ppi026    WoodtypeOrnaments-One             122 woor____
ptkb8r    Tekton-Bold                       123 tkb_____
ptkbo8r   Tekton-BoldOblique                123 tkbo____
ptkro8r   Tekton-Oblique                    123 tko_____
ptkr8r    Tekton                            123 tkrg____
pagb8rc   AvantGarde-CondBold               124 agcb____
pagd8rc   AvantGarde-CondDemi               124 agcd____
pagm8rc   AvantGarde-CondMedium             124 agcm____
pagk8rc   AvantGarde-CondBook               124 agcw____
pssb8r    StempelSchneidler-Bold            125 skb_____
pssbi8r   StempelSchneidler-BoldItalic      125 skbi____
pssc8r    StempelSchneidler-Black           125 skbl____
pssci8r   StempelSchneidler-BlackItalic     125 skbli___
pssri8r   StempelSchneidler-Italic          125 ski_____
pssl8r    StempelSchneidler-Light           125 skl_____
pssli8r   StempelSchneidler-LightItalic     125 skli____
pssm8r    StempelSchneidler-Medium          125 skm_____
pssmi8r   StempelSchneidler-MedItalic       125 skmi____
pssr8r    StempelSchneidler-Roman           125 skr_____
ptgr8r    TradeGothic                       126 tg______
ptgb8r    TradeGothic-BoldTwo               126 tgb2____
ptgbo8r   TradeGothic-BoldTwoOblique        126 tgb2o___
ptgb8r    TradeGothic-Bold                  126 tgb_____
ptgbo8r   TradeGothic-BoldOblique           126 tgbo____
ptgl8r    TradeGothic-Light                 126 tgl_____
ptglo8r   TradeGothic-LightOblique          126 tglo____
ptgro8r   TradeGothic-Oblique               126 tgo_____
ptgb8rc   TradeGothic-BoldCondTwenty        127 tgbc____
ptgb8rc   TradeGothic-BoldCondTwentyObl     127 tgbco___
ptgr8rc   TradeGothic-CondEighteen          127 tgc_____
ptgr8rc   TradeGothic-CondEighteenObl       127 tgco____
prar8r    Raleigh                           128 ra______
prab8r    Raleigh-Bold                      128 rab_____
prad8r    Raleigh-DemiBold                  128 rad_____
pram8r    Raleigh-Medium                    128 ram_____
pmtb8r    Minister-Bold                     129 mzb_____
pmtbi8r   Minister-BoldItalic               129 mzbi____
pmtc8r    Minister-Black                    129 mzbl____
pmtci8r   Minister-BlackItalic              129 mzbli___
pmtl8r    Minister-Light                    129 mzl_____
pmtli8r   Minister-LightItalic              129 mzli____
pmtk8r    Minister-Book                     129 mzw_____
pmtki8r   Minister-BookItalic               129 mzwi____
pesb8rc   Eurostile-BoldCondensed           130 eubc____
pesb8rx   Eurostile-BoldExtendedTwo         130 eubex___
pesr8rc   Eurostile-Condensed               130 euc_____
pesr8rx   Eurostile-ExtendedTwo             130 euex____
pwdb8r    Weidemann-Bold                    131 wdb_____
pwdbi8r   Weidemann-BoldItalic              131 wdbi____
pwdc8r    Weidemann-Black                   131 wdbl____
pwdci8r   Weidemann-BlackItalic             131 wdbli___
pwdm8r    Weidemann-Medium                  131 wdm_____
pwdmi8r   Weidemann-MediumItalic            131 wdmi____
pwdk8r    Weidemann-Book                    131 wdw_____
pwdki8r   Weidemann-BookItalic              131 wdwi____
pqrb8r    Quorum-Bold                       132 qob_____
pqrc8r    Quorum-Black                      132 qobl____
pqrl8r    Quorum-Light                      132 qol_____
pqrm8r    Quorum-Medium                     132 qom_____
pqrk8r    Quorum-Book                       132 qow_____
pcxb8r    Caxton-Bold                       133 cxb_____
pcxbi8r   Caxton-BoldItalic                 133 cxbi____
pcxl8r    Caxton-Light                      133 cxl_____
pcxli8r   Caxton-LightItalic                133 cxli____
pcxk8r    Caxton-Book                       133 cxw_____
pcxki8r   Caxton-BookItalic                 133 cxwi____
psxb8r    Syntax-Bold                       134 sxb_____
psxc8r    Syntax-Black                      134 sxbl____
psxri8r   Syntax-Italic                     134 sxi_____
psxr8r    Syntax-Roman                      134 sxr_____
psxu8r    Syntax-UltraBlack                 134 sxubl___
pdrb8r    Doric-Bold                        135 drb_____
pmxr8r    Maximus                           135 mx______
zpshals   Shelley-AllegroScript             136 shal____
zpshans   Shelley-AndanteScript             136 shan____
zpshvos   Shelley-VolanteScript             136 shvo____
pnzk8r    NeuzeitS-Book                     137 new_____
pnzh8r    NeuzeitS-BookHeavy                137 newh____
pvlb8r    Versailles-Bold                   138 veb_____
pvlbi8r   Versailles-BoldItalic             138 vebi____
pvlc8r    Versailles-Black                  138 vebl____
pvlci8r   Versailles-BlackItalic            138 vebli___
pvlri8r   Versailles-Italic                 138 vei_____
pvll8r    Versailles-Light                  138 vel_____
pvlli8r   Versailles-LightItalic            138 veli____
pvlr8r    Versailles-Roman                  138 ver_____
pgmb8rc   Garamond-BoldCondensed            139 gabc____
pgmbi8rc  Garamond-BoldCondensedItalic      139 gabci___
pgml8rc   Garamond-LightCondensed           139 galc____
pgmlu8rc  Garamond-LightCondensedItalic     139 galci___
pgmu8rc   Garamond-UltraCondensed           139 gauc____
pgmui8rc  Garamond-UltraCondensedItalic     139 gauci___
pgmk8rc   Garamond-BookCondensed            139 gawc____
pgmki8rc  Garamond-BookCondensedItalic      139 gawci___
pctl8r    Cheltenham-Light                  140 chl_____
pctli8r   Cheltenham-LightItalic            140 chli____
pctu8r    Cheltenham-Ultra                  140 chu_____
pctui8r   Cheltenham-UltraItalic            140 chui____
pcnb8r    Century-Bold                      141 icb_____
pcnbi8r   Century-BoldItalic                141 icbi____
pcnl8r    Century-Light                     141 icl_____
pcnli8r   Century-LightItalic               141 icli____
pcnu8r    Century-Ultra                     141 icu_____
pcnui8r   Century-UltraItalic               141 icui____
pcnk8r    Century-Book                      141 icw_____
pcnki8r   Century-BookItalic                141 icwi____
pcnb8rc   Century-BoldCondensed             142 icbc____
pcnbi8rc  Century-BoldCondensedItalic       142 icbci___
pcnl8rc   Century-LightCondensed            142 iclc____
pcnli8rc  Century-LightCondensedItalic      142 iclci___
pcnu8rc   Century-UltraCondensed            142 icuc____
pcnui8rc  Century-UltraCondensedItalic      142 icuci___
pcnk8rc   Century-BookCondensed             142 icwc____
pcnki8rc  Century-BookCondensedItalic       142 icwci___
pmnb8r    Minion-Bold                       143 mob_____
pmnbi8r   Minion-BoldItalic                 143 mobi____
pmnc8r    Minion-Black                      143 mobl____
pmnrd8r   Minion-DisplayRegular             143 mods____
pmnrid8r  Minion-DisplayItalic              143 modsi___
pmnri8r   Minion-Italic                     143 moi_____
pmnr8r    Minion-Regular                    143 morg____
pmns8r    Minion-Semibold                   143 mosb____
pmnsi8r   Minion-SemiboldItalic             143 mosbi___
pmnb8x    MinionExp-Bold                    144 mjb_____
pmnbi8x   MinionExp-BoldItalic              144 mjbi____
pmnc8x    MinionExp-Black                   144 mjbl____
pmnrd8x   MinionExp-DisplayRegular          144 mjds____
pmnrid8x  MinionExp-DisplayItalic           144 mjdsi___
pmnri8x   MinionExp-Italic                  144 mji_____
pmnr8x    MinionExp-Regular                 144 mjrg____
pmns8x    MinionExp-Semibold                144 mjsb____
pmnsi8x   MinionExp-SemiboldItalic          144 mjsbi___
pmnbij8r  Minion-BoldItalicOsF              144 mobio___
pmnbj8r   Minion-BoldOsF                    144 mobos___
pmnricd8r Minion-DisplayItalicSC            144 modis___
pmnrcd8r  Minion-DisplayRegularSC           144 modsc___
pmnric8r  Minion-ItalicSC                   144 moisc___
pmnrp     Minion-Ornaments                  144 moor____
pmnsc8r   Minion-SemiboldSC                 144 mosbs___
pmnrc8r   Minion-RegularSC                  144 mosc____
pmnriwd7a Minion-SwashDisplayItalic         144 mosdi___
pmnsic8r  Minion-SemiboldItalicSC           144 mosic___
pmnsiw7a  Minion-SwashSemiboldItalic        144 mossb___
pmnriw7a  Minion-SwashItalic                144 moswi___
pmncj8r   Minion-BlackOsF                   144 mozof___
pnsb8r    TimesNewRomanPS-Bold              145 mtb_____
pnsbi8r   TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalic        145 mtbi____
pnsri8r   TimesNewRomanPS-Italic            145 mti_____
pnsr8r    TimesNewRomanPS                   145 mtr_____
pbkb8r    Bookman-Bold                      146 bkb_____
pbkbi8r   Bookman-BoldItalic                146 bkbi____
pbkm8r    Bookman-Medium                    146 bkm_____
pbkmi8r   Bookman-MediumItalic              146 bkmi____
psrrw8r   SnellRoundhand-Script             147 sn______
psrbw8r   SnellRoundhand-BoldScript         147 snb_____
prscw8r   SnellRoundhand-BlackScript        147 snbl____
pigb8r    SimonciniGaramond-Bold            148 gib_____
pigri8r   SimonciniGaramond-Italic          148 gii_____
pigr8r    SimonciniGaramond                 148 gir_____
pbcr8r    Banco                             149 bc______
phmr8r    Charme                            149 cu______
pfyc8rc   Flyer-BlackCondensed              149 flblc___
pfyx8rc   Flyer-ExtraBlackCondensed         149 flebc___
pwgr8r    WilhelmKlingsporGotisch           149 wk______
pwgra8r   WilhelmKlingsporGotisch-Dfr       149 wkdfr___
pgmu8r    Garamond-Ultra                    150 gau_____
pgmui8r   Garamond-UltraItalic              150 gaui____
pgmk8r    Garamond-Book                     150 gaw_____
pgmki8r   Garamond-BookItalic               150 gawi____
prwr8r    Rockwell                          151 rk______
prwb8r    Rockwell-Bold                     151 rkb_____
prwbi8r   Rockwell-BoldItalic               151 rkbi____
prwri8r   Rockwell-Italic                   151 rki_____
prwl8r    Rockwell-Light                    151 rkl_____
prwli8r   Rockwell-LightItalic              151 rkli____
pgsr8r    GillSans                          152 gn______
pgsb8r    GillSans-Bold                     152 gnb_____
pgsbi8r   GillSans-BoldItalic               152 gnbi____
pgsri8r   GillSans-Italic                   152 gni_____
pgsl8r    GillSans-Light                    152 gnl_____
pgsli8r   GillSans-LightItalic              152 gnli____
pspb8r    Serpentine-Bold                   153 sfb_____
pspbo8r   Serpentine-BoldOblique            153 sfbo____
pspl8r    Serpentine-Light                  153 sfl_____
psplo8r   Serpentine-LightOblique           153 sflo____
pspm8r    Serpentine-Medium                 153 sfm_____
pspmo8r   Serpentine-MediumOblique          153 sfmo____
plcrv     LucidaMath-Extension              154 lme_____
plcrim    LucidaMath-Italic                 154 lmi_____
plcry     LucidaMath-Symbol                 154 lms_____
ppi005    EuropeanPi-One                    155 euro1___
ppi006    EuropeanPi-Two                    155 euro2___
ppi007    EuropeanPi-Three                  155 euro3___
ppi008    EuropeanPi-Four                   155 euro4___
ppi001    BorderPi-OneFiveOneFiveNine       155 j1515___
ppi002    BundesbahnPi-One                  156 db1_____
ppi003    BundesbahnPi-Two                  156 db2_____
ppi004    BundesbahnPi-Three                156 db3_____
pc2b8r    CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Bold          157 c2b_____
pc2bi8r   CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BoldIt        157 c2bi____
pc2c8r    CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Black         157 c2bl____
pc2ci8r   CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BlackIt       157 c2bli___
pc2m8r    CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Medium        157 c2m_____
pc2mi8r   CaslonTwoTwentyFour-MediumIt      157 c2mi____
pc2k8r    CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Book          157 c2w_____
pc2ki8r   CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BookIt        157 c2wi____
ppi020    MathematicalPi-One                158 mh1_____
ppi021    MathematicalPi-Two                158 mh2_____
ppi022    MathematicalPi-Three              158 mh3_____
ppi023    MathematicalPi-Four               158 mh4_____
ppi024    MathematicalPi-Five               158 mh5_____
ppi025    MathematicalPi-Six                158 mh6_____
plwb8r    Leawood-Bold                      159 lwb_____
plwbi8r   Leawood-BoldItalic                159 lwbi____
plwc8r    Leawood-Black                     159 lwbl____
plwci8r   Leawood-BlackItalic               159 lwbli___
plwm8r    Leawood-Medium                    159 lwm_____
plwmi8r   Leawood-MediumItalic              159 lwmi____
plwk8r    Leawood-Book                      159 lww_____
plwki8r   Leawood-BookItalic                159 lwwi____
pbir8r    Birch                             160 bi______
pb0r8r    Blackoak                          160 bo______
pmrr8r    Madrone                           160 mq______
pp0r8r    Poplar                            160 pp______
pwwr8r    Willow                            160 wi______
ppi027    WoodtypeOrnaments-Two             160 woor2___
pbbr8r    Bembo                             161 bm______
pbbb8r    Bembo-Bold                        161 bmb_____
pbbbi8r   Bembo-BoldItalic                  161 bmbi____
pbbri8r   Bembo-Italic                      161 bmi_____
pgsb8rc   GillSans-BoldCondensed            162 gnbc____
pgsr8rc   GillSans-Condensed                162 gnc_____
pgsx8r    GillSans-ExtraBold                162 gneb____
pgsu8r    GillSans-UltraBold                162 gnub____
pgsu8rc   GillSans-UltraBoldCondensed       162 gnubc___
prwb8rc   Rockwell-BoldCondensed            163 rkbc____
prwr8rc   Rockwell-Condensed                163 rkc_____
prwx8r    Rockwell-ExtraBold                163 rkeb____
pgpc8r    Glypha-Black                      164 gybl____
pgpco8r   Glypha-BlackOblique               164 gyblo___
pgpl8r    Glypha-Light                      164 gyl_____
pgplo8r   Glypha-LightOblique               164 gylo____
pgpa8r    Glypha-Thin                       164 gyt_____
pgpao8r   Glypha-ThinOblique                164 gyto____
pzcb8r    ZapfChancery-Bold                 165 zcb_____
pzcd8r    ZapfChancery-Demi                 165 zcd_____
pzcri8r   ZapfChancery-Italic               165 zci_____
pzcl8r    ZapfChancery-Light                165 zcl_____
pzcli8r   ZapfChancery-LightItalic          165 zcli____
pzcr8r    ZapfChancery-Roman                165 zcr_____
puwb8r    Usherwood-Bold                    166 usb_____
puwbi8r   Usherwood-BoldItalic              166 usbi____
puwc8r    Usherwood-Black                   166 usbl____
puwci8r   Usherwood-BlackItalic             166 usbli___
puwm8r    Usherwood-Medium                  166 usm_____
puwmi8r   Usherwood-MediumItalic            166 usmi____
puwk8r    Usherwood-Book                    166 usw_____
puwki8r   Usherwood-BookItalic              166 uswi____
isyb8r    ItcSymbol-Bold                    167 isb_____
isybi8r   ItcSymbol-BoldItalic              167 isbi____
isyc8r    ItcSymbol-Black                   167 isbl____
isyci8r   ItcSymbol-BlackItalic             167 isbli___
isym8r    ItcSymbol-Medium                  167 ism_____
isymi8r   ItcSymbol-MediumItalic            167 ismi____
isyk8r    ItcSymbol-Book                    167 isw_____
isyki8r   ItcSymbol-BookItalic              167 iswi____
punb8rx   Univers-BoldExt                   168 uvbv____
punbo8rx  Univers-BoldExtObl                168 uvbvo___
punx8rx   Univers-ExtraBlackExt             168 uvfv____
punxo8rx  Univers-ExtraBlackExtObl          168 uvfvo___
punr8rx   Univers-Extended                  168 uvv_____
punro8rx  Univers-ExtendedObl               168 uvvo____
punc8rx   Univers-BlackExt                  168 uvzv____
punco8rx  Univers-BlackExtObl               168 uvzvo___
poyr8r    Olympian                          169 ol______
poyb8r    Olympian-Bold                     169 olb_____
poybi8r   Olympian-BoldItalic               169 olbi____
poyri8r   Olympian-Italic                   169 oli_____
puhb8r    Cushing-Bold                      170 iub_____
puhbi8r   Cushing-BoldItalic                170 iubi____
puhh8r    Cushing-Heavy                     170 iuh_____
puhhi8r   Cushing-HeavyItalic               170 iuhi____
puhm8r    Cushing-Medium                    170 ium_____
puhmi8r   Cushing-MediumItalic              170 iumi____
puhk8r    Cushing-Book                      170 iuw_____
puhki8r   Cushing-BookItalic                170 iuwi____
pcqr      Cheq                              171 cq______
ps7rp     Sassoon-Primary                   172 sass____
pfnb8r    Fenice-Bold                       173 feb_____
pfnbo8r   Fenice-BoldOblique                173 febo____
pfnl8r    Fenice-Light                      173 fel_____
pfnlo8r   Fenice-LightOblique               173 felo____
pfnr8r    Fenice-Regular                    173 ferg____
pfnro8r   Fenice-RegularOblique             173 fergo___
pfnu8r    Fenice-Ultra                      173 feu_____
pfnuo8r   Fenice-UltraOblique               173 feuo____
pctb8rc   Cheltenham-BoldCond               174 chbc____
pctbi8rc  Cheltenham-BoldCondItalic         174 chbci___
pctl8rc   Cheltenham-LightCond              174 chlc____
pctli8rc  Cheltenham-LightCondItalic        174 chlci___
pctu8rc   Cheltenham-UltraCond              174 chuc____
pctui8rc  Cheltenham-UltraCondItalic        174 chuci___
pctk8rc   Cheltenham-BookCond               174 chwc____
pctki8rc  Cheltenham-BookCondItalic         174 chwci___
phrb8r    HelveticaRounded-Bold             175 heb_____
phrb8rc   HelveticaRounded-BoldCond         175 hebc____
phrbo8rc  HelveticaRounded-BoldCondObl      175 hebco___
phrc8r    HelveticaRounded-Black            175 hebl____
phrco8r   HelveticaRounded-BlackObl         175 heblo___
phrbo8r   HelveticaRounded-BoldObl          175 hebo____
pehra8r   DINEngschrift-Alternate           176 dinea___
pehr8r    DINEngschrift                     176 dinen___
pm6ra8r   DINMittelschrift-Alternate        176 dinma___
pm6r8r    DINMittelschrift                  176 dinmi___
pzgb8rc   DINNeuzeitGrotesk-BoldCond        176 dngbc___
pzgl8r    DINNeuzeitGrotesk-Light           176 dngl____
psnh8r    Spartan-HeavyClassified           177 sqhcl___
psnk8r    Spartan-BookClassified            177 sqwcl___
pugb8r    BenguiatGothic-Bold               178 beb_____
pugbo8r   BenguiatGothic-BoldOblique        178 bebo____
pugh8r    BenguiatGothic-Heavy              178 beh_____
pugho8r   BenguiatGothic-HeavyOblique       178 beho____
pugm8r    BenguiatGothic-Medium             178 bem_____
pugmo8r   BenguiatGothic-MediumOblique      178 bemo____
pugk8r    BenguiatGothic-Book               178 bew_____
pugko8r   BenguiatGothic-BookOblique        178 bewo____
ptmx8r    Times-ExtraBold                   179 tieb____
ptms8r    Times-Semibold                    179 tisb____
ptmsi8r   Times-SemiboldItalic              179 tisbi___
pacb8r    ACaslon-Bold                      180 awb_____
pacbi8r   ACaslon-BoldItalic                180 awbi____
pacri8r   ACaslon-Italic                    180 awi_____
pacr8r    ACaslon-Regular                   180 awrg____
pacs8r    ACaslon-Semibold                  180 awsb____
pacsi8r   ACaslon-SemiboldItalic            180 awsbi___
pacb7a    ACaslon-AltBold                   181 awab____
pacbi7a   ACaslon-AltBoldItalic             181 awabi___
pacri7a   ACaslon-AltItalic                 181 awai____
pacr7a    ACaslon-AltRegular                181 awarg___
pacs7a    ACaslon-AltSemibold               181 awasb___
pacsi7a   ACaslon-AltSemiboldItalic         181 awasi___
pacbij8r  ACaslon-BoldItalicOsF             181 awbio___
pacbj8r   ACaslon-BoldOsF                   181 awbos___
pacrij8r  ACaslon-ItalicOsF                 181 awio____
pacrp     ACaslon-Ornaments                 181 awor____
pacsc8r   ACaslon-SemiboldSC                181 awsbs___
pacrc8r   ACaslon-RegularSC                 181 awsc____
pacsic8r  ACaslon-SemiboldItalicOsF         181 awsis___
pacsiw7a  ACaslon-SwashSemiboldItalic       181 awssb___
pacbiw7a  ACaslon-SwashBoldItalic           181 awswb___
pacriw7a  ACaslon-SwashItalic               181 awswi___
pacb8x    ACaslonExp-Bold                   181 axb_____
pacbi8x   ACaslonExp-BoldItalic             181 axbi____
pacri8x   ACaslonExp-Italic                 181 axi_____
pacr8x    ACaslonExp-Regular                181 axrg____
pacs8x    ACaslonExp-Semibold               181 axsb____
pacsi8x   ACaslonExp-SemiboldItalic         181 axsbi___
phnj8rx   HelveticaNeue-UltraLigExt         182 hlav____
phnjo8rx  HelveticaNeue-UltraLigExtObl      182 hlavo___
phnc8rx   HelveticaNeue-BlackExt            182 hlzv____
phnco8rx  HelveticaNeue-BlackExtObl         182 hlzvo___
phnb8rx   HelveticaNeue-BoldExt             183 hlbv____
phnbo8rx  HelveticaNeue-BoldExtObl          183 hlbvo___
phna8rx   HelveticaNeue-ThinExt             183 hltv____
phnao8rx  HelveticaNeue-ThinExtObl          183 hltvo___
phnx8rx   HelveticaNeue-Extended            183 hlv_____
phnxo8rx  HelveticaNeue-ExtendedObl         183 hlvo____
phnh8rx   HelveticaNeue-HeavyExt            184 hlhv____
phnho8rx  HelveticaNeue-HeavyExtObl         184 hlhvo___
phnl8rx   HelveticaNeue-LightExt            184 hllv____
phnlo8rx  HelveticaNeue-LightExtObl         184 hllvo___
phnm8rx   HelveticaNeue-MediumExt           184 hlmv____
phnmo8rx  HelveticaNeue-MediumExtObl        184 hlmvo___
pshb8r    Shannon-Bold                      185 sbb_____
pshx8r    Shannon-ExtraBold                 185 sbeb____
pshro8r   Shannon-Oblique                   185 sbo_____
pshk8r    Shannon-Book                      185 sbw_____
pbbx8r    Bembo-ExtraBold                   186 bmeb____
pbbxi8r   Bembo-ExtraBoldItalic             186 bmebi___
pbbs8r    Bembo-Semibold                    186 bmsb____
pbbsi8r   Bembo-SemiboldItalic              186 bmsbi___
pggr8r    GarthGraphic                      187 gh______
pggb8r    GarthGraphic-Bold                 187 ghb_____
pggb8rc   GarthGraphic-BoldCondensed        187 ghbc____
pggbi8r   GarthGraphic-BoldItalic           187 ghbi____
pggr8rc   GarthGraphic-Condensed            187 ghc_____
pggx8r    GarthGraphic-ExtraBold            187 gheb____
pggri8r   GarthGraphic-Italic               187 ghi_____
pggc8r    GarthGraphic-Black                187 ghz_____
phnj8rc   HelveticaNeue-UltraLigCond        188 hla_____
phnjo8rc  HelveticaNeue-UltraLigCondObl     188 hlao____
phnx8rc   HelveticaNeue-ExtBlackCond        188 hlj_____
phnxo8rc  HelveticaNeue-ExtBlackCondObl     188 hljo____
phnc8rc   HelveticaNeue-BlackCond           188 hlzc____
phnco8rc  HelveticaNeue-BlackCondObl        188 hlzco___
phnb8rc   HelveticaNeue-BoldCond            189 hlbc____
phnbo8rc  HelveticaNeue-BoldCondObl         189 hlbco___
phnr8rc   HelveticaNeue-Condensed           189 hlc_____
phnro8rc  HelveticaNeue-CondensedObl        189 hlco____
phna8rc   HelveticaNeue-ThinCond            189 hltc____
phnao8rc  HelveticaNeue-ThinCondObl         189 hltco___
phnh8rc   HelveticaNeue-HeavyCond           190 hlhc____
phnho8rc  HelveticaNeue-HeavyCondObl        190 hlhco___
phnl8rc   HelveticaNeue-LightCond           190 hllc____
phnlo8rc  HelveticaNeue-LightCondObl        190 hllco___
phnm8rc   HelveticaNeue-MediumCond          190 hlmc____
phnmo8rc  HelveticaNeue-MediumCondObl       190 hlmco___
punx8r    Univers-ExtraBlack                191 uvf_____
punxo8r   Univers-ExtraBlackObl             191 uvfo____
punj8rc   Univers-LightUltraCondensed       191 uvluc___
puna8rc   Univers-ThinUltraCondensed        191 uvtuc___
punu8r    Univers-UltraCondensed            191 uvuc____
pglc8r    Galliard-Black                    192 glbl____
pglci8r   Galliard-BlackItalic              192 glbli___
pglu8r    Galliard-Ultra                    192 glu_____
pglui8r   Galliard-UltraItalic              192 glui____
pg3bij8r  GaramondThree-BoldItalicOsF       193 gmbio___
pg3bj8r   GaramondThree-BoldSC              193 gmbsc___
pg3rij8r  GaramondThree-ItalicOsF           193 gmio____
pg3rc8r   GaramondThree-SC                  193 gmsc____
ptmbij8r  Times-BoldItalicOsF               194 tibio___
ptmbc8r   Times-BoldSC                      194 tibsc___
ptmrij8r  Times-ItalicOsF                   194 tiio____
ptmrc8r   Times-RomanSC                     194 tirsc___
pddr8r    DucDeBerry                        195 du______
pddra8r   DucDeBerry-Dfr                    195 dudfr___
phcr8r    Herculanum                        195 herc____
pomr8r    Omnia                             195 omni____
pttbij8r  TimesTen-BoldItalicOsF            196 ttbio___
pttbj8r   TimesTen-BoldOsF                  196 ttbof___
pttrij8r  TimesTen-ItalicOsF                196 ttiof___
pttrc8r   TimesTen-RomanSC                  196 ttrsc___
psbbij8r  Sabon-BoldItalicOsF               197 sabio___
psbbj8r   Sabon-BoldOsF                     197 sabof___
psbrij8r  Sabon-ItalicOsF                   197 saiof___
psbrc8r   Sabon-RomanSC                     197 sarsc___
pwbbij8r  WalbaumBook-BoldItalicOsF         198 wbbio___
pwbbi8x   WalbaumBook-BoldItalicExpert      198 wbbix___
pwbbj8r   WalbaumBook-BoldOsF               198 wbbos___
pwbb8x    WalbaumBook-BoldExpert            198 wbbxp___
pwbrij8r  WalbaumBook-ItalicOsF             198 wbios___
pwbri8x   WalbaumBook-ItalicExpert          198 wbixp___
pwbmij8r  WalbaumBook-MdItalicOsF           198 wbmio___
pwbmi8x   WalbaumBook-MdItalicExpert        198 wbmix___
pwbmc8r   WalbaumBook-MediumSC              198 wbmsc___
pwbm8x    WalbaumBook-MdExpert              198 wbmxp___
pwbr8x    WalbaumBook-RegularExpert         198 wbrgx___
pwbrc8r   WalbaumBook-RegularSC             198 wbsc____
pubbij8r  BauerBodoni-BoldItalicOsF         199 bbbio___
pubbj8r   BauerBodoni-BoldOsF               199 bbbof___
pubrij8r  BauerBodoni-ItalicOsF             199 bbiof___
pubrc8r   BauerBodoni-RomanSC               199 bbrsc___
pmhr8r    Machine                           200 ma______
pmhb8r    Machine-Bold                      200 mab_____
pr1r8r    RotisSemiSerif                    201 rf______
pr1b8r    RotisSemiSerif-Bold               201 rfb_____
pror8r    RotisSerif                        201 rg______
prob8r    RotisSerif-Bold                   201 rgb_____
prori8r   RotisSerif-Italic                 201 rgi_____
pr3r8r    RotisSemiSans                     202 rc______
pr3b8r    RotisSemiSans-Bold                202 rcb_____
pr3x8r    RotisSemiSans-ExtraBold           202 rceb____
pr3ri8r   RotisSemiSans-Italic              202 rci_____
pr3l8r    RotisSemiSans-Light               202 rcl_____
pr3li8r   RotisSemiSans-LightItalic         202 rcli____
pr4r8r    RotisSansSerif                    203 rb______
pr4b8r    RotisSansSerif-Bold               203 rbb_____
pr4x8r    RotisSansSerif-ExtraBold          203 rbeb____
pr4ri8r   RotisSansSerif-Italic             203 rbi_____
pr4l8r    RotisSansSerif-Light              203 rbl_____
pr4li8r   RotisSansSerif-LightItalic        203 rbli____
pjnbij8r  JansonText-BoldItalicOsF          204 jtbio___
pjnbj8r   JansonText-BoldOsF                204 jtbof___
pjnrij8r  JansonText-ItalicOsF              204 jtiof___
pjnrc8r   JansonText-RomanSC                204 jtrsc___
pgjr8r    Granjon                           205 gr______
pgjb8r    Granjon-Bold                      205 grb_____
pgjri8r   Granjon-Italic                    205 gri_____
pcebij8r  Centennial-BoldItalicOsF          206 cibio___
pcebj8r   Centennial-BoldOsF                206 cibof___
pcerij8r  Centennial-ItalicOsF              206 ciiof___
pcelij8r  Centennial-LightItalicOsF         206 cilio___
pcelc8r   Centennial-LightSC                206 cilsc___
pcerc8r   Centennial-RomanSC                206 cirsc___
pcecij8r  Centennial-BlackItalicOsF         206 cizio___
pcecj8r   Centennial-BlackOsF               206 cizof___
ppnr8r    Plantin                           207 pl______
ppnb8r    Plantin-Bold                      207 plb_____
ppnbi8r   Plantin-BoldItalic                207 plbi____
ppnri8r   Plantin-Italic                    207 pli_____
pteb8r    TimesEuropa-Bold                  208 tub_____
ptebi8r   TimesEuropa-BoldItalic            208 tubi____
pteri8r   TimesEuropa-Italic                208 tui_____
pter8r    TimesEuropa-Roman                 208 tur_____
pgjbj8r   Granjon-BoldOsF                   209 grbos___
pgjrij8r  Granjon-ItalicOsF                 209 grios___
pgjrc8r   Granjon-SC                        209 grsc____
ptvbij8r  TrumpMediaeval-BoldItalicOsF      210 tmbio___
ptvbj8r   TrumpMediaeval-BoldOsF            210 tmbos___
ptvrij8r  TrumpMediaeval-ItalicOsF          210 tmios___
ptvrc8r   TrumpMediaeval-SC                 210 tmsc____
pbsr8r    BakerSignet                       211 ba______
picr8r    Impact                            211 impa____
pagb8r    AvantGarde-Bold                   212 agb_____
pagbo8r   AvantGarde-BoldObl                212 agbo____
pagi8r    AvantGarde-ExtraLight             212 agel____
pagio8r   AvantGarde-ExtraLightObl          212 agelo___
pagm8r    AvantGarde-Medium                 212 agm_____
pagmo8r   AvantGarde-MediumObl              212 agmo____
pplbij8r  Palatino-BoldItalicOsF            213 pobio___
pplbj8r   Palatino-BoldOsF                  213 pobos___
pplrij8r  Palatino-ItalicOsF                213 poios___
pplrc8r   Palatino-SC                       213 posc____
pndbij8r  NewCaledonia-BoldItalicOsF        214 nlbio___
pndbc8r   NewCaledonia-BoldSC               214 nlbsc___
pndrij8r  NewCaledonia-ItalicOsF            214 nlios___
pndrc8r   NewCaledonia-SC                   214 nlsc____
pppb8r    Perpetua-Bold                     215 ptb_____
pppbi8r   Perpetua-BoldItalic               215 ptbi____
pppri8r   Perpetua-Italic                   215 pti_____
pppr8r    Perpetua                          215 ptrg____
pilb8r    Caecilia-Bold                     216 ecb_____
pilbi8r   Caecilia-BoldItalic               216 ecbi____
pilbij8r  Caecilia-BoldItalicOsF            216 ecbio___
pilbj8r   Caecilia-BoldOsF                  216 ecbos___
pilh8r    Caecilia-Heavy                    216 ech_____
pilhi8r   Caecilia-HeavyItalic              216 echi____
pilhij8r  Caecilia-HeavyItalicOsF           216 echio___
pilhj8r   Caecilia-HeavyOsF                 216 echos___
pilri8r   Caecilia-Italic                   216 eci_____
pilrij8r  Caecilia-ItalicOsF                216 ecios___
pill8r    Caecilia-Light                    216 ecl_____
pilli8r   Caecilia-LightItalic              216 ecli____
pillij8r  Caecilia-LightItalicOsF           216 eclio___
pillj8r   Caecilia-LightOsF                 216 eclos___
pilr8r    Caecilia-Roman                    216 ecr_____
pilrj8r   Caecilia-RomanOsF                 216 ecros___
pimx8r    Imago-ExtraBold                   217 ioeb____
pimxi8r   Imago-ExtraBoldItalic             217 ioebi___
piml8r    Imago-Light                       217 iol_____
pimli8r   Imago-LightItalic                 217 ioli____
pimm8r    Imago-Medium                      217 iom_____
pimmi8r   Imago-MediumItalic                217 iomi____
pimk8r    Imago-Book                        217 iow_____
pimki8r   Imago-BookItalic                  217 iowi____
pfab8r    Formata-Bold                      218 fmb_____
pfabi8r   Formata-BoldItalic                218 fmbi____
pfari8r   Formata-Italic                    218 fmi_____
pfal8r    Formata-Light                     218 fml_____
pfali8r   Formata-LightItalic               218 fmli____
pfam8r    Formata-Medium                    218 fmm_____
pfami8r   Formata-MediumItalic              218 fmmi____
pfar8r    Formata-Regular                   218 fmrg____
pnfb8r    Nofret-Bold                       219 nfb_____
pnfbi8r   Nofret-BoldItalic                 219 nfbi____
pnfri8r   Nofret-Italic                     219 nfi_____
pnfl8r    Nofret-Light                      219 nfl_____
pnfli8r   Nofret-LightItalic                219 nfli____
pnfm8r    Nofret-Medium                     219 nfm_____
pnfmi8r   Nofret-MediumItalic               219 nfmi____
pnfr8r    Nofret-Regular                    219 nfrg____
ppnb8rc   Plantin-BoldCondensed             220 plbc____
ppnl8r    Plantin-Light                     220 pll_____
ppnli8r   Plantin-LightItalic               220 plli____
ppns8r    Plantin-Semibold                  220 plsb____
ppnsi8r   Plantin-SemiboldItalic            220 plsbi___
pbrb8r    Berling-Bold                      221 bnb_____
pbrbi8r   Berling-BoldItalic                221 bnbi____
pbrri8r   Berling-Italic                    221 bni_____
pbrr8r    Berling-Roman                     221 bnr_____
pcyb8r    City-Bold                         222 tzb_____
pcybi8r   City-BoldItalic                   222 tzbi____
pcyl8r    City-Light                        222 tzl_____
pcyli8r   City-LightItalic                  222 tzli____
pcym8r    City-Medium                       222 tzm_____
pcymi8r   City-MediumItalic                 222 tzmi____
paur8r    Auriol                            223 al______
paub8r    Auriol-Bold                       223 alb_____
paubi8r   Auriol-BoldItalic                 223 albi____
pauc8r    Auriol-Black                      223 albl____
pauci8r   Auriol-BlackItalic                223 albli___
pauri8r   Auriol-Italic                     223 ali_____
ptbb8r    BodoniBE-Bold                     224 bpb_____
ptbbi8r   BodoniBE-BoldItalic               224 bpbi____
ptbri8r   BodoniBE-Italic                   224 bpi_____
ptbl8r    BodoniBE-Light                    224 bpl_____
ptbli8r   BodoniBE-LightItalic              224 bpli____
ptbm8r    BodoniBE-Medium                   224 bpm_____
ptbmi8r   BodoniBE-MediumItalic             224 bpmi____
ptbr8r    BodoniBE-Regular                  224 bprg____
pegbij8r  StempelGaramond-BoldItalicOsF     225 gsbio___
pegbj8r   StempelGaramond-BoldOsF           225 gsbof___
pegrij8r  StempelGaramond-ItalicOsF         225 gsiof___
pegrc8r   StempelGaramond-RomanSC           225 gsrsc___
pnbbij8r  NewBaskerville-BoldItalicOsF      226 nbbio___
pnbbj8r   NewBaskerville-BoldSC             226 nbbsc___
pnbrij8r  NewBaskerville-ItalicOsF          226 nbio____
pnbrc8r   NewBaskerville-SC                 226 nbsc____
pgybij8r  Goudy-BoldItalicOsF               227 gobio___
pgyb8r    Goudy-BoldOsF                     227 gobos___
pgyrij8r  Goudy-ItalicOsF                   227 goios___
pgyrc8r   Goudy-SC                          227 gosc____
phnbl8r   HelveticaNeue-BoldOutline         228 hlbou___
pcvra8r   Clairvaux-Dfr                     229 aodfr___
pcvr8r    Clairvaux                         229 aor_____
pc0ra8r   Carolina-Dfr                      229 kldfr___
pc0r8r    Carolina                          229 klr_____
ps0ra8r   SanMarco-Dfr                      229 sjdfr___
ps0r8r    SanMarco                          229 sjr_____
pvjb8r    Veljovic-Bold                     230 vlb_____
pvjbi8r   Veljovic-BoldItalic               230 vlbi____
pvjc8r    Veljovic-Black                    230 vlbl____
pvjci8r   Veljovic-BlackItalic              230 vlbli___
pvjm8r    Veljovic-Medium                   230 vlm_____
pvjmi8r   Veljovic-MediumItalic             230 vlmi____
pvjk8r    Veljovic-Book                     230 vlw_____
pvjki8r   Veljovic-BookItalic               230 vlwi____
pscb8r    Slimbach-Bold                     231 spb_____
pscbi8r   Slimbach-BoldItalic               231 spbi____
pscc8r    Slimbach-Black                    231 spbl____
pscci8r   Slimbach-BlackItalic              231 spbli___
pscm8r    Slimbach-Medium                   231 spm_____
pscmi8r   Slimbach-MediumItalic             231 spmi____
psck8r    Slimbach-Book                     231 spw_____
pscki8r   Slimbach-BookItalic               231 spwi____
pbvri8r   BaskervilleBook-Italic            232 bti_____
pbvm8r    BaskervilleBook-Medium            232 btm_____
pbvmi8r   BaskervilleBook-MedItalic         232 btmi____
pbvr8r    BaskervilleBook-Regular           232 btrg____
murb8r    CentaurMT-Bold                    233 nrb_____
murbi8r   CentaurMT-BoldItalic              233 nrbi____
murri8r   CentaurMT-Italic                  233 nri_____
murria8r  CentaurMT-ItalicA                 233 nria____
murr8r    CentaurMT                         233 nrr_____
phvr7f    Helvetica-Fraction                234 hvfr____
phvb7f    Helvetica-FractionBold            234 hvfrb___
pncr7f    NewCenturySchlbk-Fraction         234 ncfr____
pncb7f    NewCenturySchlbk-FractionBold     234 ncfrb___
pilbic8r  Caecilia-BoldItalicSC             235 ecbis___
pilbc8r   Caecilia-BoldSC                   235 ecbsc___
pilhic8r  Caecilia-HeavyItalicSC            235 echis___
pilhc8r   Caecilia-HeavySC                  235 echsc___
pilric8r  Caecilia-ItalicSC                 235 ecisc___
pillc8r   Caecilia-LightItalicSC            235 eclis___
pillic8r  Caecilia-LightSC                  235 eclsc___
pilrc8r   Caecilia-RomanSC                  235 ecrsc___
mjob8r    JoannaMT-Bold                     236 job_____
mjobi8r   JoannaMT-BoldItalic               236 jobi____
mjox8r    JoannaMT-ExtraBold                236 joeb____
mjori8r   JoannaMT-Italic                   236 joi_____
mjor8r    JoannaMT                          236 jor_____
mjos8r    JoannaMT-SemiBold                 236 josb____
mjosi8r   JoannaMT-SemiBoldItalic           236 josbi___
ppi017    LHolidayPi-One                    237 holi1___
ppi018    LHolidayPi-Two                    237 holi2___
ppi019    LHolidayPi-Three                  237 holi3___
ppi011    LDecorationPi-One                 238 deco1___
ppi012    LDecorationPi-Two                 238 deco2___
po7r8r    OldStyleSeven                     239 os______
po7ri8r   OldStyleSeven-Italic              239 osi_____
po7rij8r  OldStyleSeven-ItalicOsF           239 osios___
po7rc8r   OldStyleSeven-SC                  239 ossc____
ppi013    LGamePi-ChessDraughts             240 gamcd___
ppi014    LGamePi-DiceDominoes              240 gamdd___
ppi015    LGamePi-EnglishCards              240 gamec___
ppi016    LGamePi-FrenchCards               240 gamfc___
pc5rij8r  CaslonFiveForty-ItalicOsF         241 cfiof___
pc5rc8r   CaslonFiveForty-RomanSC           241 cfrsc___
pc3rij8r  CaslonThree-ItalicOsF             241 ctiof___
pc3rc8r   CaslonThree-RomanSC               241 ctrsc___
mgtr8r    GoudyTextMT                       242 gx______
mgtr7a    GoudyTextMT-Alternate             242 gxalt___
mgtra8r   GoudyTextMT-Dfr                   242 gxdfr___
mgtrd8r   GoudyTextMT-LombardicCapitals     242 gxlom___
pefb8r    EgyptienneF-Bold                  243 efb_____
pefc8r    EgyptienneF-Black                 243 efbl____
pefri8r   EgyptienneF-Italic                243 efi_____
pefr8r    EgyptienneF-Roman                 243 efr_____
pwkb8r    Wilke-Bold                        244 wlb_____
pwkbi8r   Wilke-BoldItalic                  244 wlbi____
pwkc8r    Wilke-Black                       244 wlbl____
pwkci8r   Wilke-BlackItalic                 244 wlbli___
pwkri8r   Wilke-Italic                      244 wli_____
pwkr8r    Wilke-Roman                       244 wlr_____
ppxb8r    PopplPontifexBE-Bold              245 pjb_____
ppxri8r   PopplPontifexBE-Italic            245 pji_____
ppxm8r    PopplPontifexBE-Medium            245 pjm_____
ppxm8rc   PopplPontifexBE-MediumCn          245 pjmc____
ppxr8r    PopplPontifexBE-Regular           245 pjrg____
mtlr8r    CastellarMT                       246 el______
malr8r    AlbertusMT                        246 lr______
malri8r   AlbertusMT-Italic                 246 lri_____
mall8r    AlbertusMT-Light                  246 lrl_____
pgvb8r    Giovanni-Bold                     247 gvb_____
pgvbi8r   Giovanni-BoldItalic               247 gvbi____
pgvc8r    Giovanni-Black                    247 gvbl____
pgvci8r   Giovanni-BlackItalic              247 gvbli___
pgvk8r    Giovanni-Book                     247 gvw_____
pgvki8r   Giovanni-BookItalic               247 gvwi____
pazbi8rx  AkzidenzGroteskBE-BoldExIt        248 gfbei___
pazb8rx   AkzidenzGroteskBE-BoldEx          248 gfbv____
pazr8rx   AkzidenzGroteskBE-Ex              248 gfex____
pazl8rx   AkzidenzGroteskBE-LightEx         248 gflex___
pazm8rx   AkzidenzGroteskBE-MdEx            248 gfmex___
p__b8r    AGOldFace-Bold                    249 qwb_____
p__bl8r   AGOldFace-BoldOutline             249 qwbou___
p__m8r    AGOldFace-Medium                  249 qwm_____
p__rl8r   AGOldFace-Outline                 249 qwou____
p__r8r    AGOldFace-Regular                 249 qwrg____
p__rh8r   AGOldFace-Shaded                  249 qwsh____
p__b8r    GaramondBE-Bold                   250 gwb_____
p__r8rc   GaramondBE-Condensed              250 gwc_____
p__ri8r   GaramondBE-Italic                 250 gwi_____
p__m8r    GaramondBE-Medium                 250 gwm_____
p__m8rc   GaramondBE-MediumCn               250 gwmc____
p__mi8r   GaramondBE-MediumItalic           250 gwmi____
p__r8r    GaramondBE-Regular                250 gwrg____
pgub8r    Guardi-Bold                       251 gub_____
pgubi8r   Guardi-BoldItalic                 251 gubi____
pguc8r    Guardi-Black                      251 gubl____
pguci8r   Guardi-BlackItalic                251 gubli___
pguri8r   Guardi-Italic                     251 gui_____
pgur8r    Guardi-Roman                      251 gur_____
pkbc8r    Kabel-Black                       252 kabl____
pkbh8r    Kabel-Heavy                       252 kah_____
pkbl8r    Kabel-Light                       252 kal_____
pkbk8r    Kabel-Book                        252 kaw_____
ppi009    LAstrologyPi-One                  253 astr1___
ppi010    LAstrologyPi-Two                  253 astr2___
pprl8r    PopplResidenz-Light               254 pzl_____
pprr8r    PopplResidenz-Regular             254 pzrg____
pstr5a    StoneSerif-PhoneticAlternate      255 srpa____
pstr5i    StoneSerif-PhoneticIPA            255 srpi____
ps8r5a    StoneSans-PhoneticAlternate       255 sspa____
ps8r5i    StoneSans-PhoneticIPA             255 sspi____
prnb8r    Rotation-Bold                     256 rnb_____
prnri8r   Rotation-Italic                   256 rni_____
prnr8r    Rotation-Roman                    256 rnr_____
pasri8r   Aldus-Italic                      257 afi_____
pasrij8r  Aldus-ItalicOsF                   257 afiof___
pasr8r    Aldus-Roman                       257 afr_____
pasrc8r   Aldus-RomanSC                     257 afrsc___
mlir8rc   LatinMT-Condensed                 258 lnc_____
moxr8r    OnyxMT                            258 ox______
mrur8rc   RunicMT-Condensed                 258 ric_____
p__b8r    Colossalis-Bold                   259 kob_____
p__c8r    Colossalis-Black                  259 kobl____
p__m8r    Colossalis-Medium                 259 kom_____
p__r8r    Colossalis-Regular                259 korg____
p__mw8r   BertholdScript-Medium             260 qrm_____
p__rw8r   BertholdScript-Regular            260 qrrg____
pqsrw8r   Bellevue                          260 qsrg____
pqtrw8r   Boulevard                         260 qtrg____
pfr8brc   Frutiger-BoldCn                   261 ftbc____
pfrc8rc   Frutiger-BlackCn                  261 ftblc___
pfrr8rc   Frutiger-Cn                       261 ftc_____
pfrx8rc   Frutiger-ExtraBlackCn             261 ftebc___
pfrl8rc   Frutiger-LightCn                  261 ftlc____
pflb8r    Flora-Bold                        262 fab_____
pflm8r    Flora-Medium                      262 fam_____
metri8r   EhrhardtMT-Italic                 263 ehi_____
metr8r    EhrhardtMT-Regular                263 ehrg____
mets8r    EhrhardtMT-Semibold               263 ehsb____
metsi8r   EhrhardtMT-SemiboldItalic         263 ehsbi___
pppbij8r  Perpetua-BoldItalicOsF            264 ptbio___
pppbi8x   Perpetua-BoldItalicExp            264 ptbix___
pppbj8r   Perpetua-BoldOsF                  264 ptbos___
pppb8x    Perpetua-BoldExp                  264 ptbxp___
pppr8x    Perpetua-Exp                      264 ptexp___
ppprij8r  Perpetua-ItalicOsF                264 ptios___
pppri8x   Perpetua-ItalicExp                264 ptixp___
ppprc8r   Perpetua-SC                       264 ptsc____
ppxbj8r   PopplPontifexBE-BoldOsF           265 pjbos___
ppxb8x    PopplPontifexBE-BoldExp           265 pjbxp___
ppxrij8r  PopplPontifexBE-ItalicOsF         265 pjios___
ppxri8x   PopplPontifexBE-ItalicExp         265 pjixp___
ppxmc8rc  PopplPontifexBE-MediumCnSC        265 pjmcs___
ppxm8xc   PopplPontifexBE-MediumCnExp       265 pjmcx___
ppxmc8r   PopplPontifexBE-MediumSC          265 pjmsc___
ppxm8x    PopplPontifexBE-MediumExp         265 pjmxp___
ppxr8x    PopplPontifexBE-RegularExp        265 pjrgx___
ppxrc8r   PopplPontifexBE-RegularSC         265 pjrsc___
p__ri8r   ConcordeNova-Italic               266 nvi_____
p__rij8r  ConcordeNova-ItalicOsF            266 nviof___
p__ri8x   ConcordeNova-ItalicExp            266 nvixp___
p__m8r    ConcordeNova-Medium               266 nvm_____
p__mc8r   ConcordeNova-MediumSC             266 nvmsc___
p__m8x    ConcordeNova-MediumExp            266 nvmxp___
p__r8r    ConcordeNova-Regular              266 nvrg____
p__r8x    ConcordeNova-RegularExp           266 nvrgx___
p__rc8r   ConcordeNova-RegularSC            266 nvsc____
peib8r    Esprit-Bold                       267 esb_____
peibi8r   Esprit-BoldItalic                 267 esbi____
peici8r   Esprit-BlackItalic                267 esbli___
peim8r    Esprit-Medium                     267 esm_____
peimi8r   Esprit-MediumItalic               267 esmi____
peik8r    Esprit-Book                       267 esw_____
peiki8r   Esprit-BookItalic                 267 eswi____
peic8r    Esprit-Black                      267 esz_____
ptbbij8r  BodoniBE-BoldItalicOsF            268 bpbio___
ptbbi8x   BodoniBE-BoldItalicExp            268 bpbix___
ptbbj8r   BodoniBE-BoldOsF                  268 bpbof___
ptbb8x    BodoniBE-BoldExp                  268 bpbxp___
ptbrij8r  BodoniBE-ItalicOsF                268 bpiof___
ptbri8x   BodoniBE-ItalicExp                268 bpixp___
ptblij8r  BodoniBE-LightItalicOsF           268 bplio___
ptbli8x   BodoniBE-LightItalicExp           268 bplix___
ptblc8r   BodoniBE-LightSC                  268 bplsc___
ptbl8x    BodoniBE-LightExp                 268 bplxp___
ptbmij8r  BodoniBE-MediumItalicOsF          268 bpmio___
ptbmi8x   BodoniBE-MediumItalicExp          268 bpmix___
ptbmc8r   BodoniBE-MediumSC                 268 bpmsc___
ptbm8x    BodoniBE-MediumExp                268 bpmxp___
ptbr8x    BodoniBE-RegularExp               268 bprgx___
ptbrc8r   BodoniBE-RegularSC                268 bpsc____
melr8r    EllingtonMT                       269 ei______
melb8r    EllingtonMT-Bold                  269 eib_____
melbi8r   EllingtonMT-BoldItalic            269 eibi____
melx8r    EllingtonMT-ExtraBold             269 eieb____
melxi8r   EllingtonMT-ExtraBoldItalic       269 eiebi___
melri8r   EllingtonMT-Italic                269 eii_____
mell8r    EllingtonMT-Light                 269 eil_____
melli8r   EllingtonMT-LightItalic           269 eili____
pazb8rc   AkzidenzGroteskBE-BoldCn          270 gfbc____
pazr8rc   AkzidenzGroteskBE-Cn              270 gfc_____
pazx8r    AkzidenzGroteskBE-XBd             270 gfeb____
pazl8rc   AkzidenzGroteskBE-LightCn         270 gflc____
pazm8rc   AkzidenzGroteskBE-MdCn            270 gfmc____
pazmi8rc  AkzidenzGroteskBE-MdCnIt          270 gfmci___
pazx8rc   AkzidenzGroteskBE-XBdCn           270 gfxc____
pazxi8rc  AkzidenzGroteskBE-XBdCnIt         270 gfxci___
pptr8r    Present                           271 pr______
pptb8r    Present-Bold                      271 prb_____
pptb8rc   Present-BoldCondensed             271 prbc____
pptc8r    Present-Black                     271 prbl____
pptc8rc   Present-BlackCondensed            271 prblc___
pptr8rc   Present-Condensed                 271 prc_____
lvcb8r    VectoraLH-Bold                    272 vcb_____
lvcbi8r   VectoraLH-BoldItalic              272 vcbi____
lvcc8r    VectoraLH-Black                   272 vcbl____
lvcci8r   VectoraLH-BlackItalic             272 vcbli___
lvcri8r   VectoraLH-Italic                  272 vci_____
lvcl8r    VectoraLH-Light                   272 vcl_____
lvcli8r   VectoraLH-LightItalic             272 vcli____
lvcr8r    VectoraLH-Roman                   272 vcr_____
pbab8r    Barmeno-Bold                      273 bfb_____
pbax8r    Barmeno-ExtraBold                 273 bfeb____
pbam8r    Barmeno-Medium                    273 bfm_____
pbar8r    Barmeno-Regular                   273 bfrg____
p__x8r    Cosmos-ExtraBold                  274 kzeb____
p__l8r    Cosmos-Light                      274 kzl_____
p__li8r   Cosmos-LightItalic                274 kzli____
p__m8r    Cosmos-Medium                     274 kzm_____
pmyMMi8r  MyriadMM-It                       275 _mi_____
pmyMM8r   MyriadMM                          275 _mrg____
pmnMMi8r  MinionMM-It                       276 zgi_____
pmnMM8r   MinionMM                          276 zgrg____
pmnMMic8r MinionMM-ItSC                     277 zgisc___
pmnMMi8x  MinionMM-ItEp                     277 zgix____
pmnMMp    MinionMM-Or                       277 zgo_____
pmnMMc8r  MinionMM-SC                       277 zgsc____
pmnMMiw7a MinionMM-Sw                       277 zgsw____
pmnMM8x   MinionMM-Ep                       277 zgx_____
ptmr5a    Times-PhoneticAlternate           278 tipa____
ptmr5i    Times-PhoneticIPA                 278 tipi____
lpi003    AudioLH-Pi                        279 audi1___
lpi002    WarningLH-Pi                      279 warn1___
ppmri8r   PostMediaeval-Italic              280 pmi_____
ppmm8r    PostMediaeval-Medium              280 pmm_____
ppmr8r    PostMediaeval-Regular             280 pmrg____
lffb8r    FairfieldLH-Bold                  281 fdb_____
lffbi8r   FairfieldLH-BoldItalic            281 fdbi____
lffh8r    FairfieldLH-Heavy                 281 fdh_____
lffhi8r   FairfieldLH-HeavyItalic           281 fdhi____
lffl8r    FairfieldLH-Light                 281 fdl_____
lffli8r   FairfieldLH-LightItalic           281 fdli____
lffm8r    FairfieldLH-Medium                281 fdm_____
lffmi8r   FairfieldLH-MediumItalic          281 fdmi____
lffbd8r   FairfieldLH-CaptionBold           282 fdbcp___
lffbijw8r FairfieldLH-SwBoldItalicOsF       282 fdbio___
lffbc8r   FairfieldLH-BoldSC                282 fdbsc___
lffhd8r   FairfieldLH-CaptionHeavy          282 fdhcp___
lffhijw8r FairfieldLH-SwHeavyItalicOsF      282 fdhio___
lffhc8r   FairfieldLH-HeavySC               282 fdhsc___
lffld8r   FairfieldLH-CaptionLight          282 fdlcp___
lfflijw8r FairfieldLH-SwLightItalicOsF      282 fdlio___
lfflc8r   FairfieldLH-LightSC               282 fdlsc___
lffmd8r   FairfieldLH-CaptionMedium         282 fdmcp___
lffmijw8r FairfieldLH-SwMediumItalicOsF     282 fdmio___
lffmc8r   FairfieldLH-MediumSC              282 fdmsc___
lgzb8r    GazetteLH-Bold                    283 gzb_____
lgzri8r   GazetteLH-Italic                  283 gzi_____
lgzr8r    GazetteLH-Roman                   283 gzr_____
lcfb8r    ClearfaceGothicLH-Bold            284 fcb_____
lcfc8r    ClearfaceGothicLH-Black           284 fcbl____
lcfl8r    ClearfaceGothicLH-Light           284 fcl_____
lcfm8r    ClearfaceGothicLH-Medium          284 fcm_____
lcfr8r    ClearfaceGothicLH-Roman           284 fcr_____
pidb8r    Isadora-Bold                      285 irb_____
pidr8r    Isadora-Regular                   285 irrg____
pbax8r    Barmeno-ExtraBold                 286 bfeb____
pfarl8r   Formata-Outline                   286 fmou____
p__x8r    Cosmos-ExtraBold                  286 kzeb____
p__rh8r   AGOldFace-Shaded                  286 qwsh____
p__rn8r   AGBook-Stencil                    286 tast____
ltgb8rx   TradeGothicLH-BoldExtended        287 tgbv____
ltgr8rx   TradeGothicLH-Extended            287 tgv_____
mphb8r    PhotinaMT-Bold                    288 phb_____
mphbi8r   PhotinaMT-BoldItalic              288 phbi____
mphri8r   PhotinaMT-Italic                  288 phi_____
mphr8r    PhotinaMT                         288 phrg____
mphs8r    PhotinaMT-SemiBold                288 phsb____
mphsi8r   PhotinaMT-SemiBoldItalic          288 phsbi___
mphu8r    PhotinaMT-UltraBold               288 phub____
mphui8r   PhotinaMT-UltraBoldItalic         288 phubi___
mdsrw8r   DorchesterScriptMT                289 dsscr___
mp2rw8r   PepitaMT                          289 epscr___
mbfrw8r   BiffoMT                           289 ifscr___
ms2bw8r   ScriptMT-Bold                     289 tbscr___
lenb8r    EngraversLH-BoldFace              290 ew______
l__r8r    SerlioLH                          290 oi______
pplc8r    Palatino-Black                    291 pobl____
pplci8r   Palatino-BlackItalic              291 pobli___
ppll8r    Palatino-Light                    291 pol_____
pplli8r   Palatino-LightItalic              291 poli____
pplm8r    Palatino-Medium                   291 pom_____
pplmi8r   Palatino-MediumItalic             291 pomi____
pocrij8r  ConcordeBE-ItalicOsF              292 qqiof___
pocri8x   ConcordeBE-ItalicExp              292 qqixp___
pocmij8r  ConcordeBE-MediumItalicOsF        292 qqmio___
pocmi8x   ConcordeBE-MediumItalicExp        292 qqmix___
pocmc8r   ConcordeBE-MediumSC               292 qqmsc___
pocm8x    ConcordeBE-MediumExp              292 qqmxp___
pocrc8x   ConcordeBE-RegularExp             292 qqrgx___
pocr8r    ConcordeBE-RegularSC              292 qqsc____
mc8b8r    CalvertMT-Bold                    293 vtb_____
mc8l8r    CalvertMT-Light                   293 vtl_____
mc8r8r    CalvertMT                         293 vtrg____
mgqr8r    GrotesqueMT                       294 gq______
mgqb8r    GrotesqueMT-Bold                  294 gqb_____
mgqc8r    GrotesqueMT-Black                 294 gqbl____
mgqri8r   GrotesqueMT-Italic                294 gqi_____
mgql8r    GrotesqueMT-Light                 294 gql_____
mgqli8r   GrotesqueMT-LightItalic           294 gqli____
pckb8r    CaslonBookBE-Bold                 295 qxb_____
pckri8r   CaslonBookBE-Italic               295 qxi_____
pckm8r    CaslonBookBE-Medium               295 qxm_____
pckr8r    CaslonBookBE-Regular              295 qxrg____
pckbj8r   CaslonBookBE-BoldOsF              296 qxbof___
pckb8x    CaslonBookBE-BoldExp              296 qxbxp___
pckrij8r  CaslonBookBE-ItalicOsF            296 qxiof___
pckri8x   CaslonBookBE-ItalicExp            296 qxixp___
pckmc8r   CaslonBookBE-MediumSC             296 qxmsc___
pckm8x    CaslonBookBE-MediumExp            296 qxmxp___
pckr8x    CaslonBookBE-RegularExp           296 qxrgx___
pckrc8r   CaslonBookBE-RegularSC            296 qxsc____
mr2b8r    CantoriaMT-Bold                   297 eob_____
mr2bi8r   CantoriaMT-BoldItalic             297 eobi____
mr2ri8r   CantoriaMT-Italic                 297 eoi_____
mr2r8r    CantoriaMT                        297 eorg____
mr2x8r    CantoriaMT-ExtraBold              298 eoeb____
mr2xi8r   CantoriaMT-ExtraBoldItalic        298 eoebi___
mr2l8r    CantoriaMT-Light                  298 eol_____
mr2li8r   CantoriaMT-LightItalic            298 eoli____
mr2s8r    CantoriaMT-SemiBold               298 eosb____
mr2si8r   CantoriaMT-SemiBoldItalic         298 eosbi___
mgqb8rx   GrotesqueMT-BoldExtended          299 gqbv____
mgqr8rc   GrotesqueMT-Condensed             299 gqc_____
mgqr8rq   GrotesqueMT-ExtraCondensed        299 gqec____
mgql8rc   GrotesqueMT-LightCondensed        299 gqlc____
p_____    Poetica-ChanceryI                 300 pvch1___
p_____    Poetica-ChanceryII                300 pvch2___
p_____    Poetica-ChanceryIII               300 pvch3___
p_____    Poetica-ChanceryIV                300 pvch4___
p_____    Poetica-ChanceryExpert            300 pvchx___
p_____    Poetica-RomanSmallCapsAlt         300 pvrsa___
p_____    Poetica-RomanSmallCaps            300 pvrsc___
p_____    Poetica-SuppAmpersands            301 pvam____
p_____    Poetica-SuppInitialSwashCaps      301 pvisw___
p_____    Poetica-SuppLowercaseAltI         301 pvla1___
p_____    Poetica-SuppLowercaseAltII        301 pvla2___
p_____    Poetica-SuppLowercaseBegI         301 pvlb1___
p_____    Poetica-SuppLowercaseBegII        301 pvlb2___
p_____    Poetica-SuppLowercaseEndI         301 pvle1___
p_____    Poetica-SuppLowercaseEndII        301 pvle2___
p_____    Poetica-SuppLigatures             301 pvlg____
p_____    Poetica-SuppOrnaments             301 pvor____
p_____    Poetica-SuppSwashCapsI            301 pvsw1___
p_____    Poetica-SuppSwashCapsII           301 pvsw2___
p_____    Poetica-SuppSwashCapsIII          301 pvsw3___
p_____    Poetica-SuppSwashCapsIV           301 pvsw4___
msmr8x    SpectrumMT-Expert                 302 ekexp___
msmri8r   SpectrumMT-Italic                 302 eki_____
msmrij8r  SpectrumMT-ItalicOsF              302 ekio____
msmri8x   SpectrumMT-ItalicExpert           302 ekixp___
msmr8r    SpectrumMT                        302 ekrg____
msms8r    SpectrumMT-SemiBold               302 eksb____
msmsc8r   SpectrumMT-SemiBoldOsF            302 eksbo___
msms8x    SpectrumMT-SemiBoldExpert         302 eksbx___
msmrc8r   SpectrumMT-SC                     302 eksc____
p__b8r    AGBookRounded-Bold                303 kdb_____
p__b8rc   AGBookRounded-BoldCn              303 kdbc____
p__bl8rc  AGBookRounded-BoldCnOutline       303 kdbcl___
p__bl8r   AGBookRounded-BoldOutline         303 kdbou___
p__m8r    AGBookRounded-Medium              303 kdm_____
p__ml8r   AGBookRounded-MediumOutline       303 kdmou___
p__r8r    AGBookRounded-Regular             303 kdrg____
p__b8r    BodoniOldFaceBE-Bold              304 qvb_____
p__bi8r   BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldItalic        304 qvbi____
p__ri8r   BodoniOldFaceBE-Italic            304 qvi_____
p__m8r    BodoniOldFaceBE-Medium            304 qvm_____
p__mi8r   BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumItalic      304 qvmi____
p__r8r    BodoniOldFaceBE-Regular           304 qvrg____
mg4ri8r   GoudyModernMT-Italic              305 ygi_____
mg4r8r    GoudyModernMT                     305 ygrg____
ms1ri8r   ScotchRomanMT-Italic              305 ysi_____
ms1r8r    ScotchRomanMT                     305 ysrg____
p__ra8r   AGSchoolbook-RegularA             306 okarg___
p__m8r    AGSchoolbook-Medium               306 okm_____
p__ma8r   AGSchoolbook-MediumA              306 okma____
p__r8r    AGSchoolbook-Regular              306 okrg____
pbeb8r    BellGothic-Bold                   307 dgb_____
pbec8r    BellGothic-Black                  307 dgbl____
pbel8r    BellGothic-Light                  307 dgl_____
misb8r    ItalianOldStyleMT-Bold            308 ieb_____
misbi8r   ItalianOldStyleMT-BoldItalic      308 iebi____
misri8r   ItalianOldStyleMT-Italic          308 iei_____
misr8r    ItalianOldStyleMT                 308 ierg____
p__r8r    BellCentennial-Address            309 bladd___
p__ba8r   BellCentennial-BoldListingAlt     309 blbla___
p__b8r    BellCentennial-BoldListing        309 blbls___
p__r8r    BellCentennial-NameAndNumber      309 blnan___
p__r8r    BellCentennial-SubCaption         309 blscp___
p__bij8r  BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldItOsF         310 qvbio___
p__bi8x   BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldItExp         310 qvbix___
p__bj8r   BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldOsF           310 qvbos___
p__b8x    BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldExp           310 qvbxp___
p__ric8r  BodoniOldFaceBE-ItalicSC          310 qvisc___
p__ri8x   BodoniOldFaceBE-ItalicExp         310 qvixp___
p__mij8r  BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumItOsF       310 qvmio___
p__mi8x   BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumItExp       310 qvmix___
p__mc8r   BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumSC          310 qvmsc___
p__m8x    BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumExp         310 qvmxp___
p__r8x    BodoniOldFaceBE-RegularExp        310 qvrgx___
p__rc8r   BodoniOldFaceBE-RegularSC         310 qvrsc___
p__l8r    BerlinerGrotesk-Light             311 otl_____
p__m8r    BerlinerGrotesk-Medium            311 otm_____
mntb8rc   TimesNewRomanMT-BoldCond          312 mtbc____
mntr8rc   TimesNewRomanMT-Cond              312 mtc_____
mntri8rc  TimesNewRomanMT-CondItalic        312 mtci____
movr8x    OctavianMT-Expert                 313 ocexp___
movri8r   OctavianMT-Italic                 313 oci_____
movrij8r  OctavianMT-ItalicOsF              313 ocio____
movri8x   OctavianMT-ItalicExpert           313 ocixp___
movr8r    OctavianMT                        313 ocrg____
movrc8r   OctavianMT-SC                     313 ocsc____
p__b8r    Christiana-Bold                   314 hcb_____
p__bir    Christiana-BoldItalic             314 hcbi____
p__ri8r   Christiana-Italic                 314 hci_____
p__m8r    Christiana-Medium                 314 hcm_____
p__mi8r   Christiana-MediumItalic           314 hcmi____
p__r8r    Christiana-Regular                314 hcrg____
p__r8x    Christiana-RegularExpert          314 hcrgx___
p__rc8r   Christiana-RegularSC              314 hcsc____
pmnbz     MinionCyr-Bold                    315 mkb_____
pmnbiz    MinionCyr-BoldItalic              315 mkbi____
pmnriz    MinionCyr-Italic                  315 mki_____
pmnrz     MinionCyr-Regular                 315 mkrg____
pmnsz     MinionCyr-Semibold                315 mksb____
pmnsiz    MinionCyr-SemiboldItalic          315 mksbi___
ptbb8rc   BodoniBE-BoldCn                   316 bpbc____
ptbbi8rc  BodoniBE-BoldCnItalic             316 bpbci___
ptbr8rc   BodoniBE-Condensed                316 bpc_____
ptbri8rc  BodoniBE-CnItalic                 316 bpci____
ptbm8rc   BodoniBE-MediumCn                 316 bpmc____
ptbmi8rc  BodoniBE-MediumCnItalic           316 bpmci___
mfsr8r    FalstaffMT                        317 fprg____
mifb8r    InflexMT-Bold                     317 iqb_____
mm8bl8r   MonotypeOldStyleMT-BoldOut        317 mbbou___
pdjb8r    Delta-Bold                        318 djb_____
pdjbi8r   Delta-BoldItalic                  318 djbi____
pdjl8r    Delta-Light                       318 djl_____
pdjli8r   Delta-LightItalic                 318 djli____
pdjm8r    Delta-Medium                      318 djm_____
pdjmi8r   Delta-MediumItalic                318 djmi____
pdjrl8r   Delta-Outline                     318 djou____
pdjk8r    Delta-Book                        318 djw_____
pdjki8r   Delta-BookItalic                  318 djwi____
mnrrw8r   NewBerolinaMT                     319 _n______
mp1rw8r   PalaceScriptMT                    319 _p______
mp1sw8r   PalaceScriptMT-SemiBold           319 _psb____
mahrw8r   AshleyScriptMT                    319 le______
mm1rw8r   MonolineScriptMT                  319 on______
pbtb8r    Boton-Bold                        320 tnb_____
pbtbi8r   Boton-BoldItalic                  320 tnbi____
pbtri8r   Boton-Italic                      320 tni_____
pbtl8r    Boton-Light                       320 tnl_____
pbtli8r   Boton-LightItalic                 320 tnli____
pbtm8r    Boton-Medium                      320 tnm_____
pbtmi8r   Boton-MediumItalic                320 tnmi____
pbtr8r    Boton-Regular                     320 tnr_____
mfer8r    ForteMT                           321 fz______
mklr8r    KlangMT                           321 kn______
mmebw8r   MercuriusMT-BoldScript            321 uzbs____
ldob8r    DidotLH-Bold                      322 dob_____
ldobj8r   DidotLH-BoldOsF                   322 dobos___
ldod8r    DidotLH-Headline                  322 dohe____
ldodj8r   DidotLH-HeadlineOsF               322 dohes___
ldori8r   DidotLH-Italic                    322 doi_____
ldor7a    DidotLH-Initials                  322 doini___
ldorij8r  DidotLH-ItalicOsF                 322 doios___
ldorp1    DidotLH-OrnamentsOne              322 door1___
ldorp2    DidotLH-OrnamentsTwo              322 door2___
ldor8r    DidotLH-Roman                     322 dor_____
ldorj8r   DidotLH-RomanOsF                  322 doros___
ldorc8r   DidotLH-RomanSC                   322 dorsc___
pfab8rc   Formata-BoldCondensed             323 fmbc____
pfabi8rc  Formata-BoldCondensedItalic       323 fmbci___
pfar8rc   Formata-Condensed                 323 fmc_____
pfari8rc  Formata-CondensedItalic           323 fmci____
pfarl8rc  Formata-CondensedOutline          323 fmcou___
pfal8rc   Formata-LightCondensed            323 fmlc____
pfali8rc  Formata-LightCondensedItalic      323 fmlci___
pfam8rc   Formata-MediumCondensed           323 fmmc____
pfami8rc  Formata-MediumCondensedItalic     323 fmmci___
pebb8r    BaskervilleBE-Bold                324 vib_____
pebri8r   BaskervilleBE-Italic              324 vii_____
pebm8r    BaskervilleBE-Medium              324 vim_____
pebmi8r   BaskervilleBE-MediumItalic        324 vimi____
pebr8r    BaskervilleBE-Regular             324 virg____
pb6r8rc   BlockBE-Condensed                 325 lkc_____
pb6r8rq   BlockBE-ExtraCn                   325 lkec____
pb6ri8rq  BlockBE-ExtraCnIt                 325 lkeci___
pb6h8r    BlockBE-Heavy                     325 lkh_____
pb6ri8r   BlockBE-Italic                    325 lki_____
pb6r8r    BlockBE-Regular                   325 lkrg____
pllb8r    LinoLetter-Bold                   326 llb_____
pllbi8r   LinoLetter-BoldItalic             326 llbi____
pllc8r    LinoLetter-Black                  326 llbl____
pllci8r   LinoLetter-BlackItalic            326 llbli___
pllri8r   LinoLetter-Italic                 326 lli_____
pllm8r    LinoLetter-Medium                 326 llm_____
pllmi8r   LinoLetter-MediumItalic           326 llmi____
pllr8r    LinoLetter-Roman                  326 llr_____
p__b8r    ComeniusAntiqua-Bold              327 hzb_____
p__ri8r   ComeniusAntiqua-Italic            327 hzi_____
p__m8r    ComeniusAntiqua-Medium            327 hzm_____
p__r8r    ComeniusAntiqua-Regular           327 hzrg____
ppub8r    PopplLaudatio-Bold                328 pyb_____
ppubi8r   PopplLaudatio-BoldItalic          328 pybi____
ppuri8r   PopplLaudatio-Italic              328 pyi_____
ppul8r    PopplLaudatio-Light               328 pyl_____
ppuli8r   PopplLaudatio-LightItalic         328 pyli____
ppum8r    PopplLaudatio-Medium              328 pym_____
ppumi8r   PopplLaudatio-MediumItalic        328 pymi____
ppuri8r   PopplLaudatio-Regular             328 pyrg____
ppub8rc   PopplLaudatio-BoldCondensed       329 pybc____
ppur8rc   PopplLaudatio-Condensed           329 pyc_____
ppul8rc   PopplLaudatio-LightCondensed      329 pylc____
ppum8rc   PopplLaudatio-MediumCondensed     329 pymc____
pocb8rc   ConcordeBE-BoldCn                 330 qqbc____
pocbl8rc  ConcordeBE-BoldCnOutline          330 qqbcl___
pocr8rc   ConcordeBE-Condensed              330 qqc_____
pocm8rc   ConcordeBE-MediumCn               330 qqmc____
p__bj8r   GaramondBE-BoldOsF                331 gwbof___
p__b8x    GaramondBE-BoldExpert             331 gwbxp___
p__r8rc   GaramondBE-CondensedSC            331 gwcsc___
p__r8xc   GaramondBE-CnExpert               331 gwcxp___
p__rij8r  GaramondBE-ItalicOsF              331 gwiof___
p__ri8x   GaramondBE-ItalicExpert           331 gwixp___
p__mj8r   GaramondBE-MediumCnOsF            331 gwmcf___
p__m8x    GaramondBE-MediumCnExpert         331 gwmcx___
p__mij8r  GaramondBE-MediumItalicOsF        331 gwmio___
p__mi8x   GaramondBE-MediumItalicExpert     331 gwmix___
p__mc8r   GaramondBE-MediumSC               331 gwmsc___
p__m8x    GaramondBE-MediumExpert           331 gwmxp___
p__r8x    GaramondBE-RegularExpert          331 gwrgx___
p__rc8r   GaramondBE-RegularSC              331 gwsc____
p__riw8r  GaramondBE-SwashItalic            331 gwswi___
pdnb8r    DailyNews-Bold                    332 jdb_____
pdnbi8r   DailyNews-BoldItalic              332 jdbi____
pdnx8r    DailyNews-ExtraBold               332 jdeb____
pdnxi8r   DailyNews-ExtraBoldItalic         332 jdebi___
pdnri8r   DailyNews-Italic                  332 jdi_____
pdnm8r    DailyNews-Medium                  332 jdm_____
pdnmi8r   DailyNews-MediumItalic            332 jdmi____
pdnr8r    DailyNews-Regular                 332 jdrg____
murbij8r  CentaurMT-BoldItalicOsF           333 nrbio___
murbi8x   CentaurMT-BoldItalicExpert        333 nrbix___
murbj8r   CentaurMT-BoldOsF                 333 nrbof___
murb8x    CentaurMT-BoldExpert              333 nrbxp___
murr8x    CentaurMT-Expert                  333 nrexp___
murri7a   CentaurMT-ItalicAlternate         333 nrial___
murrij8r  CentaurMT-ItalicOsF               333 nrio____
murri8x   CentaurMT-ItalicExpert            333 nrixp___
murrc8r   CentaurMT-SC                      333 nrsc____
murriw8r  CentaurMT-SwashCapitals           333 nrswc___
mmob8r    ModernMT-Bold                     334 nmb_____
mmobi8r   ModernMT-BoldItalic               334 nmbi____
mmor8rc   ModernMT-Condensed                334 nmc_____
mmori8rc  ModernMT-CondensedItalic          334 nmci____
mmor8rx   ModernMT-Extended                 334 nmex____
mmori8rx  ModernMT-ExtendedItalic           334 nmexi___
mmor8rw   ModernMT-Wide                     334 nmwd____
mmori8rw  ModernMT-WideItalic               334 nmwdi___
p__b8r    ElseNPL-Bold                      335 enb_____
p__l8r    ElseNPL-Light                     335 enl_____
p__m8r    ElseNPL-Medium                    335 enm_____
p__s8r    ElseNPL-SemiBold                  335 ens_____
p__b8r    Tiepolo-Bold                      336 tpb_____
p__bi8r   Tiepolo-BoldItalic                336 tpbi____
p__c8r    Tiepolo-Black                     336 tpbl____
p__ci8r   Tiepolo-BlackItalic               336 tpbli___
p__k8r    Tiepolo-Book                      336 tpw_____
p__ki8r   Tiepolo-BookItalic                336 tpwi____
pfaric8rc Formata-CnItalicSC                337 fmcis___
pfari8xc  Formata-CnItalicExpert            337 fmcix___
pfarc8rc  Formata-CondensedSC               337 fmcsc___
pfar8xc   Formata-CondensedExpert           337 fmcxp___
pfaric8r  Formata-ItalicSC                  337 fmisc___
pfari8x   Formata-ItalicExpert              337 fmixp___
pfalc8rc  Formata-LightCnSC                 337 fmlcs___
pfalic8rc Formata-LightCnItalicSC           337 fmlct___
pfal8xc   Formata-LightCnExpert             337 fmlcx___
pfali8xc  Formata-LightCnItalicExpert       337 fmlcy___
pfalic8r  Formata-LightItalicSC             337 fmlis___
pfali8x   Formata-LightItalicExpert         337 fmlix___
pfalc8r   Formata-LightSC                   337 fmlsc___
pfal8x    Formata-LightExpert               337 fmlxp___
pfar8x    Formata-RegularExpert             337 fmrgx___
pfarc8r   Formata-RegularSC                 337 fmsc____
pnfbij8r  Nofret-BoldItalicOsF              338 nfbio___
pnfbi8x   Nofret-BoldItalicExpert           338 nfbix___
pnfbj8r   Nofret-BoldOsF                    338 nfbof___
pnfb8x    Nofret-BoldExpert                 338 nfbxp___
pnfrij8r  Nofret-ItalicOsF                  338 nfiof___
pnfri8x   Nofret-ItalicExpert               338 nfixp___
pnflij8r  Nofret-LightItalicOsF             338 nflio___
pnfli8x   Nofret-LightItalicExpert          338 nflix___
pnflc8r   Nofret-LightSC                    338 nflsc___
pnfl8x    Nofret-LightExpert                338 nflxp___
pnfmij8r  Nofret-MediumItalicOsF            338 nfmio___
pnfmi8x   Nofret-MediumItalicExpert         338 nfmix___
pnfmc8r   Nofret-MediumSC                   338 nfmsc___
pnfm8x    Nofret-MediumExpert               338 nfmxp___
pnfr8x    Nofret-RegularExpert              338 nfrgx___
pnfrc8r   Nofret-RegularSC                  338 nfsc____
p__r8r    Amigo                             339 ig______
p__r8r    Pelican                           339 lq______
pmgr8r    Marigold                          339 my______
pofr8r    Oxford                            339 of______
pvgr8r    Visigoth                          339 vg______
mapr8x    ApolloMT-Expert                   340 ezexp___
mapri8r   ApolloMT-Italic                   340 ezi_____
maprij8r  ApolloMT-ItalicOsF                340 eziof___
mapri8x   ApolloMT-ItalicExpert             340 ezixp___
mapr8r    ApolloMT                          340 ezr_____
maprc8r   ApolloMT-SC                       340 ezrsc___
maps8r    ApolloMT-SemiBold                 340 ezsb____
mapsj8r   ApolloMT-SemiBoldOsF              340 ezsbo___
maps8x    ApolloMT-SemiBoldExpert           340 ezsbx___
p__b8r    Catull-Bold                       341 qlb_____
p__ri8r   Catull-Italic                     341 qli_____
p__m8r    Catull-Medium                     341 qlm_____
p__r8r    Catull-Regular                    341 qlrg____
pagMMo8r  ITCAvantGardeMM-Oblique           342 zfi_____
pagMM8r   ITCAvantGardeMM                   342 zfrg____
mhob8r    HorleyOldStyleMT-Bold             343 hsb_____
mhobi8r   HorleyOldStyleMT-BoldItalic       343 hsbi____
mhori8r   HorleyOldStyleMT-Italic           343 hsi_____
mhol8r    HorleyOldStyleMT-Light            343 hsl_____
mholi8r   HorleyOldStyleMT-LightItalic      343 hsli____
mhor8r    HorleyOldStyleMT                  343 hsrg____
mhos8r    HorleyOldStyleMT-SemiBold         343 hssb____
mhosi8r   HorleyOldStyleMT-SbItalic         343 hssbi___
p__b8r    Cremona-Bold                      344 _cb_____
p__bi8r   Cremona-BoldItalic                344 _cbi____
p__ri8r   Cremona-Italic                    344 _ci_____
p__r8r    Cremona-Regular                   344 _crg____
pgsb8rq   GillSans-BoldExtraCondensed       345 gnbxc___
pgslh8r   GillSans-LightShadowed            345 gnls____
pgsrh8r   GillSans-Shadowed                 345 gns_____
pgsxd8r   GillSans-ExtraBoldDisplay         345 gnxbd___
p__b8r    LoType-Bold                       346 ljb_____
p__k8r    LoType-Light                      346 ljl_____
p__m8r    LoType-Medium                     346 ljm_____
p__m8rc   LoType-MediumCondensed            346 ljmc____
p__mi8r   LoType-MediumItalic               346 ljmi____
p__r8r    LoType-Regular                    346 ljrg____
mknr8r    KinoMT                            347 qi______
mwrr8r    WittenbergerFrakturMT             347 wf______
mwrb8r    WittenbergerFrakturMT-Bd          347 wfb_____
mwdba8r   WittenbergerFrakturMT-BdDfr       347 wfbdf___
mwdra8r   WittenbergerFrakturMT-Dfr         347 wfdfr___
mm7r8r    MaturaMT                          347 zz______
mm7rw8r   MaturaMT-ScriptCapitals           347 zzscc___
pllbij8r  LinoLetter-BoldItalicOsF          348 llbio___
pllbk8r   LinoLetter-BoldOsF                348 llbof___
pllbc8r   LinoLetter-BoldSC                 348 llbsc___
pllri8r   LinoLetter-ItalicOsF              348 lliof___
pllmij8r  LinoLetter-MediumItalicOsF        348 llmio___
pllmj8r   LinoLetter-MediumOsF              348 llmof___
pllmc8r   LinoLetter-MediumSC               348 llmsc___
pllrj8r   LinoLetter-RomanOsF               348 llros___
pllrc8r   LinoLetter-RomanSC                348 llrsc___
pllcij8r  LinoLetter-BlackItalicOsF         348 llzio___
pllcj8r   LinoLetter-BlackOsF               348 llzof___
pllcc8r   LinoLetter-BlackSC                348 llzsc___
pbbbij8r  Bembo-BoldItalicOsF               349 bmbio___
pbbbi8x   Bembo-BoldItalicExpert            349 bmbix___
pbbbj8r   Bembo-BoldOsF                     349 bmbos___
pbbb8x    Bembo-BoldExpert                  349 bmbxp___
pbbxj8r   Bembo-ExtraBoldOsF                349 bmebs___
pbbx8x    Bembo-ExtraBoldExpert             349 bmebx___
pbbxij8r  Bembo-ExtraBoldItalicOsF          349 bmeis___
pbbxi8x   Bembo-ExtraBoldItalicExpert       349 bmeix___
pbbr8x    Bembo-Expert                      349 bmexp___
pbbrij8r  Bembo-ItalicOsF                   349 bmios___
pbbri8x   Bembo-ItalicExpert                349 bmixp___
pbbrc8r   Bembo-SC                          349 bmrsc___
pbbsj8r   Bembo-SemiboldOsF                 349 bmsbo___
pbbs8x    Bembo-SemiboldExpert              349 bmsbx___
pbbsij8r  Bembo-SemiboldItalicOsF           349 bmsis___
pbbsi8x   Bembo-SemiboldItalicExpert        349 bmsix___
ptkMMo8r  TektonMM-Oblique                  350 zji_____
ptkMM8r   TektonMM                          350 zjrg____
pvvMM8r   VivaMM                            351 zkrg____
pb7b8r    BernhardModern-Bold               352 rdb_____
pb7bi8r   BernhardModern-BoldItalic         352 rdbi____
pb7ri8r   BernhardModern-Italic             352 rdi_____
pb7r8r    BernhardModern-Roman              352 rdr_____
p__r8r    Ariadne-Roman                     353 aria____
pdiri8r   Diotima-Italic                    353 dti_____
pdirij8r  Diotima-ItalicOsF                 353 dtiof___
pdir8r    Diotima-Roman                     353 dtr_____
pdirj8r   Diotima-RomanOsF                  353 dtros___
pdirc8r   Diotima-RomanSC                   353 dtrsc___
p__r8r    Smaragd                           353 smar____
p__ra8r   Smaragd-Alternate                 353 smara___
pttbz     TimesTenCyr-Bold                  354 ttyb____
pttbozr   TimesTenCyr-BoldInclined          354 ttybi___
pttroz    TimesTenCyr-Inclined              354 ttyi____
pttrz     TimesTenCyr-Upright               354 ttyu____
panr8r    Anna                              355 iarg____
p__r8r    Beesknees                         355 ikh_____
p__re8r   MonaLisa-Recut                    355 iyin____
p__r8r    MonaLisa-Solid                    355 iysd____
p__r8r    Ozwald                            355 ozh_____
po8b8r    OfficinaSerif-Bold                356 ovb_____
po8bi8r   OfficinaSerif-BoldItalic          356 ovbi____
po8k8r    OfficinaSerif-Book                356 ovbk____
po8ki8r   OfficinaSerif-BookItalic          356 ovwi____
po9b8r    OfficinaSans-Bold                 357 owb_____
po9bi8r   OfficinaSans-BoldItalic           357 owbi____
po9k8r    OfficinaSans-Book                 357 owbk____
po9ki8r   OfficinaSans-BookItalic           357 owwi____
p__MM8r   SanvitoMM                         358 zhrg____
p__MM7a   CaflischScriptMM-Alt              359 zea_____
p__MM8r   CaflischScriptMM                  359 zerg____
p__MMw8r  CaflischScriptMM-Sw               359 zesw____
p__MM8r   GraphiteMM                        360 _grg____
phirz     HelveticaInseratCyr-Upright       361 hiyu____
phvbz     HelveticaCyr-Bold                 361 hvyb____
phvboz    HelveticaCyr-BoldInclined         361 hvybi___
phvroz    HelveticaCyr-Inclined             361 hvyi____
phvrz     HelveticaCyr-Upright              361 hvyu____
plebs8r   LegacySans-Bold                   362 lvb_____
plebis8r  LegacySans-BoldItalic             362 lvbi____
plems8r   LegacySans-Medium                 362 lvm_____
plemis8r  LegacySans-MediumItalic           362 lvmi____
pleus8r   LegacySans-Ultra                  362 lvu_____
pleks8r   LegacySans-Book                   362 lvw_____
plekis8r  LegacySans-BookItalic             362 lvwi____
pleb8r    LegacySerif-Bold                  363 lzb_____
plebi8r   LegacySerif-BoldItalic            363 lzbi____
plem8r    LegacySerif-Medium                363 lzm_____
plemi8r   LegacySerif-MediumItalic          363 lzmi____
pleu8r    LegacySerif-Ultra                 363 lzu_____
plek8r    LegacySerif-Book                  363 lzw_____
pleki8r   LegacySerif-BookItalic            363 lzwi____
pexrz     ExcelsiorCyr-Upright              364 exy_____
pexbz     ExcelsiorCyr-Bold                 364 exyb____
pexroz    ExcelsiorCyr-Inclined             364 exyi____
pbvrz     BaskervilleCyr-Upright            365 _by_____
pbvbz     BaskervilleCyr-Bold               365 _byb____
pbvboz    BaskervilleCyr-Inclined           365 _byi____
p__rf8r   Pepperwood-Fill                   366 uwfi____
p__rl8r   Pepperwood-Outline                366 uwou____
p__r8r    Pepperwood-Regular                366 uwrg____
p__rf8r   Rosewood-Fill                     366 uxfi____
p__r8r    Rosewood-Regular                  366 uxrg____
p__rf8r   Zebrawood-Fill                    366 uyfi____
p__r8r    Zebrawood-Regular                 366 uyrg____
p__b8r    MendozaRoman-Bold                 367 zab_____
p__bi8r   MendozaRoman-BoldItalic           367 zabi____
p__m8r    MendozaRoman-Medium               367 zam_____
p__mi8r   MendozaRoman-MediumItalic         367 zami____
p__k8r    MendozaRoman-Book                 367 zaw_____
p__ki8r   MendozaRoman-BookItalic           367 zawi____
phhb8r    Highlander-Bold                   368 hhb_____
phhbi8r   Highlander-BoldItalic             368 hhbi____
phhk8r    Highlander-Book                   368 hhbk____
phhm8r    Highlander-Medium                 368 hhm_____
phhmi8r   Highlander-MediumItalic           368 hhmi____
phhki8r   Highlander-BookItalic             368 hhwi____
pbgb8r    Benguiat-Bold                     369 bgb_____
pbgbi8r   Benguiat-BoldItalic               369 bgbi____
pbgm8r    Benguiat-Medium                   369 bgm_____
pbgmi8r   Benguiat-MediumItalic             369 bgmi____
pbgk8r    Benguiat-Book                     369 bgw_____
pbgki8r   Benguiat-BookItalic               369 bgwi____
p__MM8r   MezzMM                            370 zmrg____
lrzb8r    RuzickaFreehandLH-Bold            371 rzb_____
lrzbc8r   RuzickaFreehandLH-BoldSC          371 rzbsc___
lrzr8r    RuzickaFreehandLH-Roman           371 rzr_____
lrzrc8r   RuzickaFreehandLH-RomanSC         371 rzrsc___
pnora8r   NotreDame-RomanDfr                372 nhdfr___
pnorp     NotreDame-Ornaments               372 nhorn___
pnor8r    NotreDame-Roman                   372 nhr_____
ppjrp     Pompeijana-Borders                372 qbbor___
ppjr8r    Pompeijana-Roman                  372 qbr_____
prxrp     Rusticana-Borders                 372 rxbor___
prxr8r    Rusticana-Roman                   372 rxr_____
lpi005    CaravanLH-One                     373 cara1___
lpi006    CaravanLH-Two                     373 cara2___
lpi007    CaravanLH-Three                   373 cara3___
lpi008    CaravanLH-Four                    373 cara4___
leab8r    ElectraLH-Bold                    373 etb_____
leabi8r   ElectraLH-BoldCursive             373 etbi____
leari8r   ElectraLH-Cursive                 373 eti_____
lear8r    ElectraLH-Regular                 373 etr_____
leabij8r  ElectraLH-BoldCursiveOsF          374 etbio___
leabj8r   ElectraLH-BoldOsF                 374 etbos___
leabc8r   ElectraLH-BoldSC                  374 etbsc___
leabd8r   ElectraLH-BoldDisplay             374 etdb____
leabid8r  ElectraLH-BoldCursiveDisplay      374 etdbi___
learid8r  ElectraLH-CursiveDisplay          374 etdi____
leard8r   ElectraLH-Display                 374 etdr____
learij8r  ElectraLH-CursiveOsF              374 etios___
learj8r   ElectraLH-RegularOsF              374 etros___
learc8r   ElectraLH-RegularSC               374 etrsc___
p__r8r    RulingScript-Two                  375 rul2____
p__r8r    Sho-Roman                         375 sho_____
p__r8r    WiesbadenSwing-Roman              375 wn______
p__r8r    MotterCorpusMM                    376 kprg____
p__MM8r   PenumbraMM                        377 zlrg____
p__MMi8r  NuevaMM-It                        378 twi_____
p__MM8r   NuevaMM                           378 twr_____
pctbif8r  Cheltenham-HandtooledBdIt         379 chiin___
pctbf8r   Cheltenham-HandtooledBold         379 chin____
pgmbif8r  Garamond-HandtooledBoldItalic     379 gaiin___
pgmbf8r   Garamond-HandtooledBold           379 gain____
pcnbif8r  Century-HandtooledBoldItalic      379 iciin___
pcnbf8r   Century-HandtooledBold            379 icin____
pgmMM8r   ITCGaramondMM                     380 gc______
pgmMMi8r  ITCGaramondMM-It                  380 gci_____
p__b8r    Cerigo-Bold                       381 qcb_____
p__bi8r   Cerigo-BoldItalic                 381 qcbi____
p__m8r    Cerigo-Medium                     381 qcm_____
p__mi8r   Cerigo-MediumItalic               381 qcmi____
p__k8r    Cerigo-Book                       381 qcw_____
p__ki8r   Cerigo-BookItalic                 381 qcwi____
phab8r    Hadriano-Bold                     382 hab_____
phax8r    Hadriano-ExtraBold                382 haeb____
phax8rc   Hadriano-ExtraBoldCondensed       382 haebc___
phal8r    Hadriano-Light                    382 hal_____
prcb8r    Romic-Bold                        383 rob_____
prcx8r    Romic-ExtraBold                   383 roeb____
prcl8r    Romic-Light                       383 rol_____
prcli8r   Romic-LightItalic                 383 roli____
prcm8r    Romic-Medium                      383 rom_____
p__rd8r   Copal-Decorated                   384 _ddc____
p__rl8r   Copal-Outline                     384 _dou____
p__r8r    Copal-Solid                       384 _dsd____
pxpMM7a   ExPontoMM-Alternate               385 jvalt___
pxpMM7ab  ExPontoMM-Beginning               385 jvbeg___
pxpMM7ae  ExPontoMM-Ending                  385 jvend___
pxpMM8r   ExPontoMM                         385 jvrg____
pxpMMj8r  ExPontoMM-OsF                     385 jvros___
pysb8r    GoudySans-Bold                    386 hgb_____
pysbi8r   GoudySans-BoldItalic              386 hgbi____
pysk8r    GoudySans-Book                    386 hgbk____
pyski8r   GoudySans-BookItalic              386 hgbki___
pysc8r    GoudySans-Black                   386 hgbl____
pysci8r   GoudySans-BlackItalic             386 hgbli___
pysm8r    GoudySans-Medium                  386 hgm_____
pysmi8r   GoudySans-MediumItalic            386 hgmi____
p__1r8r   Delphin-I                         387 df1_____
p__1ra8r  Delphin-IA                        387 df1a____
p__2r8r   Delphin-II                        387 df2_____
p__2ra8r  Delphin-IIA                       387 df2a____
pc7r8r    Kompakt                           387 kq______
p__r8r    KochAntiqua                       387 kv______
pnlr8r    Neuland                           387 nq______
p__r8r    Caliban                           388 ni______
paxr8r    Alexa                             388 xa______
pbzr8r    Balzano                           388 zn______
p__MM8r   JimboMM                           389 jprg____
pb7b8rc   Bernhard-BoldCondensed            390 dhbc____
pnw1r8r   NeueHammerUnziale-One             390 nw1_____
pnw1r7a   NeueHammerUnziale-OneAlt          390 nw1al___
pnw2r8r   NeueHammerUnziale-Two             390 nw2_____
pnw2r7a   NeueHammerUnziale-TwoAlt          390 nw2al___
pclrl8r   Cloister-OpenFace                 390 oein____
poir8r    Ondine                            390 og______
pghr7a    Galahad-Alternate                 391 g_alt___
pghr8r    Galahad-Regular                   391 g_rg____
pghrj8r   Galahad-OsF                       391 g_ros___
popc8r    Optima-Black                      392 opbl____
popci8r   Optima-BlackItalic                392 opbli___
popd8r    Optima-DemiBold                   392 opd_____
popdi8r   Optima-DemiBoldItalic             392 opdi____
popx8r    Optima-ExtraBlack                 392 opf_____
popm8r    Optima-Medium                     392 opm_____
popmi8r   Optima-MediumItalic               392 opmi____
popxi8r   Optima-ExtraBlackItalic           392 opxfi___
p__r8r    Aja                               393 ja______
p__m8r    PopplExquisit-Medium              393 xqm_____
p__r8r    PopplExquisit-Regular             393 xqrg____
ppi033    NationalCodes-Africa              394 ncaf____
ppi034    NationalCodes-America             394 ncam____
ppi035    NationalCodes-AsiaPlus            394 ncas____
ppi036    NationalCodes-Europe              394 nceu____
ppi037    NationalCodes-Universal           394 ncun____
p__r8r    ElGreco                           395 eq______
pakm8r    Arkona-Medium                     395 xnm_____
pakr8r    Arkona-Regular                    395 xnrg____
pfgd8rp   FranklinGothic-DemiCmpr           396 frdcp___
pfgdi8rp  FranklinGothic-DemiCmprItal       396 frdpi___
pfgd8rq   FranklinGothic-DemiXCmpr          396 frdx____
pfgk8rp   FranklinGothic-BookCmpr           396 frwcp___
pfgki8rp  FranklinGothic-BookCmprItal       396 frwpi___
pfgk8rq   FranklinGothic-BookXCmpr          396 frwx____
pfgd8rc   FranklinGothic-DemiCnd            397 frdc____
pfgdi8rc  FranklinGothic-DemiCndItal        397 frdci___
pfgm8rc   FranklinGothic-MedCnd             397 frmc____
pfgmi8rc  FranklinGothic-MedCndItal         397 frmci___
pfgk8rc   FranklinGothic-BookCnd            397 frwc____
pfgki8rc  FranklinGothic-BookCndItal        397 frwci___
p__ri8r   Sassafras-Italic                  398 xfi_____
p__li8r   Sassafras-LxItalic                398 xflgi___
p__l8r    Sassafras-Lx                      398 xflgr___
p__r8r    Sassafras-Roman                   398 xfr_____
p__si8r   Sassafras-SxItalic                398 xfshi___
p__s8r    Sassafras-Sx                      398 xfshr___
pkxrd8r   Kigali-Block                      399 kxblk___
pkxrw8r   Kigali-ZigZag                     399 kxdc____
pkxri8r   Kigali-Italic                     399 kxi_____
pkxli8r   Kigali-LxItalic                   399 kxlgi___
pkxl8r    Kigali-Lx                         399 kxlgr___
pkxr8r    Kigali-Roman                      399 kxr_____
pkxsi8r   Kigali-SxItalic                   399 kxshi___
pkxs8r    Kigali-Sx                         399 kxshr___
pajMMi8r  AJensonMM-It                      400 jei_____
pajMM8r   AJensonMM                         400 jer_____
pajMM7a   AJensonMM-Alt                     401 jealt___
pajMM8x   AJensonMM-Ep                      401 jeexp___
pajMMi7a  AJensonMM-ItAlt                   401 jeial___
pajMMic8r AJensonMM-ItSC                    401 jeisc___
pajMMi8x  AJensonMM-ItEp                    401 jeixp___
pajMMc8r  AJensonMM-SC                      401 jersc___
pajMMiw8r AJensonMM-Sw                      401 jeswc___
mbmb8r    BulmerMT-Bold                     402 ybb_____
mbmbi8r   BulmerMT-BoldItalic               402 ybbi____
mbmbd8r   BulmerMT-BoldDisplay              402 ybdb____
mbmbid8r  BulmerMT-BoldItalicDisplay        402 ybdbi___
mbmrd8r   BulmerMT-RegularDisplay           402 ybds____
mbmrid8r  BulmerMT-ItalicDisplay            402 ybdsi___
mbmri8r   BulmerMT-Italic                   402 ybi_____
mbmr8r    BulmerMT-Regular                  402 ybrg____
mbms8r    BulmerMT-SemiBold                 402 ybsb____
mbmsi8r   BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalic           402 ybsi____
mbmb7a    BulmerMT-BoldAlt                  403 ybab____
mbmbi7a   BulmerMT-BoldItalicAlt            403 ybabi___
mbmr7a    BulmerMT-RegularAlt               403 ybarg___
mbms7a    BulmerMT-SemiBoldAlt              403 ybasb___
mbmsi7a   BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalicAlt        403 ybasi___
mbmbd7a   BulmerMT-BoldDisplayAlt           403 ybbda___
mbmbid7a  BulmerMT-BoldItalDisplayAlt       403 ybbid___
mbmbi8x   BulmerMT-BoldItalicExpert         403 ybbix___
mbmb8x    BulmerMT-BoldExpert               403 ybbxp___
mbmri7a   BulmerMT-ItalicAlt                403 ybial___
mbmrid7a  BulmerMT-ItalicDisplayAlt         403 ybida___
mbmri8x   BulmerMT-ItalicExpert             403 ybixp___
mbmrd7a   BulmerMT-RegularDisplayAlt        403 ybrda___
mbmr8x    BulmerMT-RegularExpert            403 ybrgx___
mbmrc8r   BulmerMT-RegularSC                403 ybrsc___
mbmsc8r   BulmerMT-SemiBoldSC               403 ybsbs___
mbms8x    BulmerMT-SemiBoldExpert           403 ybsbx___
mbmsi8x   BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalExpert       403 ybsix___
pizr8r    Isabella                          404 iz______
prrr8r    Raphael                           404 rr______
pxcr8r    Eccentric                         404 xc______
p__MMi8r  OceanSansMM-It                    405 ohi_____
p__MM8r   OceanSansMM                       405 ohr_____
plcrt8r   LucidaTypewriter                  406 tl______
plcbt8r   LucidaTypewriter-Bold             406 tlb_____
plcbot8r  LucidaTypewriter-BoldObl          406 tlbo____
plcrot8r  LucidaTypewriter-Obl              406 tlo_____
plsrt8r   LucidaSansTypewriter              407 ty______
plsbt8r   LucidaSansTypewriter-Bd           407 tyb_____
plsbot8r  LucidaSansTypewriter-BdObl        407 tybo____
plsrot8r  LucidaSansTypewriter-Obl          407 tyo_____
p__MM8x   BriemScriptMM-Ep                  408 iiexp___
p__MM8r   BriemScriptMM                     408 iirc____
p__MMc8r  BriemScriptMM-SC                  408 iisc____
pkpMM8r   KeplMM                            409 k_______
pkpMMi8r  KeplMM-It                         409 k_i_____
pkpMM8x   KeplMM-Ep                         410 k_exp___
pkpMMic8r KeplMM-ItSC                       410 k_isc___
pkpMMi8x  KeplMM-ItEp                       410 k_ixp___
pkpMMp1   KeplMM-Or1                        410 k_or1___
pkpMMp2   KeplMM-Or2                        410 k_or2___
pkpMMp3   KeplMM-Or3                        410 k_or3___
pkpMMc8r  KeplMM-SC                         410 k_rsc___
pkpMMiw8r KeplMM-Sw                         410 k_sw____
pmjr8r    Mojo                              411 fbrg____
p__r8r    Shuriken-Boy                      412 s_boy___
p__r8r    Andreas                           413 hy______
poqr8r    Ouch                              414 oq______
p__MM8r   CongaBravaMM                      415 vbrg____
p__MMn8r  CongaBravaMM-St                   415 vbst____
p__MM8r   CronosMM                          416 xo______
p__MMi8r  CronosMM-It                       416 xoi_____
p__MM8x   CronosMM-Ep                       417 xoexp___
p__MMic8r CronosMM-ItSC                     417 xoisc___
p__MMi8x  CronosMM-ItEp                     417 xoixp___
p__MMp    CronosMM-Or                       417 xoor____
p__MMc8r  CronosMM-SC                       417 xorsc___
p__MMiw8r CronosMM-Sw                       417 xosw____
pdkb8r    Diskus-Bold                       418 d_b_____
pdkr8r    Diskus                            418 d_rg____
potb8r    Coronet-Bold                      418 n_b_____
potr8r    Coronet                           418 n_rg____
p__MMi8r  ChaparralMM-It                    419 xti_____
p__MM8r   ChaparralMM                       419 xtr_____
p__MM8x   ChaparralMM-Ep                    420 xtexp___
p__MMic8r ChaparralMM-ItSC                  420 xtisc___
p__MMi8x  ChaparralMM-ItEp                  420 xtixp___
p__MMp    ChaparralMM-Or                    420 xtor____
p__MMc8r  ChaparralMM-SC                    420 xtrsc___
ppi038    WiesbadenSwing-Dingbats           421 wgdb____
l__re8r   BermudaLP-Dots                    422 uddc1___
l__rw8r   BermudaLP-Squiggle                422 uddc2___
l__rl8r   BermudaLP-Open                    422 udou____
l__r8r    BermudaLP-Solid                   422 udrg____
l__r8r    SpumoniLP                         423 uu______
pzpr8r    ZiptyDo                           424 zp______
lkwr7a    KoloLP-Alternates                 425 kwalt___
lkwr8rn   KoloLP-Narrow                     425 kwn_____
lkwr8r    KoloLP-Regular                    425 kwrg____
lkwr8rw   KoloLP-Wide                       425 kwwd____
pnxr8r    Nyx                               426 nxrg____
p__r8r    Banshee                           427 zo______
p__MM8r   KinesisMM                         428 kj______
p__MMi8r  KinesisMM-It                      428 kji_____
p__MM8x   KinesisMM-Ep                      429 kjexp___
p__MMic8r KinesisMM-ItSC                    429 kjisc___
p__MMi8x  KinesisMM-ItEp                    429 kjixp___
p__MMc8r  KinesisMM-SC                      429 kjrsc___
l__r8r    HardwoodLP                        430 hw______
l__r8r    ManitoLP                          431 mw______
p__r8r    Coriander                         432 uc______
l__r8r    SpringLP                          433 td______
l__l8r    SpringLP-Light                    433 tdl_____
lwhb8r    WendyLP-Bold                      434 whb_____
lwhl8r    WendyLP-Light                     434 whl_____
lwhm8r    WendyLP-Medium                    434 whm_____
p__MM7a1  BickhamScriptMM-AltI              435 b_a1____
p__MM7a2  BickhamScriptMM-AltII             435 b_a2____
p__MM7ab  BickhamScriptMM-Beg               435 b_bg____
p__MM7ae  BickhamScriptMM-End               435 b_en____
p__MM7al  BickhamScriptMM-Lig               435 b_lig___
p__MMp    BickhamScriptMM-Or                435 b_or____
p__MM8r   BickhamScriptMM                   435 b_rg____
p__MMw8r  BickhamScriptMM-SwCaps            435 b_swc___
lojr8r    OldClaudeLP                       436 oj______
lojrj8r   OldClaudeLP-OsF                   436 ojosf___
lojrc8r   OldClaudeLP-SC                    436 ojsc____
l__r8r    FlorensLP                         437 fn______
l__r7a    FlorensLP-Alternates              437 fnalt___
p__MM8r   BriemAkademiMM                    438 dkrg____
p__1r8r   Khaki-One                         439 hk1_____
p__2r8r   Khaki-Two                         439 hk2_____
p__ri8r   Pompeia-InlineItalic              440 vpiit___
p__r8r    Pompeia-Inline                    440 vpin____
p__r8r    Flood                             441 fyrg____
pwtMM7a   WatersTitlingMM-Alt               442 jwalt___
pwtMM7al  WatersTitlingMM-Lig               442 jwlig___
pwtMM8r   WatersTitlingMM                   442 jwr_____
pwtMMd8r  WatersTitlingMM-TallCaps          442 jwtlc___
p__r8r    CelestiaAntiqua-Regular           443 zs______
p__b8r    CelestiaAntiqua-Bold              443 zsb_____
p__b7a    CelestiaAntiqua-BoldLig           443 zsbdl___
p__ri8r   CelestiaAntiqua-Italic            443 zsi_____
p__ri7a   CelestiaAntiqua-ItalicLig         443 zsitl___
p__r7a    CelestiaAntiqua-Ligatures         443 zslig___
p__rp     CelestiaAntiqua-Ornaments         443 zsor____
p__s8r    CelestiaAntiqua-Semibold          443 zssb____
p__s7a    CelestiaAntiqua-SmBdLig           443 zssbl___
p__rc8r   CelestiaAntiqua-SC                443 zssc____
pmyr8rc   Myriad-Condensed                  444 wmc_____
pmyb8rc   Myriad-CnBold                     444 wmcb____
pmybi8rc  Myriad-CnBoldItalic               444 wmcbi___
pmyri8rc  Myriad-CnItalic                   444 wmci____
pmys8rc   Myriad-CnSemibold                 444 wms_____
pmysi8rc  Myriad-CnSemiboldItalic           444 wmsi____
p__r8r    Immi505                           445 firg____
p__r8r    MagnoliaMVB                       446 xm______
p__r7a    MagnoliaMVB-Ligatures             446 xmlig___
p__r8r    BossaNovaMVB                      447 xb______
p__r7a    BossaNovaMVB-Alternates           447 xbalt___
p__r8r    Emmascript                        448 xe______
p__r8r    RusselOblique                     449 zr______
p__rn7a   RusselOblique-InformalAlt         449 zralt___
p__rn8r   RusselOblique-Informal            449 zrinf___
mdtb8r    DanteMT-Bold                      450 dlb_____
mdtbi8r   DanteMT-BoldItalic                450 dlbi____
mdtri8r   DanteMT-Italic                    450 dli_____
mdtm8r    DanteMT-Medium                    450 dlm_____
mdtmi8r   DanteMT-MediumItalic              450 dlmi____
mdtr8r    DanteMT-Regular                   450 dlrg____
mdtb7a    DanteMT-BoldAlt                   451 dlab____
mdtbi7a   DanteMT-BoldItalicAlt             451 dlabi___
mdtri7a   DanteMT-ItalicAlt                 451 dlai____
mdtr7a    DanteMT-RegularAlt                451 dlarg___
mdtm7a    DanteMT-MediumAlt                 451 dlasb___
mdtmi7a   DanteMT-MediumItalicAlt           451 dlasi___
mdtbij8r  DanteMT-BoldItalicOsF             451 dlbio___
mdtbi8x   DanteMT-BoldItalicExpert          451 dlbix___
mdtbj8r   DanteMT-BoldOsF                   451 dlbos___
mdtb8x    DanteMT-BoldExpert                451 dlbxp___
mdtrij8r  DanteMT-ItalicOsF                 451 dlios___
mdtri8x   DanteMT-ItalicExpert              451 dlixp___
mdtmij8r  DanteMT-MediumItalicOsF           451 dlmio___
mdtmi8x   DanteMT-MediumItalicExpert        451 dlmix___
mdtmj8r   DanteMT-MediumOsF                 451 dlmof___
mdtm8x    DanteMT-MediumExpert              451 dlmxp___
mdtr8x    DanteMT-RegularExpert             451 dlrgx___
mdtrc8r   DanteMT-RegularSC                 451 dlsc____
mdtrd8r   DanteMT-Titling                   451 dlttl___
myhb8r    StrayhornMT-Bold                  452 yhb_____
myhbi8r   StrayhornMT-BoldItalic            452 yhbi____
myhx8r    StrayhornMT-ExtraBold             452 yheb____
myhxi8r   StrayhornMT-ExtraBoldItalic       452 yhebi___
myhri8r   StrayhornMT-Italic                452 yhi_____
myhl8r    StrayhornMT-Light                 452 yhl_____
myhli8r   StrayhornMT-LightItalic           452 yhli____
myhr8r    StrayhornMT-Regular               452 yhrg____
myhbij8r  StrayhornMT-BoldItalicOsF         453 yhbio___
myhbj8r   StrayhornMT-BoldOsF               453 yhbos___
myhxj8r   StrayhornMT-ExtraBoldOsF          453 yhebs___
myhxij8r  StrayhornMT-ExtraBoldItalicOsF    453 yheis___
myhrij8r  StrayhornMT-ItalicOsF             453 yhios___
myhlij8r  StrayhornMT-LightItalicOsF        453 yhlio___
myhlc8r   StrayhornMT-LightSC               453 yhlsc___
myhrc8r   StrayhornMT-RegulaSC              453 yhrsc___
p__ri8r   Postino-Italic                    454 xzi_____
p__r8r    Postino                           454 xzr_____
p__MMj8r  ReliqMM-OsF                       455 qeosf___
p__MM8r   ReliqMM                           455 qer_____
p__r8r    Critter                           456 wc______
p__r8r    Cutout                            457 wu______
p__r8r    Studz                             458 wp______
p__r8r    Rad                               459 wr______
p__r8r    Mythos                            460 wy______
p__r8r    Toolbox                           461 wt______
p__r8r    Quake                             462 wq______
pg2r8r    Giddyup-Regular                   463 wg______
pg2r      Giddyup-Thangs                    463 wgtha___
pmyrl8r   Myriad-Sketch                     464 wmske___
pmyrn8r   Myriad-Tilt                       464 wmtil___
mbeb8r    BellMT-Bold                       465 xlb_____
mbebi8r   BellMT-BoldItalic                 465 xlbi____
mberi8r   BellMT-Italic                     465 xli_____
mber8r    BellMT-Regular                    465 xlrg____
mbes8r    BellMT-SemiBold                   465 xlsb____
mbesi8r   BellMT-SemiBoldItalic             465 xlsbi___
mber7a    BellMT-RegularAlt                 466 xlarg___
mbes7a    BellMT-SemiBoldAlt                466 xlasb___
mbesi7a   BellMT-SemiBoldItalicAlt          466 xlasi___
mbebi8x   BellMT-BoldItalicExpert           466 xlbix___
mbeb8x    BellMT-BoldExpert                 466 xlbxp___
mber8x    BellMT-RegularExpert              466 xlexp___
mberi7a   BellMT-ItalicAlt                  466 xlial___
mberi8x   BellMT-ItalicExpert               466 xlixp___
mberx7a   BellMT-RegularExpertAlt           466 xlrxa___
mbesc8r   BellMT-SemiBoldSC                 466 xlsbs___
mbes8x    BellMT-SemiBoldExpert             466 xlsbx___
mberc8r   BellMT-RegularSC                  466 xlsc____
mbesi8x   BellMT-SemiBoldItalicExpert       466 xlsix___
mbesx7a   BellMT-SemiBoldExpertAlt          466 xlsxa___
mf1ri7a   FournierMT-ItalicAlt              467 xyali___
mf1r7a    FournierMT-RegularAlt             467 xyalt___
mf1ri8r   FournierMT-Italic                 467 xyi_____
mf1rij8r  FournierMT-ItalicOsF              467 xyios___
mf1ri8x   FournierMT-ItalicExpert           467 xyixp___
mf1rp     FournierMT-Ornaments              467 xyorn___
mf1r8r    FournierMT-Regular                467 xyrg____
mf1r8x    FournierMT-RegularExpert          467 xyrgx___
mf1rc8r   FournierMT-RegularSC              467 xysc____
mf1rid8r  FournierMT-ItalicTallCaps         467 xytti___
mf1rd8r   FournierMT-TallCaps               467 xyttl___
p__r8r    Fusaka-Regular                    469 fv______
p__r7a    Fusaka-Alternates                 469 fvalt___
pbdp8rp   Bodoni-PosterCompressed           900 bdpsc___
pbax8r    Barmeno-ExtraBold                 900 bfeb____
pb0r8r    Blackoak                          900 bo______
zpc33bc   Copperplate-ThirtyThreeBC         900 cp33c___
prtr      Carta                             900 cr______
pdcr8r    DomCasual                         900 dc______
mtlr8r    CastellarMT                       900 el______
mp2r8r    PepitaMT                          900 epscr___
pgsr8rc   GillSans-Condensed                900 gnc_____
pgsu8r    GillSans-UltraBold                900 gnub____
mgtrd8r   GoudyTextMT-LombardicCapitals     900 gxlom___
piwr8r    Ironwood                          900 i_______
mbfrw8r   BiffoMT                           900 ifscr___
pimx8r    Imago-ExtraBold                   900 ioeb____
mjori8r   JoannaMT-Italic                   900 joi_____
mjor8r    JoannaMT                          900 jor_____
p__b8r    Colossalis-Bold                   900 kob_____
plgr8r    LetterGothic                      900 lg______
plor8r    Lithos-Regular                    900 lorg____
pmqr8r    Mesquite                          900 m_______
pmnrp     Minion-Ornaments                  900 moor____
pnurw8r   NuptialScript                     900 nu______
pper8r    PrestigeElite                     900 pe______
pqsr8r    Bellevue                          900 qsrg____
p__rl8r   AGOldFace-Outline                 900 qwou____
mrur8rc   RunicMT-Condensed                 900 ric_____
prwx8r    Rockwell-ExtraBold                900 rkeb____
pslr8r    Stencil                           900 st______
pwwr8r    Willow                            900 wi______
ppi027    WoodtypeOrnaments-Two             900 woor2___
pbir8r    Birch                             901 bi______
putrd8r   Utopia-Headline                   901 uthd____
p__r8r    Critter                           901 wc______
pg2r8r    Giddyup-Regular                   901 wg______
pg2r      Giddyup-Thangs                    901 wgtha___
pmyrd8r   Myriad-Headline                   901 wmhd____
pmyrl8r   Myriad-Sketch                     901 wmske___
pmyrn8r   Myriad-Tilt                       901 wmtil___
p__r8r    Studz                             901 wp______
p__r8r    Quake                             901 wq______
p__r8r    Rad                               901 wr______
p__r8r    Toolbox                           901 wt______
p__r8r    Cutout                            901 wu______
p__r8r    Mythos                            901 wy______
pagd8r    AvantGarde-Demi                   902 agd_____
pagdo8r   AvantGarde-DemiOblique            902 agdo____
pagk8r    AvantGarde-Book                   902 agw_____
pagko8r   AvantGarde-BookOblique            902 agwo____
pamr8r    Americana                         902 am______
pamx8r    Americana-ExtraBold               902 ameb____
pacri8r   ACaslon-Italic                    902 awi_____
pacr8r    ACaslon-Regular                   902 awrg____
pacs8r    ACaslon-Semibold                  902 awsb____
pacsi8r   ACaslon-SemiboldItalic            902 awsbi___
pbab8r    Barmeno-Bold                      902 bfb_____
pbax8r    Barmeno-ExtraBold                 902 bfeb____
pbam8r    Barmeno-Medium                    902 bfm_____
pbar8r    Barmeno-Regular                   902 bfrg____
pbkd8r    Bookman-Demi                      902 bkd_____
pbkdi8r   Bookman-DemiItalic                902 bkdi____
pbkl8r    Bookman-Light                     902 bkl_____
pbkli8r   Bookman-LightItalic               902 bkli____
pb0r8r    Blackoak                          902 bo______
pcrb8r    Courier-Bold                      902 cob_____
pcrbo8r   Courier-BoldOblique               902 cobo____
pcrr8r    Courier                           902 com_____
pcrro8r   Courier-Oblique                   902 coo_____
prtr      Carta                             902 cr______
pfari8r   Formata-Italic                    902 fmi_____
pfam8r    Formata-Medium                    902 fmm_____
pfami8r   Formata-MediumItalic              902 fmmi____
pfar8r    Formata-Regular                   902 fmrg____
padb8r    AGaramond-Bold                    902 gdb_____
padbi8r   AGaramond-BoldItalic              902 gdbi____
padri8r   AGaramond-Italic                  902 gdi_____
padr8r    AGaramond-Regular                 902 gdrg____
phvr8r    Helvetica                         902 hv______
phvb8r    Helvetica-Bold                    902 hvb_____
phvbo8r   Helvetica-BoldOblique             902 hvbo____
phvr8rn   Helvetica-Narrow                  902 hvn_____
phvb8rn   Helvetica-Narrow-Bold             902 hvnb____
phvbo8rn  Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique      902 hvnbo___
phvro8rn  Helvetica-Narrow-Oblique          902 hvno____
phvro8r   Helvetica-Oblique                 902 hvo_____
pkur8r    Kaufmann                          902 kf______
ploc8r    Lithos-Black                      902 lobl____
plor8r    Lithos-Regular                    902 lorg____
pncb8r    NewCenturySchlbk-Bold             902 ncb_____
pncbi8r   NewCenturySchlbk-BoldItalic       902 ncbi____
pncri8r   NewCenturySchlbk-Italic           902 nci_____
pncr8r    NewCenturySchlbk-Roman            902 ncr_____
ppar8r    ParkAvenue                        902 pa______
ppsr8r    Parisian                          902 pn______
pplb8r    Palatino-Bold                     902 pob_____
pplbi8r   Palatino-BoldItalic               902 pobi____
pplri8r   Palatino-Italic                   902 poi_____
pplr8r    Palatino-Roman                    902 por_____
p_____    Poetica-SuppOrnaments             902 pvor____
psyr      Symbol                            902 sy______
ptmb8r    Times-Bold                        902 tib_____
ptmbi8r   Times-BoldItalic                  902 tibi____
ptmri8r   Times-Italic                      902 tii_____
ptmr8r    Times-Roman                       902 tir_____
ptjb8r    Trajan-Bold                       902 tjb_____
ptkb8r    Tekton-Bold                       902 tkb_____
ptkr8r    Tekton                            902 tkrg____
ppi027    WoodtypeOrnaments-Two             902 woor2___
pzcmi8r   ZapfChancery-MediumItalic         902 zcmi____
pzdr      ZapfDingbats                      902 zd______
mp1rw8r   PalaceScriptMT                    903 _p______
pdjk8r    Delta-Book                        903 djw_____
pdjki8r   Delta-BookItalic                  903 djwi____
lenb8r    EngraversLH-BoldFace              903 ew______
pfarl8r   Formata-Outline                   903 fmou____
pgsxd8r   GillSans-ExtraBoldDisplay         903 gnxbd___
mbfrw8r   BiffoMT                           903 ifscr___
p__r8r    MonaLisa-Solid                    903 iysd____
pjpr8r    Juniper                           903 j_______
p__m8r    LoType-Medium                     903 ljm_____
p__mi8r   LoType-MediumItalic               903 ljmi____
p__l8r    BerlinerGrotesk-Light             903 otl_____
prwb8rc   Rockwell-BoldCondensed            903 rkbc____
prwr8rc   Rockwell-Condensed                903 rkc_____
p__rn8r   AGBook-Stencil                    903 tast____
ms2b8r    ScriptMT-Bold                     903 tbscr___
p__r8r    Cutout                            903 wu______
ms1ri8r   ScotchRomanMT-Italic              903 ysi_____
ms1r8r    ScotchRomanMT                     903 ysrg____
mm7r8r    MaturaMT                          903 zz______
mr2l8r    CantoriaMT-Light                  904 eol_____
p__r8r    Beesknees                         904 ikh_____
p__m8r    LoType-Medium                     904 ljm_____
pm1rw8r   MonolineScriptMT                  904 on______
p__r8r    Ozwald                            904 ozh_____
mknr8r    KinoMT                            904 qi______
pb7r8r    BernhardModern-Bold               904 rdb_____
pzyr8r    UniversityRoman                   904 ur______
pbdp8rp   Bodoni-PosterCompressed           905 bdpsc___
pctl8rc   Cheltenham-LightCond              905 chlc____
pazl8rc   AkzidenzGroteskBE-LightCn         905 gflc____
pgsb8rq   GillSans-BoldExtraCondensed       905 gnbxc___
p__r8rc   GaramondBE-Condensed              905 gwc_____
p__m8rc   LoType-MediumCondensed            905 ljmc____
mrur8rc   RunicMT-Condensed                 905 ric_____
prwr8rc   Rockwell-Condensed                905 rkc_____
p__r8r    Mezz-Regular                      906 vurg____
p__c8r    Mezz-Black                        906 vuz_____
p__b8r    CaflischScript-Bold               906 vwb_____
p__r8r    CaflischScript-Regular            906 vwrg____
p__ri8rx  Nueva-BoldExtendedItalic          906 vxbei___
p__r8rx   Nueva-BoldExtended                906 vxbv____
p__ri8r   Nueva-Italic                      906 vxi_____
p__r8r    Nueva-Roman                       906 vxr_____
pmyb8r    Myriad-Bold                       906 wmb_____
pmybi8r   Myriad-BoldItalic                 906 wmbi____
pmyri8r   Myriad-Italic                     906 wmi_____
pmyr8r    Myriad-Roman                      906 wmr_____
pmnb8rc   Minion-BoldCondensed              907 mobc____
pmnbi8rc  Minion-BoldCondensedItalic        907 mobci___
pmnr8rc   Minion-Condensed                  907 moc_____
pmnri8rc  Minion-CondensedItalic            907 moci____
pvvx8rx   Viva-BoldExtraExtended            907 vabxe___
pvvl8rc   Viva-LightCondensed               907 valc____
pvvr8r    Viva-Regular                      907 varg____
p__l8r    Sanvito-Light                     907 vyl_____
p__r8r    Sanvito-Roman                     907 vyr_____
p__sl8r   Penumbra-SemiboldFlare            907 vzsfl___
p__ss8r   Penumbra-SemiboldSans             907 vzssa___
p__s8r    Penumbra-SemiboldSerif            907 vzsse___
p_____    Poetica-ChanceryI                 908 pvch1___
p_____    Poetica-SuppLigatures             908 pvlg____
p_____    Poetica-SuppOrnaments             908 pvor____
p_____    Poetica-SuppSwashCapsI            908 pvsw1___
p__b8r    CaflischScript-Bold               908 vwb_____
p__r8r    CaflischScript-Regular            908 vwrg____
p__bd8r   Sanvito-BoldDisplay               908 vydb____
p__r8r    Sanvito-Roman                     908 vyr_____
p__s8r    Sanvito-Semibold                  908 vysb____
pxpr8r    ExPonto-Regular                   908 xprg____
padri8r   AGaramond-Italic                  912 gdi_____
padr8r    AGaramond-Regular                 912 gdrg____
pads8r    AGaramond-Semibold                912 gdsb____
padrc8r   AGaramond-RegularSC               912 gdsc____
padrd8r   AGaramond-Titling                 912 gdttl___
pacri8r   ACaslon-Italic                    913 awi_____
pacrp     ACaslon-Ornaments                 913 awor____
pacr8r    ACaslon-Regular                   913 awrg____
pacs8r    ACaslon-Semibold                  913 awsb____
pacrc8r   ACaslon-RegularSC                 913 awsc____
pajrd8r   AJenson-RegularDisplay            914 jsds____
pajri8r   AJenson-Italic                    914 jsi_____
pajr8r    AJenson-Regular                   914 jsrc____
pajs8r    AJenson-Semibold                  914 jssb____
pajrc8r   AJenson-RegularSC                 914 jssc____
p__b8r    Jimbo-Bold                        915 jpb_____
pajsd8r   AJenson-SemiboldDisplay           915 jssp____
pkpbd8rx  Kepler-BoldExtendedDisplay        915 k_bed___
pkpsd8rc  Kepler-SemiboldCondensedDisplay   915 k_scd___
p__b8r    Mezz-Bold                         915 vub_____
p__b8r    Penumbra-BoldSerif                915 vzbsr___
p__rd8r   Cronos-Display                    915 xodr____
pxpr8r    ExPonto-Regular                   915 xprg____
p__rd8r   Chaparral-Display                 915 xtdr____
ppi028    ScienceTypeCustomPi-No1T
ppi029    ScienceTypeCustomPi-No2T
ppi030    ScienceTypeCustomPi-No3T
ppi031    ScienceTypeCustomPi-No4T
ppi032    ScienceTypeCustomPi-No5T

Apple fonts

The `' file has abbreviations for Apple fonts.

eecr8r   AppleChancery
eger8r   Geneva
ehtr8r   HoeflerText
emcr8r   Monaco
epi001   Zeal
eskr8r   Skia

Bitstream fonts

The `' file has abbreviations for Bitstream fonts.

ba3r8r    AdLibBT-Regular                       1154a___
ba4r8r    AlternateGothicNo2BT-Regular          0542a___
ba5r8r    AllegroBT-Regular                     1138a___
ba6r8r    AmeliaBT-Regular                      0510a___
ba7r8r    AmericanTextBT-Regular                0211a___
ba8b8rc   AuroraBT-BoldCondensed                1028a___
ba9b8r    Humanist970BT-BoldC                   0265a___
ba9r8r    Humanist970BT-RomanC                  0264a___
baab8r    AachenBT-Bold                         1103a___
baar8r    AachenBT-Roman                        1102a___
bagk8r    AvantGardeITCbyBT-Book                0154a___
bagko8r   AvantGardeITCbyBT-BookOblique         0155a___
bagm8r    AvantGardeITCbyBT-Medium              0156a___
bagmo8r   AvantGardeITCbyBT-MediumOblique       0157a___
balb8r    Flareserif821BT-Bold                  0918a___
ball8r    Flareserif821BT-Light                 0916a___
balr8r    Flareserif821BT-Roman                 0917a___
bamb8r    AmericanaBT-Bold                      0500a___
bamr8r    AmericanaBT-Roman                     0498a___
bamri8r   AmericanaBT-Italic                    0499a___
bamx8r    AmericanaBT-ExtraBold                 0501a___
bamx8rc   AmericanaBT-ExtraBoldCondensed        0502a___
baob8r    Incised901BT-Bold                     0390a___
baob8rc   Incised901BT-BoldCondensed            0467a___
baoc8r    Incised901BT-Black                    0391a___
baoh8rx   Incised901BT-Nord                     0469a___
baohi8rx  Incised901BT-NordItalic               0470a___
baol8r    Incised901BT-Light                    0387a___
baop8r    Incised901BT-Compact                  0468a___
baor8r    Incised901BT-Roman                    0388a___
baori8r   Incised901BT-Italic                   0389a___
batb8r    AmerTypewriterITCbyBT-Bold            0194a___
batm8r    AmerTypewriterITCbyBT-Medium          0193a___
baub8r    Freeform721BT-Bold                    0999a___
baubi8r   Freeform721BT-BoldItalic              1000a___
bauc8r    Freeform721BT-Black                   1001a___
bauci8r   Freeform721BT-BlackItalic             1002a___
baur8r    Freeform721BT-Roman                   0997a___
bauri8r   Freeform721BT-Italic                  0998a___
bazb8r    Gothic725BT-BoldA                     0541a___
bazc8r    Gothic725BT-BlackA                    1007a___
bb4r8r    Brush738BT-RegularA                   0806a___
bb5r8r    Freehand591BT-RegularA                1043a___
bb6r8rc   Gothic821CondensedBT-Regular          0807a___
bb7b8r    BernhardModernBT-Bold                 0838a___
bb7b8rc   BernhardBoldCondensedBT-Regular       1003a___
bb7bi8r   BernhardModernBT-BoldItalic           0839a___
bb7r8r    BernhardModernBT-Roman                0607a___
bb7ri8r   BernhardModernBT-Italic               0837a___
bb7rn8r   BernhardFashionBT-Regular             1051a___
bb7rw8r   BernhardTangoBT-Regular               0986a___
bb8c8r    BlippoBT-Black                        0511a___
bb9b8r    BremenBT-Bold                         1231a___
bb9c8r    BremenBT-Black                        1232a___
bbbb8a    Aldine401BT-BoldA                     0304a___
bbbbi8a   Aldine401BT-BoldItalicA               0305a___
bbbr8a    Aldine401BT-RomanA                    0302a___
bbbri8a   Aldine401BT-ItalicA                   0303a___
bbdb8r    BodoniBT-Bold                         0037a___
bbdb8rc   BodoniBT-BoldCondensed                0973a___
bbdbi8r   BodoniBT-BoldItalic                   0038a___
bbdk8r    BodoniBT-Book                         0035a___
bbdki8r   BodoniBT-BookItalic                   0036a___
bbdp8r    PosterBodoniBT-Roman                  0129a___
bbdpi8r   PosterBodoniBT-Italic                 0130a___
bbdr8r    BodoniBT-Roman                        0055a___
bbdri8r   BodoniBT-Italic                       0056a___
bbgb8r    BenguiatITCbyBT-Bold                  0127a___
bbgbi8r   BenguiatITCbyBT-BoldItalic            0128a___
bbgk8r    BenguiatITCbyBT-Book                  0123a___
bbgki8r   BenguiatITCbyBT-BookItalic            0124a___
bbhb8r    BauhausITCbyBT-Bold                   0408a___
bbhh8r    BauhausITCbyBT-Heavy                  0409a___
bbhl8r    BauhausITCbyBT-Light                  0405a___
bbhm8r    BauhausITCbyBT-Medium                 0406a___
bbkd8r    BookmanITCbyBT-Demi                   0079a___
bbkdi8r   BookmanITCbyBT-DemiItalic             0080a___
bbkl8r    BookmanITCbyBT-Light                  0075a___
bbkli8r   BookmanITCbyBT-LightItalic            0076a___
bblb8r    BelweBT-Bold                          1024a___
bbll8r    BelweBT-Light                         1022a___
bblm8r    BelweBT-Medium                        1023a___
bblr8rc   BelweBT-RomanCondensed                1025a___
bbob8r    BalloonBT-Bold                        0728a___
bbol8r    BalloonBT-Light                       0121a___
bbox8r    BalloonBT-ExtraBold                   0729a___
bbpr8r    Modern735BT-RomanA                    0793a___
bbrb8r    Revival565BT-Bold                     1070a___
bbrbi8r   Revival565BT-BoldItalic               1071a___
bbrr8r    Revival565BT-Roman                    1068a___
bbrri8r   Revival565BT-Italic                   1069a___
bbsr8r    BakerSignetBT-Roman                   1152a___
bburw8r   BrushScriptBT-Regular                 0199a___
bbwr8r    BroadwayBT-Regular                    0131a___
bbwre8r   BroadwayEngravedBT-Regular            0802a___
bc2b8r    Caslon224ITCbyBT-Bold                 0749a___
bc2bi8r   Caslon224ITCbyBT-BoldItalic           0750a___
bc2k8r    Caslon224ITCbyBT-Book                 0745a___
bc2ki8r   Caslon224ITCbyBT-BookItalic           0746a___
bc5r8r    Caslon540BT-Roman                     0118a___
bc5ri8r   Caslon540BT-Italic                    0119a___
bc7b8r    CompactaBT-Bold                       0786a___
bc7b8r    CompactaBT-Bold                       0786a___
bc7bi8r   CompactaBT-BoldItalic                 0787a___
bc7bi8r   CompactaBT-BoldItalic                 0787a___
bc7c8r    CompactaBT-Black                      0788a___
bc7c8r    CompactaBT-Black                      0788a___
bc7l8r    CompactaBT-Light                      0783a___
bc7r8r    CompactaBT-Roman                      0784a___
bc7r8r    CompactaBT-Roman                      0784a___
bc7ri8r   CompactaBT-Italic                     0785a___
bc7ri8r   CompactaBT-Italic                     0785a___
bc9r8r    Calligraphic421BT-RomanB              1139a___
bcab8r    CaslonBT-Bold                         0443a___
bcabi8r   CaslonBT-BoldItalic                   0444a___
bcarl8r   CaslonOpenfaceBT-Regular              0581a___
bcbb8r    CooperBT-Bold                         0579a___
bcbbi8r   CooperBT-BoldItalic                   0580a___
bcbbl8r   CooperBT-BlackOutline                 1034a___
bcbc8r    CooperBT-Black                        0630a___
bcbci8r   CooperBT-BlackItalic                  0631a___
bcbcil8r  CooperBT-BlackItalicHeadline          0232a___
bcbcl8r   CooperBT-BlackHeadline                0231a___
bcbl8r    CooperBT-Light                        0575a___
bcbli8r   CooperBT-LightItalic                  0576a___
bcbm8r    CooperBT-Medium                       0577a___
bcbmi8r   CooperBT-MediumItalic                 0578a___
bccr8r    Freehand471BT-Regular                 0418a___
bcdb8r    ClarendonBT-Bold                      0284a___
bcdb8rc   ClarendonBT-BoldCondensed             0228a___
bcdc8r    ClarendonBT-Black                     0351a___
bcdh8r    ClarendonBT-Heavy                     0416a___
bcdl8r    ClarendonBT-Light                     0282a___
bcdr8r    ClarendonBT-Roman                     0283a___
bcdr8rc   ClarendonBT-RomanCondensed            0846a___
bchb8r    CharterBT-Bold                        0632a___
bchbi8r   CharterBT-BoldItalic                  0633a___
bchk8r    CharterBT-Black                       0709a___
bchki8r   CharterBT-BlackItalic                 0710a___
bchr8r    CharterBT-Roman                       0648a___
bchri8r   CharterBT-Italic                      0649a___
bclc8r    CloisterBlackBT-Regular               0757a___
bcnb8rc   Century725BT-BoldCondensed            1058a___
bcnb8rx   CenturyExpandedBT-Bold                0041a___
bcnbi8rx  CenturyExpandedBT-BoldItalic          0042a___
bcnr8rc   Century725BT-RomanCondensed           1057a___
bcnr8rx   CenturyExpandedBT-Roman               0039a___
bcnri8rx  CenturyExpandedBT-Italic              0040a___
bcpbs8r   CopperplateGothicBT-Bold              0421a___
bcpbs8rc  CopperplateGothicBT-BoldCond          0424a___
bcphs8r   CopperplateGothicBT-Heavy             0422a___
bcprs8r   CopperplateGothicBT-Roman             0420a___
bcprs8rc  CopperplateGothicBT-RomanCond         0423a___
bcsb8r    CenturySchoolbookBT-Bold              0085a___
bcsb8rc   CenturySchoolbookBT-BoldCond          0574a___
bcsbi8r   CenturySchoolbookBT-BoldItalic        0086a___
bcsr8r    CenturySchoolbookBT-Roman             0083a___
bcsri8r   CenturySchoolbookBT-Italic            0084a___
bcsrt8r   CenturySchoolbookBT-Monospace         0600a___
bctb8r    CheltenhamBT-Bold                     0622a___
bctb8r    CheltenhamITCbyBT-Bold                0383a___
bctb8rc   CheltenhamBT-BoldCondensed            1065a___
bctb8rq   CheltenhamBT-BoldExtraCondensed       1067a___
bctbd8r   CheltenhamBT-BoldHeadline             0508a___
bctbdi8r  CheltenhamBT-BoldItalicHeadline       0509a___
bctbi8r   CheltenhamBT-BoldItalic               0623a___
bctbi8r   CheltenhamITCbyBT-BoldItalic          0384a___
bctbi8rc  CheltenhamBT-BoldCondItalic           1066a___
bctk8r    CheltenhamITCbyBT-Book                0381a___
bctki8r   CheltenhamITCbyBT-BookItalic          0382a___
bctr8r    CheltenhamBT-Roman                    0620a___
bctri8r   CheltenhamBT-Italic                   0621a___
bcub8r    CenturyOldstyleBT-Bold                0287a___
bcur8r    CenturyOldstyleBT-Roman               0285a___
bcuri8r   CenturyOldstyleBT-Italic              0286a___
bcxb8r    CaxtonBT-Bold                         0891a___
bcxbi8r   CaxtonBT-BoldItalic                   0892a___
bcxk8r    CaxtonBT-Book                         0889a___
bcxki8r   CaxtonBT-BookItalic                   0890a___
bcxl8r    CaxtonBT-Light                        0887a___
bcxli8r   CaxtonBT-LightItalic                  0888a___
bcyb8r    SquareSlabserif711BT-Bold             0412a___
bcyl8r    SquareSlabserif711BT-Light            0410a___
bcym8r    SquareSlabserif711BT-Medium           0411a___
bczr8r    Staccato555BT-RegularA                1153a___
bd0b8r    DavidaBoldBT-Regular                  0195a___
bdcb8r    DomBoldBT-Regular                     0769a___
bdcbi8r   DomDiagonalBT-Bold                    0921a___
bdcr8r    DomCasualBT-Regular                   0604a___
bdcri8r   DomDiagonalBT-Regular                 0920a___
bdeb8r    DellaRobbiaBT-Bold                    1113a___
bder8r    DellaRobbiaBT-Roman                   1112a___
bdir8r    Calligraphic810BT-Roman               0811a___
bdiri8r   Calligraphic810BT-Italic              0812a___
be0r8r    EmbassyBT-Regular                     0588a___
be1r8r    EmpireBT-Regular                      1176a___
beab8r    Transitional521BT-BoldA               0915a___
bear8r    Transitional521BT-RomanA              0913a___
bearw8r   Transitional521BT-CursiveA            0914a___
beeb8r    Egyptian505BT-Bold                    0964a___
beel8r    Egyptian505BT-Light                   0961a___
beem8r    Egyptian505BT-Medium                  0963a___
beer8r    Egyptian505BT-Roman                   0962a___
begb8r    OriginalGaramondBT-Bold               0865a___
begbi8r   OriginalGaramondBT-BoldItalic         0866a___
begr8r    OriginalGaramondBT-Roman              0863a___
begri8r   OriginalGaramondBT-Italic             0864a___
bekr8r    Freeform710BT-Regular                 0714a___
benb8r    EngraversRomanBT-Bold                 0974a___
benbf8r   EngraversOldEnglishBT-Bold            1045a___
benr8r    EngraversRomanBT-Regular              0587a___
benrf8r   EngraversOldEnglishBT-Regular         0212a___
benrs8r   EngraversGothicBT-Regular             0586a___
beob8a    AmerigoBT-BoldA                       0645a___
beobi8a   AmerigoBT-BoldItalicA                 0772a___
beom8a    AmerigoBT-MediumA                     0770a___
beomi8a   AmerigoBT-MediumItalicA               0771a___
beor8a    AmerigoBT-RomanA                      0643a___
beori8a   AmerigoBT-ItalicA                     0644a___
berb8r    ErasITCbyBT-Bold                      0242a___
berd8r    ErasITCbyBT-Demi                      0241a___
berk8r    ErasITCbyBT-Book                      0239a___
berl8r    ErasITCbyBT-Light                     0238a___
berm8r    ErasITCbyBT-Medium                    0240a___
beru8r    ErasITCbyBT-Ultra                     0243a___
besb8r    Square721BT-Bold                      0247a___
besb8rc   Square721BT-BoldCondensed             0249a___
besb8rx   Square721BT-BoldExtended              0251a___
besr8r    Square721BT-Roman                     0246a___
besr8rc   Square721BT-RomanCondensed            0248a___
besr8rx   Square721BT-RomanExtended             0250a___
bf0r8r    FlemishScriptBT-Regular               0591a___
bffm8r    Transitional551BT-MediumB             0884a___
bffmi8r   Transitional551BT-MediumItalicB       0885a___
bfgd8r    FranklinGothicITCbyBT-Demi            0674a___
bfgdi8r   FranklinGothicITCbyBT-DemiItal        0675a___
bfgh8r    FranklinGothicITCbyBT-Heavy           0676a___
bfghi8r   FranklinGothicITCbyBT-HeavyItal       0677a___
bfgk8r    FranklinGothicITCbyBT-Book            0670a___
bfgki8r   FranklinGothicITCbyBT-BookItal        0671a___
bfnb8r    FeniceITCbyBT-Bold                    0684a___
bfnbi8r   FeniceITCbyBT-BoldItalic              0685a___
bfnr8r    FeniceITCbyBT-Regular                 0682a___
bfnri8r   FeniceITCbyBT-RegularItalic           0683a___
bfqb8r    FrizQuadrataITCbyBT-Bold              0429a___
bfqr8r    FrizQuadrataITCbyBT-Roman             0428a___
bfrb8r    Humanist777BT-BoldB                   0859a___
bfrbi8r   Humanist777BT-BoldItalicB             0860a___
bfrc8r    Humanist777BT-BlackB                  0861a___
bfrci8r   Humanist777BT-BlackItalicB            0862a___
bfrl8r    Humanist777BT-LightB                  0855a___
bfrli8r   Humanist777BT-LightItalicB            0856a___
bfrr8r    Humanist777BT-RomanB                  0857a___
bfrri8r   Humanist777BT-ItalicB                 0858a___
bftr8r    FrakturBT-Regular                     0983a___
bfub8r    FuturaBT-Bold                         0144a___
bfub8rc   FuturaBT-BoldCondensed                0202a___
bfubi8r   FuturaBT-BoldItalic                   0145a___
bfubi8rc  FuturaBT-BoldCondensedItalic          0203a___
bfuc8r    FuturaBlackBT-Regular                 0206a___
bfuh8r    FuturaBT-Heavy                        0146a___
bfuhi8r   FuturaBT-HeavyItalic                  0147a___
bfuk8r    FuturaBT-Book                         0140a___
bfuki8r   FuturaBT-BookItalic                   0141a___
bful8r    FuturaBT-Light                        0138a___
bful8rc   FuturaBT-LightCondensed               0200a___
bfuli8r   FuturaBT-LightItalic                  0139a___
bfum8r    FuturaBT-Medium                       0142a___
bfum8rc   FuturaBT-MediumCondensed              0201a___
bfumi8r   FuturaBT-MediumItalic                 0143a___
bfux8r    FuturaBT-ExtraBlack                   0148a___
bfux8rc   FuturaBT-ExtraBlackCondensed          0204a___
bfuxi8r   FuturaBT-ExtraBlackItalic             0149a___
bfuxi8rc  FuturaBT-ExtraBlackCondItalic         0205a___
bg0r8r    GandoBT-Regular                       0625a___
bg3b8r    AmericanGaramondBT-Bold               0045a___
bg3bi8r   AmericanGaramondBT-BoldItalic         0046a___
bg3r8r    AmericanGaramondBT-Roman              0043a___
bg3ri8r   AmericanGaramondBT-Italic             0044a___
bg5r8r    GoudyCatalogueBT-Regular              1054a___
bg6r8r    GorillaITCbyBT-Regular                0664a___
bgjb8r    ElegantGaramondBT-Bold                0713a___
bgjr8r    ElegantGaramondBT-Roman               0711a___
bgjri8r   ElegantGaramondBT-Italic              0712a___
bglb8r    GalliardITCbyBT-Bold                  0069a___
bglbi8r   GalliardITCbyBT-BoldItalic            0070a___
bglr8r    GalliardITCbyBT-Roman                 0067a___
bglri8r   GalliardITCbyBT-Italic                0068a___
bgmb8r    GaramondITCbyBT-Bold                  0347a___
bgmb8rc   GaramondITCbyBT-BoldCondensed         0455a___
bgmbi8r   GaramondITCbyBT-BoldItalic            0348a___
bgmbi8rc  GaramondITCbyBT-BoldCondItalic        0456a___
bgmk8r    GaramondITCbyBT-Book                  0345a___
bgmk8rc   GaramondITCbyBT-BookCondensed         0453a___
bgmki8r   GaramondITCbyBT-BookItalic            0346a___
bgmki8rc  GaramondITCbyBT-BookCondItalic        0454a___
bgob8r    GoudyOldStyleBT-Bold                  0109a___
bgobi8r   GoudyOldStyleBT-BoldItalic            0110a___
bgor8r    GoudyOldStyleBT-Roman                 0107a___
bgori8r   GoudyOldStyleBT-Italic                0108a___
bgox8r    GoudyOldStyleBT-ExtraBold             0111a___
bgsb8r    Humanist521BT-Bold                    0292a___
bgsb8rc   Humanist521BT-BoldCondensed           0496a___
bgsbi8r   Humanist521BT-BoldItalic              0293a___
bgsl8r    Humanist521BT-Light                   0288a___
bgsli8r   Humanist521BT-LightItalic             0289a___
bgsr8r    Humanist521BT-Roman                   0290a___
bgsr8rc   Humanist521BT-RomanCondensed          0495a___
bgsri8r   Humanist521BT-Italic                  0291a___
bgsu8r    Humanist521BT-UltraBold               0295a___
bgsx8r    Humanist521BT-ExtraBold               0294a___
bgsx8rc   Humanist521BT-XtraBoldCondensed       0497a___
bgyh8r    GoudyHeavyfaceBT-Regular              1049a___
bgyh8rc   GoudyHeavyfaceBT-RegularCond          1050a___
bgyrf8r   GoudyHandtooledBT-Regular             1053a___
bh0r8r    HandelGothicBT-Regular                0768a___
bhbr8r    HoboBT-Regular                        0057a___
bhir8r    Swiss921BT-RegularA                   0562a___
bhrb8r    Swiss721BT-BoldRounded                0813a___
bhrc8r    Swiss721BT-BlackRounded               0815a___
bhsr8r    Swiss924BT-RegularB                   0969a___
bhva8r    Swiss721BT-Thin                       0100a___
bhvai8r   Swiss721BT-ThinItalic                 0101a___
bhvb8r    Swiss721BT-Bold                       0005a___
bhvb8rc   Swiss721BT-BoldCondensed              0010a___
bhvb8rx   Swiss721BT-BoldExtended               0373a___
bhvbi8r   Swiss721BT-BoldItalic                 0006a___
bhvbi8rc  Swiss721BT-BoldCondensedItalic        0172a___
bhvbit8r  Monospace821BT-BoldItalic             0599a___
bhvbl8r   Swiss721BT-BoldOutline                0175a___
bhvbl8rc  Swiss721BT-BoldCondensedOutline       0767a___
bhvbt8r   Monospace821BT-Bold                   0598a___
bhvc8r    Swiss721BT-Black                      0007a___
bhvc8rc   Swiss721BT-BlackCondensed             0173a___
bhvc8rx   Swiss721BT-BlackExtended              0374a___
bhvci8r   Swiss721BT-BlackItalic                0008a___
bhvci8rc  Swiss721BT-BlackCondensedItalic       0174a___
bhvcl8r   Swiss721BT-BlackOutline               0563a___
bhvh8r    Swiss721BT-Heavy                      0102a___
bhvh8rq   Swiss911BT-ExtraCompressed            0105a___
bhvh8ru   Swiss911BT-UltraCompressed            0106a___
bhvhi8r   Swiss721BT-HeavyItalic                0103a___
bhvl8r    Swiss721BT-Light                      0001a___
bhvl8rc   Swiss721BT-LightCondensed             0169a___
bhvl8rx   Swiss721BT-LightExtended              0371a___
bhvli8r   Swiss721BT-LightItalic                0002a___
bhvli8rc  Swiss721BT-LightCondensedItalic       0170a___
bhvm8r    Swiss721BT-Medium                     0759a___
bhvmi8r   Swiss721BT-MediumItalic               0760a___
bhvr8r    Swiss721BT-Roman                      0003a___
bhvr8rc   Swiss721BT-RomanCondensed             0009a___
bhvr8rx   Swiss721BT-RomanExtended              0372a___
bhvri8r   Swiss721BT-Italic                     0004a___
bhvri8rc  Swiss721BT-ItalicCondensed            0171a___
bhvrit8r  Monospace821BT-Italic                 0597a___
bhvrt8r   Monospace821BT-Roman                  0596a___
bhwc8rc   SchadowBT-BlackCondensed              1114a___
bhxr8r    HuxleyVerticalBT-Regular              1177a___
bi0r8r    CommercialScriptBT-Regular            0976a___
bi1r8r    ImpressBT-Regular                     0209a___
bi2r8r    ImpulsBT-Regular                      0725a___
biob8r    News701BT-BoldA                       0320a___
bior8r    News701BT-RomanA                      0318a___
biori8r   News701BT-ItalicA                     0319a___
biyb8r    IowanOldStyleBT-Bold                  1200a___
biybi8r   IowanOldStyleBT-BoldItalic            1201a___
biyc8r    IowanOldStyleBT-Black                 1202a___
biyci8r   IowanOldStyleBT-BlackItalic           1203a___
biyr8r    IowanOldStyleBT-Roman                 1198a___
biyri8r   IowanOldStyleBT-Italic                1199a___
bjfr8r    Freehand575BT-RegularB                1046a___
bjnr8r    KisBT-Roman                           0116a___
bjnri8r   KisBT-Italic                          0117a___
bkbb8r    Geometric231BT-BoldC                  1128a___
bkbd8r    KabelITCbyBT-Demi                     0164a___
bkbh8r    Geometric231BT-HeavyC                 1129a___
bkbk8r    KabelITCbyBT-Book                     0162a___
bkbl8r    Geometric231BT-LightC                 1126a___
bkbm8r    KabelITCbyBT-Medium                   0163a___
bkbr8r    Geometric231BT-RomanC                 1127a___
bkbu8r    KabelITCbyBT-Ultra                    0166a___
bkgl8r    BankGothicBT-Light                    0589a___
bkgm8r    BankGothicBT-Medium                   0590a___
bkrb8r    KorinnaITCbyBT-Bold                   0089a___
bkrbi8r   KorinnaITCbyBT-KursivBold             0090a___
bkrr8r    KorinnaITCbyBT-Regular                0087a___
bkrri8r   KorinnaITCbyBT-KursivRegular          0088a___
bkub8r    KaufmannBT-Bold                       0727a___
bkur8r    KaufmannBT-Regular                    0726a___
bl1r8r    LibertyBT-Regular                     0987a___
bl2r8r    LibraBT-Regular                       0690a___
bl3r8r    LuciaBT-Regular                       0847a___
bl4b8r    LucianBT-Bold                         1143a___
bl4r8r    LucianBT-Roman                        1142a___
blgb8r    LetterGothic12PitchBT-Bold            0533a___
blgbi8r   LetterGothic12PitchBT-BoldItal        0543a___
blgr8r    LetterGothic12PitchBT-Roman           0414a___
blgri8r   LetterGothic12PitchBT-Italic          0532a___
blir8rc   LatinExtraCondensedBT-Regular         0507a___
blyb8r    LydianBT-Bold                         0843a___
blybi8r   LydianBT-BoldItalic                   0844a___
blyr8r    LydianBT-Roman                        0841a___
blyri8r   LydianBT-Italic                       0842a___
blyrw8r   LydianCursiveBT-Regular               0845a___
bm2c8r    Geometric415BT-BlackA                 0524a___
bm2ci8r   Geometric415BT-BlackItalicA           0525a___
bm2l8r    Geometric415BT-LiteA                  0520a___
bm2li8r   Geometric415BT-LiteItalicA            0521a___
bm2m8r    Geometric415BT-MediumA                0522a___
bm2mi8r   Geometric415BT-MediumItalicA          0523a___
bm3b8r    MiraraeBT-Bold                        0831a___
bm3r8r    MiraraeBT-Roman                       0830a___
bm4r8r    MisterEarlBT-Regular                  1221a___
bm5b8r    MurrayHillBT-Bold                     0886a___
bmar8r    Freehand521BT-RegularC                1018a___
bmhr8r    MachineITCbyBT-Regular                0534a___
bmlb8r    ZapfElliptical711BT-Bold              0053a___
bmlbi8r   ZapfElliptical711BT-BoldItalic        0054a___
bmlr8r    ZapfElliptical711BT-Roman             0051a___
bmlri8r   ZapfElliptical711BT-Italic            0052a___
bmor8r    Modern20BT-RomanB                     1168a___
bmori8r   Modern20BT-ItalicB                    1169a___
bmpb8r    GeometricSlab703BT-Bold               0310a___
bmpb8rc   GeometricSlab703BT-BoldCond           1020a___
bmpbi8r   GeometricSlab703BT-BoldItalic         0311a___
bmpl8r    GeometricSlab703BT-Light              0306a___
bmpli8r   GeometricSlab703BT-LightItalic        0307a___
bmpm8r    GeometricSlab703BT-Medium             0308a___
bmpm8rc   GeometricSlab703BT-MediumCond         1019a___
bmpmi8r   GeometricSlab703BT-MediumItalic       0309a___
bmpx8r    GeometricSlab703BT-XtraBold           0312a___
bmpx8rc   GeometricSlab703BT-XtraBoldCond       1021a___
bmpxi8r   GeometricSlab703BT-XtraBoldItal       0313a___
bmsr8r    Staccato222BT-Regular                 0610a___
bmzr8r    AmazoneBT-Regular                     1040a___
bn0r8r    NormandeBT-Roman                      1011a___
bn0ri8r   NormandeBT-Italic                     1012a___
bnbb8r    NewBaskervilleITCbyBT-Bold            0934a___
bnbbi8r   NewBaskervilleITCbyBT-BoldItal        0935a___
bnbr8r    NewBaskervilleITCbyBT-Roman           0930a___
bnbri8r   NewBaskervilleITCbyBT-Italic          0931a___
bnlc8r    Informal011BT-Black                   1116a___
bnlr8r    Informal011BT-Roman                   1115a___
bnur8r    NuptialBT-Regular                     0981a___
bnzb8rc   Geometric706BT-BoldCondensedB         0662a___
bnzc8r    Geometric706BT-BlackB                 0661a___
bnzc8rc   Geometric706BT-BlackCondensedB        0663a___
bnzm8r    Geometric706BT-MediumB                0660a___
bo0r8r    OldDreadfulNo7BT-Regular              7009a___
bo1b8r    OrandaBT-Bold                         1206a___
bo1b8rc   OrandaBT-BoldCondensed                1209a___
bo1bi8r   OrandaBT-BoldItalic                   1207a___
bo1r8r    OrandaBT-Roman                        1204a___
bo1r8rc   OrandaBT-RomanCondensed               1208a___
bo1ri8r   OrandaBT-Italic                       1205a___
bo2r8r    OrbitBbyBT-Regular                    0213a___
boar8r    OCRAbyBT-Regular                      0395x___
bobr8r    OCRB10PitchBT-Regular                 0646x___
boer8r    English157BT-Regular                  0840a___
boir8r    FormalScript421BT-Regular             0609a___
bopb8r    ZapfHumanist601BT-Bold                0017a___
bopbi8r   ZapfHumanist601BT-BoldItalic          0018a___
bopd8r    ZapfHumanist601BT-Demi                0134a___
bopdi8r   ZapfHumanist601BT-DemiItalic          0135a___
bopr8r    ZapfHumanist601BT-Roman               0015a___
bopri8r   ZapfHumanist601BT-Italic              0016a___
bopu8r    ZapfHumanist601BT-Ultra               0136a___
bopui8r   ZapfHumanist601BT-UltraItalic         0137a___
borr108r  OratorBT-TenPitch                     0755a___
borr158r  OratorBT-FifteenPitch                 0758a___
botb8r    Ribbon131BT-Bold                      0208a___
botr8r    Ribbon131BT-Regular                   0207a___
boxr8r    OnyxBT-Regular                        0519a___
bozr8r    OzHandicraftBT-Roman                  1178a___
bp3r8r    Brush445BT-Regular                    0990a___
bp4r8r    PioneerITCbyBT-Regular                0214a___
bp5r8r    PiranesiItalicBT-Regular              0592a___
bpar8r    ParkAvenueBT-Regular                  0362a___
bpbr8r    PTBarnumBT-Regular                    0720a___
bpfr8r    Decorated035BT-Regular                0605a___
bpgb8r    Exotic350BT-Bold                      0628a___
bpgd8r    Exotic350BT-DemiBold                  0627a___
bpgl8r    Exotic350BT-Light                     0626a___
bpi001    NewspaperPiBT-Regular                 9836x___
bpi002    SymbolProportionalBT-Regular          9830x___
bpi003    UniversalMath1BT-Regular              9014x___
bpi004    CommercialPiBT-Regular                9025x___
bplb8r    ZapfCalligraphic801BT-Bold            0025a___
bplbi8r   ZapfCalligraphic801BT-BoldItal        0026a___
bplr8r    ZapfCalligraphic801BT-Roman           0023a___
bplri8r   ZapfCalligraphic801BT-Italic          0024a___
bpnb8r    Aldine721BT-Bold                      0114a___
bpnbi8r   Aldine721BT-BoldItalic                0115a___
bpnl8r    Aldine721BT-Light                     0804a___
bpnli8r   Aldine721BT-LightItalic               0805a___
bpnr8r    Aldine721BT-Roman                     0112a___
bpnri8r   Aldine721BT-Italic                    0113a___
bppb8r    Lapidary333BT-Bold                    0717a___
bppbi8r   Lapidary333BT-BoldItalic              0718a___
bppc8r    Lapidary333BT-Black                   1052a___
bppr8r    Lapidary333BT-Roman                   0715a___
bppri8r   Lapidary333BT-Italic                  0716a___
bpsr8r    ParisianBT-Regular                    1064a___
bpyr8r    PlaybillBT-Regular                    0867a___
br0b8r    RomanaBT-Bold                         0897a___
br0r8r    RomanaBT-Roman                        0896a___
brab8r    RaleighBT-Bold                        1081a___
brad8r    RaleighBT-DemiBold                    1080a___
bral8r    RaleighBT-Light                       1077a___
bram8r    RaleighBT-Medium                      1079a___
brar8r    RaleighBT-Roman                       1078a___
brax8r    RaleighBT-ExtraBold                   1082a___
brmb8r    CarminaBT-Bold                        0723a___
brmbi8r   CarminaBT-BoldItalic                  0724a___
brmc8r    CarminaBT-Black                       0668a___
brmci8r   CarminaBT-BlackItalic                 0719a___
brml8r    CarminaBT-Light                       0667a___
brmli8r   CarminaBT-LightItalic                 0624a___
brmm8r    CarminaBT-Medium                      0721a___
brmmi8r   CarminaBT-MediumItalic                0722a___
brsb8r    ArrusBT-Bold                          1147a___
brsbi8r   ArrusBT-BoldItalic                    1148a___
brsc8r    ArrusBT-Black                         1149a___
brsci8r   ArrusBT-BlackItalic                   1150a___
brsr8r    ArrusBT-Roman                         1145a___
brsri8r   ArrusBT-Italic                        1146a___
brvr8r    RevueBT-Regular                       0895a___
brwb8r    GeometricSlab712BT-BoldA              0487a___
brwl8r    GeometricSlab712BT-LightA             0483a___
brwli8r   GeometricSlab712BT-LightItalicA       0484a___
brwm8r    GeometricSlab712BT-MediumA            0485a___
brwmi8r   GeometricSlab712BT-MediumItalA        0486a___
brwx8r    GeometricSlab712BT-ExtraBoldA         0488a___
bs3b8r    SeagullBT-Bold                        0819a___
bs3h8r    SeagullBT-Heavy                       0820a___
bs3l8r    SeagullBT-Light                       0817a___
bs3m8r    SeagullBT-Medium                      0818a___
bs4r8r    ShotgunBT-Regular                     0167a___
bs4rl8r   ShotgunBlanksBT-Regular               0234a___
bs5b8r    SnellBT-Bold                          0197a___
bs5c8r    SnellBT-Black                         0198a___
bs5r8r    SnellBT-Regular                       0196a___
bs6r8r    StuyvesantBT-Regular                  0980a___
bsbb8r    ClassicalGaramondBT-Bold              0279a___
bsbbi8r   ClassicalGaramondBT-BoldItalic        0972a___
bsbr8r    ClassicalGaramondBT-Roman             0277a___
bsbri8r   ClassicalGaramondBT-Italic            0278a___
bslr8r    StencilBT-Regular                     0191a___
bssb8r    SchneidlerBT-Bold                     0905a___
bssbi8r   SchneidlerBT-BoldItalic               0906a___
bssc8r    SchneidlerBT-Black                    0907a___
bssci8r   SchneidlerBT-BlackItalic              0908a___
bssl8r    SchneidlerBT-Light                    0899a___
bssli8r   SchneidlerBT-LightItalic              0900a___
bssm8r    SchneidlerBT-Medium                   0903a___
bssmi8r   SchneidlerBT-MediumItalic             0904a___
bssr8r    SchneidlerBT-Roman                    0901a___
bssri8r   SchneidlerBT-Italic                   0902a___
bsvd8r    SouvenirITCbyBT-Demi                  0021a___
bsvdi8r   SouvenirITCbyBT-DemiItalic            0022a___
bsvl8r    SouvenirITCbyBT-Light                 0019a___
bsvli8r   SouvenirITCbyBT-LightItalic           0020a___
bt0r8r    TangoBT-Regular                       1151a___
bt1r8r    ThunderbirdBT-Regular                 0606a___
bt2r8r    TypoUprightBT-Regular                 0939a___
btfd8r    TiffanyITCbyBT-Demi                   0224a___
btfdi8r   TiffanyITCbyBT-DemiItalic             0225a___
btfh8r    TiffanyITCbyBT-Heavy                  0226a___
btfhi8r   TiffanyITCbyBT-HeavyItalic            0227a___
btfl8r    TiffanyITCbyBT-Light                  0220a___
btfli8r   TiffanyITCbyBT-LightItalic            0221a___
btmb8r    Dutch801BT-Bold                       0013a___
btmbi8r   Dutch801BT-BoldItalic                 0014a___
btmr8r    Dutch801BT-Roman                      0011a___
btmrd8r   Dutch801BT-RomanHeadline              1035a___
btmri8r   Dutch801BT-Italic                     0012a___
btmrid8r  Dutch801BT-ItalicHeadline             1036a___
btms8r    Dutch801BT-SemiBold                   0834a___
btmsi8r   Dutch801BT-SemiBoldItalic             0835a___
btmx8r    Dutch801BT-ExtraBold                  0549a___
btmxi8r   Dutch801BT-ExtraBoldItalic            0971a___
btor8r    Industrial736BT-Roman                 1047a___
btori8r   Industrial736BT-Italic                1048a___
btvb8r    Kuenstler480BT-Bold                   0763a___
btvbi8r   Kuenstler480BT-BoldItalic             0764a___
btvc8r    Kuenstler480BT-Black                  1026a___
btvr8r    Kuenstler480BT-Roman                  0761a___
btvri8r   Kuenstler480BT-Italic                 0762a___
bubb8r    BauerBodoniBT-Bold                    0330a___
bubb8rc   BauerBodoniBT-BoldCondensed           0334a___
bubbi8r   BauerBodoniBT-BoldItalic              0331a___
bubc8r    BauerBodoniBT-Black                   0332a___
bubc8rc   BauerBodoniBT-BlackCondensed          0335a___
bubci8r   BauerBodoniBT-BlackItalic             0333a___
bubr8r    BauerBodoniBT-Roman                   0328a___
bubrd8r   BauerBodoniBT-Titling                 1072a___
bubri8r   BauerBodoniBT-Italic                  0329a___
bugb8r    BenguiatGothicITCbyBT-Bold            0463a___
bugbi8r   BenguiatGothicITCbyBT-BoldItal        0464a___
bugk8r    BenguiatGothicITCbyBT-Book            0459a___
bugki8r   BenguiatGothicITCbyBT-BookItal        0460a___
bumr8r    UmbraBT-Regular                       1074a___
bunb8r    ZurichBT-Bold                         0180a___
bunb8rc   ZurichBT-BoldCondensed                0300a___
bunb8rq   ZurichBT-BoldExtraCondensed           0960a___
bunb8rx   ZurichBT-BoldExtended                 0261a___
bunbi8r   ZurichBT-BoldItalic                   0181a___
bunbi8rc  ZurichBT-BoldCondensedItalic          0301a___
bunc8r    ZurichBT-Black                        0182a___
bunc8rx   ZurichBT-BlackExtended                0262a___
bunci8r   ZurichBT-BlackItalic                  0183a___
bunl8r    ZurichBT-Light                        0176a___
bunl8rc   ZurichBT-LightCondensed               0296a___
bunl8rq   ZurichBT-LightExtraCondensed          0958a___
bunli8r   ZurichBT-LightItalic                  0177a___
bunli8rc  ZurichBT-LightCondensedItalic         0297a___
bunr8r    ZurichBT-Roman                        0178a___
bunr8rc   ZurichBT-RomanCondensed               0298a___
bunr8rq   ZurichBT-ExtraCondensed               0959a___
bunr8rx   ZurichBT-RomanExtended                0260a___
bunri8r   ZurichBT-Italic                       0179a___
bunri8rc  ZurichBT-ItalicCondensed              0299a___
bunu8rx   ZurichBT-UltraBlackExtended           0263a___
bunx8r    ZurichBT-ExtraBlack                   0970a___
burb8r    Venetian301BT-Bold                    1099a___
burbi8r   Venetian301BT-BoldItalic              1100a___
burd8r    Venetian301BT-Demi                    1097a___
burdi8r   Venetian301BT-DemiItalic              1098a___
burr8r    Venetian301BT-Roman                   1095a___
burri8r   Venetian301BT-Italic                  1096a___
buyb8r    UniversityRomanBT-Bold                0317a___
buyr8r    UniversityRomanBT-Regular             0316a___
bv0r8r    VinetaBT-Regular                      0215a___
bvir8r    DeVinneBT-Roman                       0911a___
bvird8r   DeVinneBT-Text                        1041a___
bviri8r   DeVinneBT-Italic                      0912a___
bvirid8r  DeVinneBT-ItalicText                  1042a___
bvrr8r    VAGRoundedBT-Regular                  0756a___
bw0r8r    WeddingTextBT-Regular                 0985a___
bwnl8r    WindsorBT-Light                       0909a___
bwnl8rc   WindsorBT-LightCondensed              0326a___
bwnr8r    WindsorBT-Roman                       0122a___
bwnr8rx   WindsorBT-Elongated                   0327a___
bwnrl8r   WindsorBT-Outline                     0988a___
bysb8r    GoudySansITCbyBT-Bold                 0926a___
bysbi8r   GoudySansITCbyBT-BoldItalic           0927a___
bysc8r    GoudySansITCbyBT-Black                0928a___
bysci8r   GoudySansITCbyBT-BlackItalic          0929a___
bysl8r    GoudySansITCbyBT-Light                0922a___
bysli8r   GoudySansITCbyBT-LightItalic          0923a___
bysm8r    GoudySansITCbyBT-Medium               0924a___
bysmi8r   GoudySansITCbyBT-MediumItalic         0925a___
bzcb8r    ZapfChanceryITCbyBT-Bold              0450a___
bzcd8r    ZapfChanceryITCbyBT-Demi              0449a___
bzcm8r    ZapfChanceryITCbyBT-Medium            0447a___
bzcmi8r   ZapfChanceryITCbyBT-MediumItal        0448a___
bzdr8r    ZapfDingbatsITCbyBT-Regular           8556x___
zbshals   ShelleyAllegroBT-Regular              0594a___
zbshans   ShelleyAndanteBT-Regular              0593a___
zbshvos   ShelleyVolanteBT-Regular              0595a___
b___      BusoramaITCbyBT-Medium                0062a___
b___      FrysBaskervilleBT-Roman               1101a___
b___      GrizzlyITCbyBT-Regular                0688a___

DTC fonts

The `' file has abbreviations for DTC (Digital Typeface Corporation) fonts.

dhvc8rc  SansBlackCondensed-DTC
dhvco8rc SansBlackCondensed-Oblique-DTC
dhvm8rx  SansExtended-Medium-DTC
dhvr8rx  SansExtended-Regular-DTC
dhvro8rc SansExtended-RegularOblique-DTC
dhvx8rc  SansExtraBlackCondensed-DTC
dhvl8rx  SansLightExtended-DTC
dhvh8rc  SansThinCondensed-DTC
dhvho8rc SansThinCondensed-Oblique-DTC
dnbb8r   NewBaskerville-Bold-DTC
dnbbi8r  NewBaskerville-BoldItalic-DTC
dnbri8r  NewBaskerville-RomanItalic-DTC
dnbr8r   NewBaskerville-Roman-DTC
dopr8r   Optimum-Roman-DTC
dopb8r   Optimum-Bold-DTC
dopbo8r  Optimum-BoldItalic-DTC
doro8r   Optimum-RomanItalic-DTC
dpll8r   Palton-Light-DTC

Linotype fonts

The `' file has abbreviations for Linotype fonts.

l__r8r    BermudaLP-Solid
l__re8r   BermudaLP-Dots
l__rl8r   BermudaLP-Open
l__rw8r   BermudaLP-Squiggle
lcfbs8r   ClearfaceGothicLH-Bold
lcfcs8r   ClearfaceGothicLH-Black
lcfls8r   ClearfaceGothicLH-Light
lcfms8r   ClearfaceGothicLH-Medium
lcfrs8r   ClearfaceGothicLH-Roman
ldob8r    DidotLH-Bold
ldobj8r   DidotLH-BoldOsF
ldod8r    DidotLH-Headline
ldodj8r   DidotLH-HeadlineOsF
ldor7a    DidotLH-Initials
ldor8r    DidotLH-Roman
ldorc8r   DidotLH-RomanSC
ldori8r   DidotLH-Italic
ldorij8r  DidotLH-ItalicOsF
ldorj8r   DidotLH-RomanOsF
ldorp1    DidotLH-OrnamentsOne
ldorp2    DidotLH-OrnamentsTwo
leab8r    ElectraLH-Bold
leabc8r   ElectraLH-BoldSC
leabd8r   ElectraLH-BoldDisplay
leabi8r   ElectraLH-BoldCursive
leabid8r  ElectraLH-BoldCursiveDisplay
leabij8r  ElectraLH-BoldCursiveOsF
leabj8r   ElectraLH-BoldOsF
lear8r    ElectraLH-Regular
learc8r   ElectraLH-RegularSC
leard8r   ElectraLH-Display
leari8r   ElectraLH-Cursive
learid8r  ElectraLH-CursiveDisplay
learij8r  ElectraLH-CursiveOsF
learj8r   ElectraLH-RegularOsF
lenb8r    EngraversLH-BoldFace
lffb8r    FairfieldLH-Bold
lffbc8r   FairfieldLH-BoldSC
lffbd8r   FairfieldLH-CaptionBold
lffbi8r   FairfieldLH-BoldItalic
lffbijw8r FairfieldLH-SwBoldItalicOsF
lffh8r    FairfieldLH-Heavy
lffhc8r   FairfieldLH-HeavySC
lffhd8r   FairfieldLH-CaptionHeavy
lffhi8r   FairfieldLH-HeavyItalic
lffhijw8r FairfieldLH-SwHeavyItalicOsF
lffl8r    FairfieldLH-Light
lfflc8r   FairfieldLH-LightSC
lffld8r   FairfieldLH-CaptionLight
lffli8r   FairfieldLH-LightItalic
lfflijw8r FairfieldLH-SwLightItalicOsF
lffm8r    FairfieldLH-Medium
lffmc8r   FairfieldLH-MediumSC
lffmd8r   FairfieldLH-CaptionMedium
lffmi8r   FairfieldLH-MediumItalic
lffmijw8r FairfieldLH-SwMediumItalicOsF
l__r8r    FlorensLP
l__r7a    FlorensLP-Alternates
lgzb8r    GazetteLH-Bold
lgzr8r    GazetteLH-Roman
lgzri8r   GazetteLH-Italic
l__r8r    HardwoodLP
lkwr7a    KoloLP-Alternates
lkwr8r    KoloLP-Regular
lkwr8rn   KoloLP-Narrow
lkwr8rw   KoloLP-Wide
l__r8r    ManitoLP
lojr8r    OldClaudeLP
lojrc8r   OldClaudeLP-SC
lojrj8r   OldClaudeLP-OsF
lpi001    OlympicLH-Pi
lpi002    WarningLH-Pi
lpi003    AudioLH-Pi
lpi005    CaravanLH-One
lpi006    CaravanLH-Two
lpi007    CaravanLH-Three
lpi008    CaravanLH-Four
lrzb8r    RuzickaFreehandLH-Bold
lrzbc8r   RuzickaFreehandLH-BoldSC
lrzr8r    RuzickaFreehandLH-Roman
lrzrc8r   RuzickaFreehandLH-RomanSC
l__r8r    SerlioLH
l__l8r    SpringLP-Light
l__r8r    SpringLP
l__r8r    SpumoniLP
ltgb8rx   TradeGothicLH-BoldExtended
ltgr8rx   TradeGothicLH-Extended
lvcb8r    VectoraLH-Bold
lvcbi8r   VectoraLH-BoldItalic
lvcc8r    VectoraLH-Black
lvcci8r   VectoraLH-BlackItalic
lvcl8r    VectoraLH-Light
lvcli8r   VectoraLH-LightItalic
lvcr8r    VectoraLH-Roman
lvcri8r   VectoraLH-Italic
lwhb8r    WendyLP-Bold
lwhl8r    WendyLP-Light
lwhm8r    WendyLP-Medium

Monotype fonts

The `' file has abbreviations for Monotype fonts.

ma1b8r    ArialMT-Bold
ma1b8rn   ArialNarrowMT-Bold            MArial-NarrowBold
ma1b9s    ArialSFMT-Bold
ma1bi8r   ArialMT-BoldItalic
ma1bi8rn  ArialNarrowMT-BoldItalic      MArial-NarrowBoldItalic
ma1bi9s   ArialSFMT-BoldItalic
ma1bot8r  ArialMonospacedMT-BoldObliq
ma1br8rc  ArialMT-CondensedBold
ma1bt8r   ArialMonospacedMT-Bold
ma1c8r    ArialMT-Black
ma1ci8r   ArialMT-BlackItalic
ma1l8r    ArialMT-Light
ma1l8rc   ArialMT-CondensedLight
ma1li8r   ArialMT-LightItalic
ma1m8r    ArialMT-Medium
ma1mi8r   ArialMT-MediumItalic
ma1r8r    ArialMT
ma1r8rc   ArialMT-Condensed
ma1r8rn   ArialNarrowMT                 MArial-Narrow
ma1r9s    ArialSFMT
ma1ri8r   ArialMT-Italic
ma1ri9s   ArialSFMT-Italic
ma1rin8r  ArialNarrowMT-Italic          MArial-NarrowItalic
ma1ro8r   ArialMonospacedMT-Oblique
ma1rt8r   ArialMonospacedMT
ma1x8r    ArialMT-ExtraBold
ma1x8rc   ArialMT-CondensedExtraBold
ma1xi8r   ArialMT-ExtraBoldItalic
ma2b8r    AmasisMT-Bold
ma2bi8r   AmasisMT-BoldItalic
ma2c8r    AmasisMT-Black
ma2ci8r   AmasisMT-BlackItalic
ma2l8r    AmasisMT-Light
ma2li8r   AmasisMT-LightItalic
ma2m8r    AmasisMT-Medium
ma2mi8r   AmasisMT-MediumItalic
ma2r8r    AmasisMT
ma2ri8r   AmasisMT-Italic
magb8r    CenturyGothic-Bold
magbo8r   CenturyGothic-BoldItalic
magd8r    MAvantGardeGothicPS-Demi
magdo8r   MAvantGardeGothicPS-DemiObl
magk8r    MAvantGardeGothicPS-Book
magko8r   MAvantGardeGothicPS-BookObl
magr8r    CenturyGothic
magro8r   CenturyGothic-Italic
mahrw8r   AshleyScriptMT
maib8r    AbadiMT-Bold                  MAbadi-Bold
maib8rc   AbadiMT-CondensedBold
maibi8r   AbadiMT-BoldItalic            MAbadi-BoldItalic
maij8r    AbadiMT-ExtraLight            MAbadi-ExtraLight
maiji8r   AbadiMT-ExtraLightItalic      MAbadi-ExtraLightItalic
mail8r    AbadiMT-Light                 MAbadi-Light
mail8rc   AbadiMT-CondensedLight
maili8r   AbadiMT-LightItalic           MAbadi-LightItalic
mair8r    AbadiMT                       MAbadi
mair8rc   AbadiMT-Condensed
mairi8r   AbadiMT-Italic                MAbadi-Italic
maix8r    AbadiMT-ExtraBold             MAbadi-ExtraBold
maix8rc   AbadiMT-CondensedExtraBold
maixi8r   AbadiMT-ExtraBoldItalic       MAbadi-ExtraBoldItalic
mall8r    AlbertusMT-Light              MAlbertus-Light
malr8r    AlbertusMT                    MAlbertus 
malri8r   AlbertusMT-Italic             MAlbertus-Italic
mapr8r    ApolloMT                      MApollo
mapr8x    ApolloMT-Expert
maprc8r   ApolloMT-SC
mapri8r   ApolloMT-Italic               MApollo-Italic
mapri8x   ApolloMT-ItalicExpert
maprij8r  ApolloMT-ItalicOsF
maps8r    ApolloMT-SemiBold             MApollo-SemiBold
maps8x    ApolloMT-SemiBoldExpert
mapsj8r   ApolloMT-SemiBoldOsF
maqb8r    BookAntiqua-Bold
maqbi8r   BookAntiqua-BoldItalic
maqr8r    BookAntiqua
maqri8r   BookAntiqua-Italic
mb1ri8r   BladoMT-Italic                MBlado-Italic
mb1ri8x   BladoExpertMT-Italic
mb2r8r    BinnyOldStyleMT
mb2ri8r   BinnyOldStyleMT-Italic
mb3r8r    MBraggadocio
mbbb7a    BemboMT-AltBold
mbbb8r    BemboMT-Bold
mbbb8x    BemboExpertMT-Bold            MBemboExpert-Bold
mbbbi7a   BemboMT-AltBoldItalic
mbbbi8r   BemboMT-BoldItalic
mbbbi8x   BemboExpertMT-BoldItalic      MBemboExpert-BoldItalic
mbbbin8r  BemboMT-SchlbkBoldItalic
mbbbn8r   BemboMT-SchlbkBold
mbbr7a    BemboMT-Alt
mbbr8r    BemboMT
mbbr8x    BemboExpertMT                 MBemboExpert
mbbrd8r   BemboTitlingMT
mbbrdi8r  BemboTitlingMT-Italic
mbbri7a   BemboMT-AltItalic
mbbri8r   BemboMT-Italic
mbbri8x   BemboExpertMT-Italic          MBemboExpert-Italic
mbbrin8r  BemboMT-SchlbkItalic
mbbrn8r   BemboMT-Schlbk
mbbs7a    BemboMT-AltSemiBold
mbbs8r    BemboMT-Semibold
mbbs8x    BemboExpertMT-SemiBold        MBemboExpert-SemiBold
mbbsi7a   BemboMT-AltSemiBoldItalic
mbbsi8r   BemboMT-SemiboldItalic
mbbsi8x   BemboExpertMT-SemiBoldItalic  MBemboExpert-SemiBoldItalic
mbbx7a    BemboMT-AltExtraBold
mbbx8r    BemboMT-ExtraBold
mbbx8x    BemboExpertMT-ExtraBold       MBemboExpert-ExtraBold
mbbxi8r   BemboMT-ExtraBoldItalic
mbbxi8x   BemboExpertMT-ExtraBoldItalic MBemboExpert-ExtraBoldItalic
mbdb8r    BodoniMT-Bold
mbdb8rc   BodoniMT-CondensedBold        MBodoni-BoldCondensed
mbdbi8r   BodoniMT-BoldItalic
mbdbi8rc  BodoniMT-CondensedBoldItalic  MBodoni-BoldCondensedItalic
mbdc8r    BodoniMT-Black                MBodoni-Black
mbdci8r   BodoniMT-BlackItalic          MBodoni-BlackItalic
mbdk8r    BodoniMT-Book                 MBodoni-Book
mbdki8r   BodoniMT-BookItalic           MBodoni-BookItalic
mbdr8r    BodoniMT
mbdri8r   BodoniMT-Italic
mbdu8r    BodoniMT-UltraBold            MBodoni-UltraBold
mbdui8r   BodoniMT-UltraBoldItalic      MBodoni-UltraBoldItalic
mbeb8r    BellMT-Bold                   MBell-Bold
mbeb8x    BellMT-BoldExpert
mbebi8r   BellMT-BoldItalic
mbebi8x   BellMT-BoldItalicExpert
mber7a    BellMT-RegularAlt
mber8r    BellMT-Regular                MBell
mber8x    BellMT-RegularExpert
mberc8r   BellMT-RegularSC
mberi7a   BellMT-ItalicAlt
mberi8r   BellMT-Italic                 MBell-Italic
mberi8x   BellMT-ItalicExpert
mberx7a   BellMT-RegularExpertAlt
mbes7a    BellMT-SemiBoldAlt
mbes8r    BellMT-SemiBold               MBell-SemiBold
mbes8x    BellMT-SemiBoldExpert
mbesc8r   BellMT-SemiBoldSC
mbesi7a   BellMT-SemiBoldItalicAlt
mbesi8r   BellMT-SemiBoldItalic
mbesi8x   BellMT-SemiBoldItalicExpert
mbesx7a   BellMT-SemiBoldExpertAlt
mbfr8r    BiffoMT
mbkb8r    BookmanOldStyle-Bold
mbkbi8r   BookmanOldStyle-BoldItalic
mbkd8r    MBookmanPS-Demi
mbkdi8r   MBookmanPS-DemiItalic
mbkl8r    MBookmanPS-Light
mbkli8r   MBookmanPS-LightItalic
mbkr8r    BookmanOldStyle
mbkri8r   BookmanOldStyle-Italic
mbmb7a    BulmerMT-BoldAlt
mbmb8r    BulmerMT-Bold
mbmb8x    BulmerMT-BoldExpert
mbmbd7a   BulmerMT-BoldDisplayAlt
mbmbd8r   BulmerMT-BoldDisplay
mbmbdi7a  BulmerMT-BoldItalDisplayAlt
mbmbdi8r  BulmerMT-BoldItalicDisplay
mbmbi7a   BulmerMT-BoldItalicAlt
mbmbi8r   BulmerMT-BoldItalic
mbmbi8x   BulmerMT-BoldItalicExpert
mbmr7a    BulmerMT-RegularAlt
mbmr8r    BulmerMT-Regular
mbmr8x    BulmerMT-RegularExpert
mbmrc8r   BulmerMT-RegularSC
mbmrd7a   BulmerMT-RegularDisplayAlt
mbmrd8r   BulmerMT-RegularDisplay
mbmri7a   BulmerMT-ItalicAlt
mbmri8r   BulmerMT-Italic
mbmri8x   BulmerMT-ItalicExpert
mbmrid7a  BulmerMT-ItalicDisplayAlt
mbmrid8r  BulmerMT-ItalicDisplay
mbms7a    BulmerMT-SemiBoldAlt
mbms8r    BulmerMT-SemiBold
mbms8x    BulmerMT-SemiBoldExpert
mbmsc8r   BulmerMT-SemiBoldSC
mbmsi7a   BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalicAlt
mbmsi8r   BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalic
mbmsi8x   BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalExpert
mbnr8rc   BernardMT-Condensed
mbtm      Boton-Medium
mbtmi     Boton-MediumItalic
mbtr      Boton-Regular
mbtri     Boton-Italic
mburw8r   BrushScriptMT
mbvb8r    BaskervilleMT-Bold
mbvb8x    BskvillExpMT-Bold             MBaskervilleExpert-Bold
mbvbi8r   BaskervilleMT-BoldItalic
mbvbi8x   BskvillExpMT-BoldItalic       MBaskervilleExpert-BoldItalic
mbvr8r    BaskervilleMT
mbvr8x    BskvillExpMT                  MBaskervilleExpert
mbvri8r   BaskervilleMT-Italic
mbvri8x   BskvillExpMT-Italic           MBaskervilleExpert-Italic
mbvs8r    BaskervilleMT-SemiBold
mbvs8x    BskvillExpMT-SemiBold         MBaskervilleExpert-SemiBold
mbvsi8r   BaskervilleMT-SemiBoldItalic
mbvsi8x   BskvillExpMT-SemiBoldItalic   MBaskervilleExpt-SemiBoldIta
mc1b8r    CalistoMT-Bold
mc1bi8r   CalistoMT-BoldItalic
mc1r8r    CalistoMT
mc1ri8r   CalistoMT-Italic
mc6b8r    ClarionMT-Bold                MClarion-Bold
mc6r8r    ClarionMT                     MClarion
mc6ri8r   ClarionMT-Italic              MClarion-Italic
mc7b8r    CompactaMT-Bold
mc8b8r    CalvertMT-Bold
mc8l8r    CalvertMT-Light
mc8m8r    CalvertMT-Medium
mc8r8r    CalvertMT
mcard8r   CaslonTitlingMT
mcdr8r    ClarendonMT                   MClarendon
mcfb8r    ClearfaceMT-Bold
mcfbs8r   ClearfaceGothicMT-Bold
mcfds8r   ClearfaceGothicMT-DemiBold
mcnb8r    CenturyMT-Bold                MCentury-Bold
mcnbi8r   CenturyMT-BoldItalic          MCentury-BoldItalic
mcnr8rx   CenturyMT-Expanded            MCentury-Expanded
mcnri8rx  CenturyMT-ExpandedItalic      MCentury-ExpandedItalic
mcr8r12   CourierTwelveMT
mcrb8r    CourierPS-Bold                MCourierPS-Bold
mcrbi8r   CourierPS-BoldItalic          MCourierPS-BoldItalic
mcrr8r    CourierPS CourierPSMT         MCourierPS
mcrri8r   CourierPS-Italic              MCourierPS-Italic
mcsb8r    CenturySchbookMT-Bold         MCenturySchoolbook-Bold
mcsbi8r   CenturySchbookMT-BoldItalic   MCenturySchoolbook-BoldItalic
mcsr8r    CenturySchbookMT              MCenturySchoolbook
mcsri8r   CenturySchbookMT-Italic       MCenturySchoolbook-Italic
mcub8r    CenturyOSMT-Bold              MCenturyOldStyle-Bold
mcubi8r   CenturyOSMT-BoldItalic        MCenturyOldStyle-BoldItalic
mcur8r    CenturyOSMT                   MCenturyOldStyle
mcuri8r   CenturyOSMT-Italic            MCenturyOldStyle-Italic
mdmb8r    DelimaMT-Bold
mdmbi8r   DelimaMT-BoldItalic
mdml8r    DelimaMT-Light
mdmli8r   DelimaMT-LightItalic
mdmr8r    DelimaMT
mdmri8r   DelimaMT-Italic
mdms8r    DelimaMT-SemiBold
mdmsi8r   DelimaMT-SemiBoldItalic
mdmx8r    DelimaMT-ExtraBold
mdmxi8r   DelimaMT-ExtraBoldItalic
mdsrw8r   DorchesterScriptMT
mdtb7a    DanteMT-BoldAlt
mdtb8r    DanteMT-Bold
mdtb8x    DanteMT-BoldExpert
mdtbi7a   DanteMT-BoldItalicAlt
mdtbi8r   DanteMT-BoldItalic
mdtbi8x   DanteMT-BoldItalicExpert
mdtm7a    DanteMT-MediumAlt
mdtm8r    DanteMT-Medium
mdtm8x    DanteMT-MediumExpert
mdtmi7a   DanteMT-MediumItalicAlt
mdtmi8r   DanteMT-MediumItalic
mdtmi8x   DanteMT-MediumItalicExpert
mdtr7a    DanteMT-RegularAlt
mdtr8r    DanteMT-Regular
mdtr8x    DanteMT-RegularExpert
mdtrd8r   DanteMT-Titling
mdtri7a   DanteMT-ItalicAlt
mdtri8r   DanteMT-Italic
mdtri8x   DanteMT-ItalicExpert
mebm8r    BaskervilleBE-Medium
mebmi8r   BaskervilleBE-MediumItalic
mebr8r    BaskervilleBE-Regular
mebri8r   BaskervilleBE-Italic
meer8r    EgyptianMT-Extended           MEgyptianExtended
melb8r    EllingtonMT-Bold              MEllington-Bold
melbi8r   EllingtonMT-BoldItalic        MEllington-BoldItalic
mell8r    EllingtonMT-Light             MEllington-Light
melli8r   EllingtonMT-LightItalic       MEllington-LightItalic
melr8r    EllingtonMT                   MEllington
melri8r   EllingtonMT-Italic            MEllington-Italic
melx8r    EllingtonMT-ExtraBold         MEllington-ExtraBold
melxi8r   EllingtonMT-ExtraBoldItalic   MEllington-ExtraBoldItalic
menb8r    EngraversMT-Bold
menr8r    EngraversMT
menrf8r   EngraversOldEnglishMT
metr8r    EhrhardtMT
metr8x    EhrhardtExpMT                 MEhrhardtExpt
metri8r   EhrhardtMT-Italic
metri8x   EhrhardtExpMT-Italic          MEhrhardtExpt-Italic
mets8r    EhrhardtMT-SemiBold
mets8x    EhrhardtExpMT-SemiBold        MEhrhardtExpt-SemiBold
metsi8r   EhrhardtMT-SemiBoldItalic
metsi8x   EhrhardtExpMT-SemiBoldItal    MEhrhardtExpt-SemiBoldItalic
mf1r7a    FournierMT-RegularAlt
mf1r8r    FournierMT-Regular
mf1r8x    FournierMT-RegularExpert
mf1rd8r   FournierMT-TallCaps
mf1ri7a   FournierMT-ItalicAlt
mf1ri8r   FournierMT-Italic
mf1ri8x   FournierMT-ItalicExpert
mf1rid8r  FournierMT-ItalicTallCaps
mf1rp     FournierMT-Ornaments
mf2r8rc   FacadeMT-Condensed
mf3rd8r   FestivalTitlingMT
mf4b8r    FootlightMT-Bold
mf4bi8r   FootlightMT-BoldItalic
mf4l8r    FootlightMT-Light
mf4li8r   FootlightMT-LightItalic
mf4r8r    FootlightMT
mf4ri8r   FootlightMT-Italic
mf4x8r    FootlightMT-ExtraBold
mf4xi8r   FootlightMT-ExtraBoldItalic
mf5r8r    FrenchScriptMT
mfer8r    ForteMT                       MForte
mfgr8rq   FrankGothMT-ExtraCondensed
mfir8r    FigaroMT                      MFigaro
mfsr8r    FalstaffMT                    MFalstaff
mfsrd8r   FalstaffFestivalMT
mfxr8r    FelixTitlingMT
mg2rw     Giddyup
mg4r8r    MGoudyModern
mg4ri8r   MGoudyModern-Italic
mg5r8r    GoudyCatalogueMT              MGoudyCatalogue
mg5ri8r   GoudyCatalogueMT-Italic       MGoudyCatalogue-Italic
mgmb8r    GaramondMT-Bold
mgmb8x    GaramondExpertMT-Bold         MGaramondExpert-Bold
mgmbi8r   GaramondMT-BoldItalic
mgmbi8x   GaramondExpertMT-BoldItalic   MGaramondExpert-BoldItalic
mgmr8r    GaramondMT
mgmr8x    GaramondExpertMT              MGaramondExpert
mgmrd8r   GaramondMT-SwashCaps
mgmri7a   GaramondMT-AlternativeItalic
mgmri8r   GaramondMT-Italic
mgmri8x   GaramondExpertMT-Italic       MGaramondExpert-Italic
mgmrw8r   GaramondMT-Swash
mgor8r    GoudyOldStyleMT               MGoudyOldStyle
mgori8r   GoudyOldStyleMT-Italic        MGoudyOldStyle-Italic
mgqb8r    GrotesqueMT-Bold              MGrotesque-Bold
mgqb8rx   GrotesqueMT-BoldExtended
mgqbd8rc  GrotesqueDisplayMT-BoldCond
mgqbd8rx  GrotesqueDisplayMT-BoldExt
mgqc8r    GrotesqueMT-Black             MGrotesque-Black
mgql8r    GrotesqueMT-Light             MGrotesque-Light
mgql8rc   GrotesqueMT-LightCondensed    MGrotesque-LightCondensed
mgqli8r   GrotesqueMT-LightItalic       MGrotesque-LightItalic
mgqr8r    GrotesqueMT                   MGrotesque
mgqr8rc   GrotesqueMT-Condensed         MGrotesque-Condensed
mgqr8rq   GrotesqueMT-ExtraCondensed    MGrotesque-ExtraCondensed
mgqri8r   GrotesqueMT-Italic            MGrotesque-Italic
mgrb8r    GloucesMT-Bold                MGloucester-Bold
mgrb8rc   GloucesMT-CondensedBold       MGloucester-BoldCondensed
mgrb8ro   GloucesMT-ExtraCondensedBold  MGloucester-BoldExtraCondensed
mgrb8rx   GloucesMT-ExtendedBold        MGloucester-BoldExtended
mgrr8r    MGloucester-OldStyle
mgs8rc    GillSansMT-Condensed
mgsb8r    GillSansMT-Bold
mgsb8rc   GillSansMT-BoldCondensed
mgsb8rq   GillSansMT-ExCondensedBold
mgsba8r   GillAltOneMT-Bold
mgsbd8r   GillSansDisplayMT-Bold
mgsbd8rc  GillSansDisplayMT-CondBold
mgsbi8r   GillSansMT-BoldItalic
mgsbia8r  GillAltOneMT-BoldItalic
mgsbin8r  GillSansMT-SchlbkBoldItalic
mgsbn8r   GillSansMT-SchlbkBold
mgsh8r    GillSansMT-Heavy
mgsha8r   GillAltOneMT-Heavy
mgshi8r   GillSansMT-HeavyItalic
mgshia8r  GillAltOneMT-HeavyItalic
mgsk8r    GillSansMT-Book
mgska8r   GillAltOneMT-Book
mgski8r   GillSansMT-BookItalic
mgskia8r  GillAltOneMT-BookItalic
mgsl8r    GillSansMT-Light
mgsla8r   GillAltOneMT-Light
mgsli8r   GillSansMT-LightItalic
mgslia8r  GillAltOneMT-LightItalic
mgsr8r    GillSansMT
mgsr8rc   GillSansMT-Condensed
mgsra8r   GillAltOneMT
mgsrh8r   GillSansMT-Shadow
mgsri8r   GillSansMT-Italic
mgsria8r  GillAltOneMT-Italic
mgsrin8r  GillSansMT-SchlbkItalic
mgsrl8r   GillSansShadowedMT-Light
mgsrn8r   GillSansMT-Schlbk
mgsu8r    GillSansMT-UltraBold
mgsu8rc   GillSansMT-UltraBoldCondensed
mgsx8r    GillSansMT-ExtraBold
mgsxd8r   GillSansDisplayMT-ExtraBold
mgtr7a    GoudyTextMT-Alternate
mgtr8r    GoudyTextMT                   MGoudyText
mgtra8r   GoudyTextMT-Dfr
mgtrd8r   GoudyTextMT-LombardicCapitals
mgyb8r    GoudyMT-Bold                  MGoudyBold
mgybi8r   GoudyMT-BoldItalic
mgyrp     GoudySorts
mgyx8r    GoudyMT-ExtraBold             MGoudyExtraBold
mhdr8r    HeadlineMT-Bold               MHeadlineBold
mhob8r    HorleyOSMT-Bold               MHorleyOldStyle-Bold
mhobi8r   HorleyOSMT-BoldItalic         MHorleyOldStyle-BoldItalic
mhol8r    HorleyOSMT-Light              MHorleyOldStyle-Light
mholi8r   HorleyOSMT-LightItalic        MHorleyOldStyle-LightItalic
mhor8r    HorleyOSMT                    MHorleyOldStyle
mhori8r   HorleyOSMT-Italic             MHorleyOldStyle-Italic
mhos8r    HorleyOSMT-SemiBold           MHorleyOldStyle-SemiBold
mhosi8r   HorleyOSMT-SemiBoldItalic     MHorleyOldStyle-SemiBolItalic
mhrb8r    ArialRoundedMT-Bold
mhrl8r    ArialRoundedMT-Light
mhrr8r    ArialRoundedMT
mhrx8r    ArialRoundedMT-ExtraBold
mi0r8r    CommercialScriptMT
micr8r    ImpactMT
mifb8r    InflexMT-Bold                 MInflex-Bold
miib8r    ImprintMT-Bold                MImprint-Bold
miib8x    ImprintExpertMT-Bold
miibi8r   ImprintMT-BoldItalic          MImprint-BoldItalic
miibi8x   ImprintExpertMT-BoldItalic
miir8r    ImprintMT                     MImprint
miir8x    ImprintExpertMT
miirh8r   ImprintMT-Shadow
miirhi8r  ImprintMT-ShadowItalic
miiri8r   ImprintMT-Italic              MImprint-Italic
miiri8x   ImprintExpertMT-Italic
miirp     ImprintExtras
miob8r    IonicMT-Bold                  MIonic-Bold
mior8r    IonicMT                       MIonic
miori8r   IonicMT-Italic                MIonic-Italic
misb8r    ItalianOldStyleMT-Bold        MItalianOldStyle-Bold
misbi8r   ItalianOldStyleMT-BoldItalic  MItalianOldStyle-BoldItalic
misr8r    ItalianOldStyleMT             MItalianOldStyle
misri8r   ItalianOldStyleMT-Italic      MItalianOldStyle-Italic
mjnb8r    JansonMT-Bold                 MJanson-Bold
mjnb8x    JansonExpertMT-Bold
mjnbi8r   JansonMT-BoldItalic           MJanson-BoldItalic
mjnbi8x   JansonExpertMT-BoldItalic
mjnr8r    JansonMT                      MJanson
mjnr8x    JansonExpertMT
mjnri8r   JansonMT-Italic               MJanson-Italic
mjnri8x   JansonExpertMT-Italic
mjob8r    JoannaMT-Bold
mjob8x    JoannaMT-BoldExpert
mjobi8r   JoannaMT-BoldItalic
mjobi8x   JoannaMT-BoldItalicExpert
mjobij8r  JoannaMT-BoldItalicOSF
mjobj8r   JoannaMT-BoldOSF
mjor8r    JoannaMT
mjor8x    JoannaMT-Expert
mjorc8r   JoannaMT-SCOSF
mjori8r   JoannaMT-Italic
mjori8x   JoannaMT-ItalicExpert
mjorij8r  JoannaMT-ItalicOSF
mjos8r    JoannaMT-SemiBold
mjos8x    JoannaMT-SemiBoldExpert
mjosc8r   JoannaMT-SemiBoldSCOSF
mjosi8r   JoannaMT-SemiBoldItalic
mjosi8x   JoannaMT-SemiBoldItaExpert
mjosij8r  JoannaMT-SemiBoldItalicOSF
mjox8r    JoannaMT-ExtraBold
mjox8x    JoannaMT-ExtraBoldExpert
mjoxj8r   JoannaMT-ExtraBoldOSF
mklr8r    KlangMT                       MKlang
mknr8r    KinoMT
mkob8r    BookmanOldStyle-Bold
mkobi8r   BookmanOldStyle-BoldItalic
mkor8r    BookmanOldStyle
mkori8r   BookmanOldStyle-Italic
mlgb8r    LetterGothicMT-Bold
mlgbo8r   LetterGothicMT-BoldOblique
mlgr8r    LetterGothicMT
mlgro8r   LetterGothicMT-Oblique
mlir8rc   LatinMT-Condensed
mlyr8r    LydianMT
mlyrw8r   LydianCursiveMT
mm1rw8r   MonolineScriptMT
mm7r8r    MaturaMT
mm7rw8r   MaturaMT-ScriptCapitals
mm8bl8r   MonotypeOldStyleMT-BoldOut
mmebw8r   MercuriusMT-BoldScript        MercuriusScriptMT-Bold
mmob8r    ModernMT-Bold                 MModern-Bold
mmobi8r   ModernMT-BoldItalic           MModern-BoldItalic
mmor8r    ModernMT-Extended             MModernExtended
mmor8rc   ModernMT-Condensed
mmor8rw   ModernMT-Wide
mmori8r   ModernMT-CondensedItalic      MModernExtended-Italic
mmori8rw  ModernMT-WideItalic
mmori8rx  ModernMT-ExtendedItalic
mn1p8r    BinnerPosterMT
mn1r8r    BinnerGothicMT
mncb8r    CentSchlbookPS-Bold           MCenturySchoolbookPS-Bold 
mncbi8r   CentSchlbookPS-BoldItalic     MCenturySchoolbookPS-BoldIta
mncr8r    CentSchlbookPS                MCenturySchoolbookPS
mncri8r   CentSchlbookPS-Italic         MCenturySchoolbookPS-Ita
mngb8r    NewsGothicMT-Bold
mngb8rc   NewsGothicMT-CondensedBold
mngr8r    NewsGothicMT
mngr8rc   NewsGothicMT-Condensed
mngri8r   NewsGothicMT-Italic
mnib8r    NimrodMT-Bold
mnibi8r   NimrodMT-BoldItalic
mnir8r    NimrodMT
mniri8r   NimrodMT-Italic
mnkr8r    NeographikMT
mnnb8r    NewClarendonMT-Bold           MNewClarendon-Bold
mnnr8r    NewClarendonMT                MNewClarendon
mnpb8r    NewsPlantinMT-Bold
mnpbi8r   NewsPlantinMT-BoldItalic
mnpr8r    NewsPlantinMT
mnpri8r   NewsPlantinMT-Italic
mnrr8r    NewBerolinaMT
mnsb8r    TimesNewRomanPS-Bold          TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT
mnsb8x    TimesNRPSExpert-Bold
mnsbi8r   TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalic    TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT
mnsbi8x   TimesNRPSExpert-BoldItalic
mnsr8r    TimesNewRomanPS               TimesNewRomanPSMT
mnsr8x    TimesNRPSExpert
mnsri8r   TimesNewRomanPS-Italic        TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT
mnsri8x   TimesNRPSExpert-Italic
mntb78r   TimesNRSevenMT-Bold
mntb8r    TimesNRMT-Bold
mntb8rc   TimesNRMT-CondensedBold
mntb8x    TimesNRExpertMT-Bold          MTimesNewRomanExpert-Bold
mntb9s    TimesNewRomanSF-Bold
mntbi78r  TimesNRSevenMT-BoldItalic
mntbi8r   TimesNRMT-BoldItalic
mntbi8x   TimesNRExpertMT-BoldItalic    MTimesNewRomanExpt-BoldItalic
mntbi9s   TimesNewRomanSF-BoldItalic
mntbk     MTimesNewRomanGreek-Boldm
mntbok    MTimesNewRomanGreek-BoldInc
mntboz    MTimesNewRomanCyrillic-BolInc
mntbz     MTimesNewRomanCyrillic-Bold
mntm8r    TimesNRMT-Medium              MTimesNewRoman-Medium
mntmi8r   TimesNRMT-MediumItalic        MTimesNewRoman-MediumItalic
mntr78r   TimesNRSevenMT
mntr8r    TimesNRMT
mntr8rc   TimesNRMT-Condensed
mntr8x    TimesNRExpertMT               MTimesNewRomanExpert
mntr9s    TimesNewRomanSF
mntri78r  TimesNRSevenMT-Italic
mntri8r   TimesNRMT-Italic
mntri8rc  TimesNRMT-CondensedItalic
mntri8x   TimesNRExpertMT-Italic        MTimesNewRomanExpert-Italic
mntri9s   TimesNewRomanSF-Italic
mntrk     MTimesNewRomanGreek
mntrok    MTimesNewRomanGreek-Inclined
mntroz    MTimesNewRomanCyrillic-Inc
mntrz     MTimesNewRomanCyrillic
mnts8r    TimesNRMT-SemiBold
mntsi8r   TimesNRMT-SemiBoldItalic
mntx8r    TimesNRMT-ExtraBold
mo3r8r    ColonnaMT
mo4b8r    OceanSansMT-Bold
mo4bi8r   OceanSansMT-BoldItalic
mo4ji8r   OceanSansMT-BookItalic
mo4k8r    OceanSansMT-Book
mo4l8r    OceanSansMT-Light
mo4li8r   OceanSansMT-LightItalic
mo4s8r    OceanSansMT-SemiBold
mo4se8r   OceanSansMT-SemiBoldItalic
mo4x8r    OceanSansMT-ExtraBold
mo4xi8r   OceanSansMT-ExtraBoldItalic
moer8r    OldEnglishTextMT              MOldEnglishText
molb7a    ColmcilleAltMT-Bold
molb8r    ColmcilleMT-Bold
molbi7a   ColmcilleAltMT-BoldItalic
molbi8r   ColmcilleMT-BoldItalic
molr7a    ColmcilleAltMT
molr8r    ColmcilleMT
molri7a   ColmcilleAltMT-Italic
molri8r   ColmcilleMT-Italic
molrp     ColmcilleOrnamentsMT
mosb8r    OldStyleMT-Bold               MOldStyle-Bold
mosbi8r   OldStyleMT-BoldItalic         MOldStyle-BoldItalic
mosbl8r   MOldStyle-BoldOutline
mosr8r    OldStyleMT                    MOldStyle
mosri8r   OldStyleMT-Italic             MOldStyle-Italic
motb8r    CoronetMT-Bold
movr8r    OctavianMT
movr8x    OctavianMT-Expert
movrc8r   OctavianMT-SC
movri8r   OctavianMT-Italic
movri8x   OctavianMT-ItalicExpert
movrij8r  OctavianMT-ItalicOsF
moxr8r    OnyxMT                        MOnyx
mp1rw8r   PalaceScriptMT
mp1sw8r   PalaceScriptMT-SemiBold
mp2r8r    PepitaMT
mp6b8r    BlueprintMT-Bold
mp6bi8r   BlueprintMT-BoldItalic
mp6r8r    BlueprintMT
mp6ri8r   BlueprintMT-Italic
mpdb8rc   PlacardMT-CondensedBold
mpdr8rc   PlacardMT-Condensed
mphb8r    PhotinaMT-Bold
mphbi8r   PhotinaMT-BoldItalic
mphr8r    PhotinaMT
mphri8r   PhotinaMT-Italic
mphs8r    PhotinaMT-SemiBold            MPhotina-SemiBold
mphsi8r   PhotinaMT-SemiBoldItalic      MPhotina-SemiBoldItalic
mphu8r    PhotinaMT-UltraBold           MPhotina-UltraBold
mphui8r   PhotinaMT-UltraBoldItalic     MPhotina-UltraBoldItalic
mpi001    RococoOrnamentsOne
mpi002    RococoOrnamentsTwo
mpi003    ArabesqueOrnamentsOne
mpi101    AlmanacMT                     Almanac
mpi102    BotanicalMT                   Botanical
mpi103    DirectionsMT                  Directions
mpi104    SportsOneMT                   SportsOne
mpi105    SportsTwoMT                   SportsTwo
mpi106    TransportMT                   Transport
mpi107    VacationMT                    Vacation
mpi108    SportsThreeMT                 SportsThree
mpi109    SportsFourMT                  SportsFour
mpi201    CircleFrameMT                 CircleFrame
mpi202    CircleFrameNegMT              CircleFrameNeg
mpi203    SquareFrameMT                 SquareFrame
mpi204    SquareFrameNegMT              SquareFrameNeg
mpi205    DiamondBodoni                 DiamondBodoni
mpi206    DiamondPositive               DiamondPositive
mpi207    DiamondNegative               DiamondNegative
mpi208    OvalFrameMT                   circled numerals
mpi209    OvalFrameNegativeMT           ditto
mpi300    Giddyup-Thangs
mpi301    Petrucchio
mpi302    AquaLifeMT                    fish
mpi303    BonApetit                     food
mpi304    DinosaursMT                   dinosaurs
mpi305    FrontierMT                    cowboys & indians
mpi306    Holidays                      clip art
mpi307    KeystrokesExtrasMT            keyboards
mpi308    KeystrokesMT                  ditto
mpi309    Melodies                      musical instruments
mpi310    MilestonesOneMT               greeting card illos
mpi311    MilestonesTwoMT               ditto
mpi312    MonkeyBusiness                animals
mpi313    MonotypeSorts                 dingbats
mpi314    NatureMT                      animals
mpi315    Parties                       clip art
mpi319    PlaytimeMT                    toys
mpi320    SignsMT                       signs
mpi321    SouthwestOrnamentsMT          geometrics
mpi322    KeystrokesShadowExtrasMT
mpi323    KeystrokesShadowMT
mplb8r    BookAntiqua-Bold
mplbi8r   BookAntiqua-BoldItalic
mplr8r    BookAntiqua
mplri8r   BookAntiqua-Italic
mpnb8r    Plantin-Bold
mpnb8rc   Plantin-BoldCondensed
mpnb8x    PlantinExp-Bold               PlantinExpert-Bold
mpnbd8rc  PlantinHeadlineMT-BoldCond
mpnbi8r   Plantin-BoldItalic
mpnbi8x   PlantinExp-BoldItalic         PlantinExpert-BoldItalic
mpnbin8r  PlantinMT-SchlbkBoldItalic
mpnbn8r   PlantinMT-SchlbkBold
mpnl8r    Plantin-Light
mpnl8x    PlantinExp-Light              MPlantinExpt-Light
mpnld8rc  PlantinHeadlineMT-LightCond
mpnli8r   Plantin-LightItalic
mpnli8x   PlantinExp-LightItalic        MPlantinExpt-LightItalic
mpnmd8rc  PlantinHeadlineMT-MedCond
mpnr8r    Plantin
mpnr8x    PlantinExp                    PlantinExpert
mpnra8x   PlantinExp-AltFigures
mpnri8r   Plantin-Italic
mpnri8x   PlantinExp-Italic             PlantinExpert-Italic
mpnrin8r  PlantinMT-SchlbkItalic
mpnrn8r   PlantinMT-Schlbk
mpns8r    Plantin-Semibold
mpns8x    PlantinExp-SemiBold           MPlantinExpt-SemiBold
mpnsi8r   Plantin-SemiboldItalic        
mpnsi8x   PlantinExp-SemiBoldItalic     MPlantinExpt-SemiBoldItalic
mppb8r    Perpetua-Bold
mppb8x    PerpetuaExpert-Bold           MPerpetuaExpert-Bold
mppbd8r   PerpetuaTitlingMT-Bold
mppbi8r   Perpetua-BoldItalic
mppbi8x   PerpetuaExpert-BoldItalic     MPerpetuaExpert-BoldItalic
mppld8r   PerpetuaTitlingMT-Light
mppr8r    Perpetua
mppr8x    PerpetuaExpert                MPerpetuaExpert
mpprd8r   PerpetuaTitlingMT
mppri8r   Perpetua-Italic
mppri8x   PerpetuaExpert-Italic         MPerpetuaExpert-Italic
mpum      PopplLaudatio-Medium
mpumi     PopplLaudatio-MediumItalic
mpur      PopplLaudatio-Regular
mpuri     PopplLaudatio-Italic
mpwb8r    PerrywoodMT-Bold
mpwbi8r   PerrywoodMT-BoldItalic
mpwl8r    PerrywoodMT-Light
mpwli8r   PerrywoodMT-LightItalic
mpwr8r    PerrywoodMT
mpwri8r   PerrywoodMT-Italic
mpws8r    PerrywoodMT-SemiBold
mpwsi8r   PerrywoodMT-SemiBoldItalic
mpwx8r    PerrywoodMT-ExtraBold
mpwxi8r   PerrywoodMT-ExtraBoldItalic
mpzr8r    PoliphilusMT                  MPoliphilus
mpzr8x    PoliphilusExpertMT
mqtrw8r   Boulevard
mr2b8r    CantoriaMT-Bold
mr2bi8r   CantoriaMT-BoldItalic
mr2l8r    CantoriaMT-Light
mr2li8r   CantoriaMT-LightItalic
mr2r8r    CantoriaMT
mr2ri8r   CantoriaMT-Italic
mr2s8r    CantoriaMT-SemiBold
mr2si8r   CantoriaMT-SemiBoldItalic
mr2x8r    CantoriaMT-ExtraBold
mr2xi8r   CantoriaMT-ExtraBoldItalic
mrur8rc   RunicMT-Condensed
mrwb8r    RockwellMT-Bold
mrwb8rc   RockwellMT-BoldCondensed
mrwbi8r   RockwellMT-BoldItalic
mrwl8r    RockwellMT-Light
mrwli8r   RockwellMT-LightItalic
mrwr8r    RockwellMT
mrwr8rc   RockwellMT-Condensed
mrwri8r   RockwellMT-Italic
mrwx8r    RockwellMT-ExtraBold
ms1r8r    ScotchRomanMT                 MScotchRoman
ms1ri8r   ScotchRomanMT-Italic          MScotchRoman-Italic
ms2b8r    ScriptMT-Bold
ms7bai    SassoonInfant-BoldAlt
ms7bais   SassoonSanSlope-BoldAlt
ms7bap    SassoonPrimary-BoldAlt
ms7bas    SassoonSans-BoldAlt
ms7bi     SassoonInfant-Bold
ms7bis    SassoonSanSlope-Bold
ms7bp     SassoonPrimary-Bold
ms7bs     SassoonSans-Bold
ms7mais   SassoonSanSlope-MediumAlt
ms7mas    SassoonSans-MediumAlt
ms7mis    SassoonSanSlope-Medium
ms7ms     SassoonSans-Medium
ms7rai    SassoonInfant-Alt
ms7rais   SassoonSanSlope-Alt
ms7rap    SassoonPrimary-Alt
ms7ras    SassoonSans-Alt
ms7ri     SassoonInfant
ms7ris    SassoonSanSlope
ms7rp     SassoonPrimary
ms7rs     SassoonSans
msbr8r    SabonMT                       MSabon
msbrc8r   SabonMT-SCOSF
msbri8r   SabonMT-Italic                MSabon-Italic
msbrij8r  SabonMT-ItalicOSF
msbs8r    SabonMT-SemiBold              MSabon-SemiBold
msbsj8r   SabonMT-SemiBoldOSF
msmr8r    SpectrumMT                    MSpectrum
msmr8x    SpectrumMT-Expert
msmrc8r   SpectrumMT-SC
msmri8r   SpectrumMT-Italic             MSpectrum-Italic
msmri8x   SpectrumMT-ItalicExpert
msmrij8r  SpectrumMT-ItalicOsF
msms8r    SpectrumMT-SemiBold           MSpectrum-SemiBold
msms8x    SpectrumMT-SemiBoldExpert
msmsj8r   SpectrumMT-SemiBoldOsF
msn8r1    SpartanOneMT                  MSpartan-SizeOne
msn8r2    SpartanTwoMT                  MSpartan-SizeTwo
msn8r3    SpartanThreeMT                MSpartan-SizeThree
msn8r4    SpartanFourMT                 MSpartan-SizeFour   
msnb8r1   SpartanOneMT-Bold             MSpartan-BoldSizeOne
msnb8r12  SpartanOneTwoMT-Bold
msnb8r13  SpartanOneThreeMT-Bold
msnb8r2   SpartanTwoMT-Bold             MSpartan-BoldSizeTwo
msnb8r24  SpartanTwoFourMT-Bold
msnb8r3   SpartanThreeMT-Bold           MSpartan-BoldSizeThree
msnb8r34  SpartanThreeFourMT-Bold
msnb8r4   SpartanFourMT-Bold            MSpartan-BoldSizeFour
msni8r12  SpartanOneTwoMT-Italic
msni8r13  SpartanOneThreeMT-Italic
msni8r24  SpartanTwoFourMT-Italic
msni8r34  SpartanThreeFourMT-Italic
msnr8r12  SpartanOneTwoMT
msnr8r13  SpartanOneThreeMT
msnr8r24  SpartanTwoFourMT
msnr8r34  SpartanThreeFourMT
msnri8r1  SpartanOneMT-Italic           MSpartan-ItalicSizeOne
msnri8r2  SpartanTwoMT-Italic           MSpartan-ItalicSizeTwo
msnri8r3  SpartanThreeMT-Italic         MSpartan-ItalicSizeThree
msnri8r4  SpartanFourMT-Italic          MSpartan-ItalicSizeFour
mswb8r    SwingMT-Bold
msyr      SymbolPS                      MSymbolPS
mtlr8r    CastellarMT                   MCastellar
mtmbg8r   TimesSmallTextMT-Bold         MTimesSmallText-Bold
mtmrg8r   TimesSmallTextMT              MTimesSmallText
mtmrgi8r  TimesSmallTextMT-Italic       MTimesSmallText-Italic
mtwb8r    TwCenMT-Bold                  MTwentiethCentury-Bold
mtwb8rc   TwCenMT-CondensedBold         MTwentiethCentury-BoldCondensed
mtwbi8r   TwCenMT-BoldItalic            MTwentiethCentury-BoldItalic
mtwl8r    TwCenMT-Light                 MTwentiethCentury-Light
mtwli8r   TwCenMT-LightItalic           MTwentiethCentury-LightItalic
mtwm8r    TwCenMT-Medium                MTwentiethCentury-Medium
mtwm8rc   TwCenMT-CondensedMedium       MTwentiethCentury-MediumCondensed
mtwmi8r   TwCenMT-MediumItalic          MTwentiethCentury-MediumItalic
mtws8r    TwCenMT-SemiBold              MTwentiethCentury-SemiBold
mtwsm8r   TwCenMT-SemiMedium            MTwentiethCentury-SemiMedium
mtwu8r    TwCenMT-UltraBold             MTwentiethCentury-UltraBold
mtwu8rc   TwCenMT-CondensedUltraBold    MTwentiethCentury-UltraBoldCondensed
mtwui8r   TwCenMT-UltraBoldItalic       MTwentiethCentury-UltraBoldItalic
mtwx8r    TwCenMT-ExtraBold             MTwentiethCentury-ExtraBold
mtwx8rc   TwCenMT-CondensedExtraBold    MTwentiethCentury-ExtraBoldCondensed
mtwxi8r   TwCenMT-ExtraBoldItalic       MTwentiethCentury-ExtraBoldItalic
mtyr8r    TypewriterMT
mtyre8r   TypewriterEliteMT
mtyrs8r   TypewriterGothicMT
mu0b8r    ColumbusMT-Bold
mu0b8x    ColumbusExpMT-Bold
mu0bi8r   ColumbusMT-BoldItalic
mu0bi8x   ColumbusExpMT-BoldItalic
mu0r8r    ColumbusMT
mu0r8x    ColumbusExpMT
mu0ri8r   ColumbusMT-Italic
mu0ri8x   ColumbusExpMT-Italic
mu0rp1    ColumbusOrnamentsOneMT
mu0rp2    ColumbusOrnamentsTwoMT
mu0s8r    ColumbusMT-SemiBold
mu0s8x    ColumbusExpMT-SemiBold
mu0si8r   ColumbusMT-SemiBoldItalic
mu0si8x   ColumbusExpMT-SemiBoldItal
murb7a    CentaurMT-BoldAlt
murb8r    CentaurMT-Bold
murb8x    CentaurMT-BoldExpert
murbi7a   CentaurMT-BoldItalicAlt
murbi8r   CentaurMT-BoldItalic
murbi8x   CentaurMT-BoldItalicExpert
murr7a    CentaurMT-Alt
murr8r    CentaurMT
murr8x    CentaurMT-Expert
murrc8r   CentaurMT-SC
murri7a   CentaurMT-ItalicAlt
murri8r   CentaurMT-Italic
murri8x   CentaurMT-ItalicExpert
murria8r  CentaurMT-ItalicA
murriw8r  CentaurMT-SwashCapitals
mvdr8r    VanDijckMT                    MVanDijck
mvdr8x    VanDijckExpertMT
mvdra8x   VanDijckExpertMT-AltFigs
mvdrai8x  VanDijckExpertMT-AltFigsIta
mvdri8r   VanDijckMT-Italic
mvdri8x   VanDijckExpertMT-Italic
mvird8rc  VictoriaTitlingMT-Condensed
mwbm8r    WalbaumMT-Medium              MWalbaum-Medium
mwbm8x    WalbaumExpMT-Medium
mwbmi8r   WalbaumMT-MediumItalic        MWalbaum-MediumItalic
mwbmi8x   WalbaumExpMT-MediumItalic
mwbr8r    WalbaumMT                     MWalbaum
mwbr8x    WalbaumExpMT
mwbri8r   WalbaumMT-Italic              MWalbaum-Italic
mwbri8x   WalbaumExpMT-Italic
mwnr8r    WindsorMT
mwrb8r    WitternbergerFraktMT-Bold
mwrr8r    WitternbergerFraktMT
mygb8r    CenturyGothic-Bold
mygbi8r   CenturyGothic-BoldItalic
mygr8r    CenturyGothic
mygri8r   CenturyGothic-Italic
myhb8r    StrayhornMT-Bold
myhbi8r   StrayhornMT-BoldItalic
myhl8r    StrayhornMT-Light
myhlc8r   StrayhornMT-LightSC
myhli8r   StrayhornMT-LightItalic
myhr8r    StrayhornMT-Regular
myhrc8r   StrayhornMT-RegulaSC
myhri8r   StrayhornMT-Italic
myhx8r    StrayhornMT-ExtraBold
myhxi8r   StrayhornMT-ExtraBoldItalic
mzab8r    MZAntiqua-Bold
mzabi8r   MZAntiqua-BoldItalic
mzar8r    MZAntiqua
mzari8r   MZAntiqua-Italic
mzcb8r    ZapfChancery-Bold
mzcd8r    ZapfChancery-Demi
mzcmi8r   MZapfChanceryPS-MediumItalic  MonotypeCorsiva
mzdr      MZapfDingbatsPS
mztb8r    ZeitgeistMT-Bold
mztb8x    ZeitgeistExpertMT-Bold
mztr7a    ZeitgeistMT-Alternative
mztr8r    ZeitgeistMT
mztr8rc   ZeitgeistMT-Condensed
mztr8x    ZeitgeistExpertMT
mztr8xc   ZeitgeistExpertMT-Condensed
mztri8r   ZeitgeistMT-Italic
mztri8x   ZeitgeistExpertMT-Italic
zmztcm8r  ZeitgeistMT-Cameo
zmztcm8x  ZeitgeistExpertMT-Cameo
zmztcz8r  ZeitgeistMT-CrazyPaving

URW fonts

The `' file has abbreviations for URW fonts.

uagd8r   URWGothicL-Demi
uagdo8r  URWGothicL-DemiObli
uagk8r   URWGothicL-Book
uagko8r  URWGothicL-BookObli
ubkd8r   URWBookmanL-DemiBold
ubkdi8r  URWBookmanL-DemiBoldItal
ubkl8r   URWBookmanL-Ligh
ubkli8r  URWBookmanL-LighItal
ucrb8r   NimbusMonL-Bold
ucrbo8r  NimbusMonL-BoldObli
ucrr8r   NimbusMonL-Regu
ucrro8r  NimbusMonL-ReguObli
uhvb8r   NimbusSanL-Bold
uhvbo8r  NimbusSanL-BoldItal
uhvboc8r NimbusSanL-ReguCondItal
uhvbrc8r NimbusSanL-BoldCond
uhvr8r   NimbusSanL-Regu
uhvro8r  NimbusSanL-ReguItal
uhvro8rc NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal
uhvr8rc  NimbusSanL-ReguCond
uncb8r   CenturySchL-Bold
uncbi8r  CenturySchL-BoldItal
uncr8r   CenturySchL-Roma
uncri8r  CenturySchL-Ital
uplb8r   URWPalladioL-Bold
uplbi8r  URWPalladioL-BoldItal
uplr8r   URWPalladioL-Roma
uplri8r  URWPalladioL-Ital
usyr     StandardSymL
utmb8r   NimbusRomNo9L-Medi
utmbi8r  NimbusRomNo9L-MediItal
utmr8r   NimbusRomNo9L-Regu
utmri8r  NimbusRomNo9L-ReguItal
uzcmi8r  URWChanceryL-MediItal
uzdr     Dingbats


The following sections define various encodings as PostScript encoding vectors. These files can be installed in the Dvips header directory and then used in `' to change font encodings of downloadable or builtin fonts (see section `' in Dvips).

You can also specify these `.enc' files to Afm2tfm when building a font (see section `Changing font encodings' in Dvips).

`8a.enc': Adobe standard encoding

% @psencodingfile{
%   author = "Adobe",
%   version = "1.0",
%   date = "22 June 1996",
%   filename = "8a.enc",
%   email = "",
%   address = "135 Center Hill Rd. // Plymouth, MA 02360",
%   codetable = "ISO/ASCII",
%   checksum = "269     317    2399",
%   docstring = "Adobe StandardEncoding as an afm2tfm/dvips .enc file."
% }
/StandardEncoding [
] def

`8r.enc': TeX base encoding

% @psencodingfile{
%   author = "S. Rahtz, P. MacKay, Alan Jeffrey, B. Horn, K. Berry",
%   version = "0.6",
%   date = "1 July 1998",
%   filename = "8r.enc",
%   email = "",
%   docstring = "Encoding for TrueType or Type 1 fonts
%                to be used with TeX."
% }
% Idea is to have all the characters normally included in Type 1 fonts
% available for typesetting. This is effectively the characters in Adobe
% Standard Encoding + ISO Latin 1 + extra characters from Lucida.
% Character code assignments were made as follows:
% (1) the Windows ANSI characters are almost all in their Windows ANSI
% positions, because some Windows users cannot easily reencode the
% fonts, and it makes no difference on other systems. The only Windows
% ANSI characters not available are those that make no sense for
% typesetting -- rubout (127 decimal), nobreakspace (160), softhyphen
% (173). quotesingle and grave are moved just because it's such an
% irritation not having them in TeX positions.
% (2) Remaining characters are assigned arbitrarily to the lower part
% of the range, avoiding 0, 10 and 13 in case we meet dumb software.
% (3) Y&Y Lucida Bright includes some extra text characters; in the
% hopes that other PostScript fonts, perhaps created for public
% consumption, will include them, they are included starting at 0x12.
% (4) Remaining positions left undefined are for use in (hopefully)
% upward-compatible revisions, if someday more characters are generally
% available.
% (5) hyphen appears twice for compatibility with both 
% ASCII and Windows.
/TeXBase1Encoding [
% 0x00 (encoded characters from Adobe Standard not in Windows 3.1)
  /.notdef /dotaccent /fi /fl
  /fraction /hungarumlaut /Lslash /lslash
  /ogonek /ring /.notdef
  /breve /minus /.notdef 
% These are the only two remaining unencoded characters, so may as
% well include them.
  /Zcaron /zcaron 
% 0x10
 /caron /dotlessi 
% (unusual TeX characters available in, e.g., Lucida Bright)
 /dotlessj /ff /ffi /ffl 
 /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
 /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
 % very contentious; it's so painful not having quoteleft and quoteright
 % at 96 and 145 that we move the things normally found there to here.
 /grave /quotesingle 
% 0x20 (ASCII begins)
 /space /exclam /quotedbl /numbersign
 /dollar /percent /ampersand /quoteright
 /parenleft /parenright /asterisk /plus /comma /hyphen /period /slash
% 0x30
 /zero /one /two /three /four /five /six /seven
 /eight /nine /colon /semicolon /less /equal /greater /question
% 0x40
 /at /A /B /C /D /E /F /G /H /I /J /K /L /M /N /O
% 0x50
 /P /Q /R /S /T /U /V /W
 /X /Y /Z /bracketleft /backslash /bracketright /asciicircum /underscore
% 0x60
 /quoteleft /a /b /c /d /e /f /g /h /i /j /k /l /m /n /o
% 0x70
 /p /q /r /s /t /u /v /w
 /x /y /z /braceleft /bar /braceright /asciitilde
 /.notdef % rubout; ASCII ends
% 0x80
 /.notdef /.notdef /quotesinglbase /florin
 /quotedblbase /ellipsis /dagger /daggerdbl
 /circumflex /perthousand /Scaron /guilsinglleft
 /OE /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
% 0x90
 /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /quotedblleft
 /quotedblright /bullet /endash /emdash
 /tilde /trademark /scaron /guilsinglright
 /oe /.notdef /.notdef /Ydieresis
% 0xA0
 /.notdef % nobreakspace
 /exclamdown /cent /sterling
 /currency /yen /brokenbar /section
 /dieresis /copyright /ordfeminine /guillemotleft
 /hyphen % Y&Y (also at 45); Windows' softhyphen
% 0xD0
 /degree /plusminus /twosuperior /threesuperior
 /acute /mu /paragraph /periodcentered
 /cedilla /onesuperior /ordmasculine /guillemotright
 /onequarter /onehalf /threequarters /questiondown
% 0xC0
 /Agrave /Aacute /Acircumflex /Atilde /Adieresis /Aring /AE /Ccedilla
 /Egrave /Eacute /Ecircumflex /Edieresis
 /Igrave /Iacute /Icircumflex /Idieresis
% 0xD0
 /Eth /Ntilde /Ograve /Oacute
 /Ocircumflex /Otilde /Odieresis /multiply
 /Oslash /Ugrave /Uacute /Ucircumflex
 /Udieresis /Yacute /Thorn /germandbls
% 0xE0
 /agrave /aacute /acircumflex /atilde
 /adieresis /aring /ae /ccedilla
 /egrave /eacute /ecircumflex /edieresis
 /igrave /iacute /icircumflex /idieresis
% 0xF0
 /eth /ntilde /ograve /oacute
 /ocircumflex /otilde /odieresis /divide
 /oslash /ugrave /uacute /ucircumflex
 /udieresis /yacute /thorn /ydieresis
] def

`cork.enc': Cork encoding

%   This is the Cork encoding, aka EC, Cork, aka TeX Latin 1, as
%   described in TTN 1(4), December 1992, and TUGboat 11(4), November
%   1990, page 514. EC is the name of the Computer Modern-based fonts in
%   this encoding. NFSS and Fontinst know it by `T1'.
%   These are the ligs and kerns in addition to those found in the
%   AFM file.  (The only ligs in the Times-Roman.afm file are the
%   fi and fl ligatures.)
% LIGKERN space l =: lslash ; space L =: Lslash ;
% LIGKERN question quoteleft =: questiondown ; exclam quoteleft =: exclamdown ;
% LIGKERN hyphen hyphen =: endash ; endash hyphen =: emdash ;
% LIGKERN quoteleft quoteleft =: quotedblleft ;
% LIGKERN quoteright quoteright =: quotedblright ;
%   We blow away kerns to and from spaces (TeX doesn't have a
%   space) and also remove any kerns from the numbers (although
%   the only kern pair that mentions a number in Times-Roman.afm
%   is one one.)
% LIGKERN space {} * ; * {} space ; zero {} * ; * {} zero ;
% LIGKERN one {} * ; * {} one ; two {} * ; * {} two ;
% LIGKERN three {} * ; * {} three ; four {} * ; * {} four ;
% LIGKERN five {} * ; * {} five ; six {} * ; * {} six ;
% LIGKERN seven {} * ; * {} seven ; eight {} * ; * {} eight ;
% LIGKERN nine {} * ; * {} nine ;
% LIGKERN comma comma =: quotedblbase ; less less =: guillemotleft ;
% LIGKERN greater greater =: guillemotright ;
/CorkEncoding [          % now 256 chars follow
% 0x00
  /grave /acute /circumflex /tilde /dieresis /hungarumlaut /ring /caron
  /breve /macron /dotaccent /cedilla
  /ogonek /quotesinglbase /guilsinglleft /guilsinglright
% 0x10
  /quotedblleft /quotedblright /quotedblbase /guillemotleft 
  /guillemotright /endash /emdash /compworkmark
  /perthousandzero /dotlessi /dotlessj /ff /fi /fl /ffi /ffl
% 0x20
  /visualspace /exclam /quotedbl /numbersign
  /dollar /percent /ampersand /quoteright
  /parenleft /parenright /asterisk /plus /comma /hyphen /period /slash
% 0x30
  /zero /one /two /three /four /five /six /seven
  /eight /nine /colon /semicolon /less /equal /greater /question
% 0x40
  /at /A /B /C /D /E /F /G /H /I /J /K /L /M /N /O
% 0x50
  /P /Q /R /S /T /U /V /W
  /X /Y /Z /bracketleft /backslash /bracketright /asciicircum /underscore
% 0x60
  /quoteleft /a /b /c /d /e /f /g /h /i /j /k /l /m /n /o
% 0x70
  /p /q /r /s /t /u /v /w
  /x /y /z /braceleft /bar /braceright /asciitilde /hyphen
% 0x80
  /Abreve /Aogonek /Cacute /Ccaron /Dcaron /Ecaron /Eogonek /Gbreve
  /Lacute /Lcaron /Lslash /Nacute /Ncaron /Ng /Ohungarumlaut /Racute
% 0x90
  /Rcaron /Sacute /Scaron /Scedilla
  /Tcaron /Tcedilla /Uhungarumlaut /Uring
  /Ydieresis /Zacute /Zcaron /Zdotaccent /IJ /Idotaccent /dbar /section
% 0xA0
  /abreve /aogonek /cacute /ccaron /dcaron /ecaron /eogonek /gbreve
  /lacute /lcaron /lslash /nacute /ncaron /ng /ohungarumlaut /racute
% 0xB0
  /rcaron /sacute /scaron /scedilla
  /tquoteright /tcedilla /uhungarumlaut /uring
  /ydieresis /zacute /zcaron /zdotaccent
  /ij /exclamdown /questiondown /sterling
% 0xC0
  /Agrave /Aacute /Acircumflex /Atilde /Adieresis /Aring /AE /Ccedilla
  /Egrave /Eacute /Ecircumflex /Edieresis
  /Igrave /Iacute /Icircumflex /Idieresis
% 0xD0
  /Eth /Ntilde /Ograve /Oacute /Ocircumflex /Otilde /Odieresis /OE
  /Oslash /Ugrave /Uacute /Ucircumflex /Udieresis /Yacute /Thorn /Germandbls
% 0xE0
  /agrave /aacute /acircumflex /atilde /adieresis /aring /ae /ccedilla
  /egrave /eacute /ecircumflex /edieresis
  /igrave /iacute /icircumflex /idieresis
% 0xF0
  /eth /ntilde /ograve /oacute /ocircumflex /otilde /odieresis /oe
  /oslash /ugrave /uacute /ucircumflex /udieresis /yacute /thorn /germandbls
] def

`dvips.enc': Dvips encoding

% @psencodingfile{
%   author = "T. Rokicki, K. Berry",
%   version = "2.0",
%   date = "22 June 1996",
%   filename = "dvips.enc",
%   email = "",
%   address = "135 Center Hill Rd. // Plymouth, MA 02360",
%   codetable = "ISO/ASCII",
%   checksum = "75     515    3715",
%   docstring = "An encoding for PostScript fonts to be used with TeX."
% }
% This is almost the default encoding produced by the afm2tfm program
% that comes with the dvips distribution, when it is applied to a
% StandardEncoding PostScript font.  The positions of the accented
% characters (which afm2tfm assigned more or less randomly in the
% previous set of fonts) have been held fixed.
% It is almost upward-compatible with TeX text.  (The primary exceptions
% are dotaccent and hungarumlaut.)  Some of the ligatures are also in
% different positions, but this is not important, since ligature
% positions are defined in the TFM file, not by macros.
% The character positions were assigned in this order:
%   1) non-composite characters in the afm2tfm encoding (except dotlessj
%      was included in its plain TeX position);
%   2) available characters in the Cork (EC) encoding;
%   3) remaining composite characters in the base encoding (starting at
%      position 130 decimal).  We don't include all the other base
%      characters because that changes the height/depth/width tables in
%      the TFM files (because more characters mean more distinct values).
% We leave the initial positions open for the Greek letters in Times-Roman.
/DvipsEncoding [
  /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
  /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
    /.notdef /quotesingle /exclamdown /questiondown
  /dotlessi /dotlessj /grave /acute /caron /breve /macron /ring
  /cedilla /germandbls /ae /oe /oslash /AE /OE /Oslash
  /space /exclam /quotedbl /numbersign /dollar /percent /ampersand /quoteright
  /parenleft /parenright /asterisk /plus /comma /hyphen /period /slash
  /zero /one /two /three /four /five /six /seven
  /eight /nine /colon /semicolon /less /equal /greater /question
  /at /A /B /C /D /E /F /G
  /H /I /J /K /L /M /N /O
  /P /Q /R /S /T /U /V /W
  /X /Y /Z /bracketleft /backslash /bracketright /circumflex /underscore
  /quoteleft /a /b /c /d /e /f /g
  /h /i /j /k /l /m /n /o
  /p /q /r /s /t /u /v /w
  /x /y /z /braceleft /bar /braceright /tilde /dieresis
  /asciicircum /asciitilde /Ccedilla /Iacute
      /Icircumflex /atilde /edieresis /egrave
  /scaron /zcaron /Eth /ff /ffi /ffl /.notdef /.notdef
  /.notdef /.notdef /Scaron /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
  /Ydieresis /.notdef /Zcaron  /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef
  /.notdef /.notdef /cent /sterling /fraction /yen /florin /section
  /currency /copyright /quotedblleft /guillemotleft
      /guilsinglleft /guilsinglright /fi /fl
  /degree /endash /dagger /daggerdbl /periodcentered /.notdef /paragraph /bullet
  /quotesinglbase /quotedblbase /quotedblright /guillemotright
      /ellipsis /perthousand /.notdef /.notdef
  /Agrave /Aacute /Acircumflex /Atilde /Adieresis /Aring /.notdef /dotaccent
  /Egrave /Eacute /Ecircumflex /Edieresis
      /Igrave /hungarumlaut /ogonek /Idieresis
  /emdash /Ntilde /Ograve /Oacute /Ocircumflex /Otilde /Odieresis /.notdef
  /.notdef /Ugrave /Uacute /Ucircumflex /Udieresis /Yacute /Thorn /.notdef
  /agrave /aacute /acircumflex /ordfeminine
      /adieresis /aring /.notdef /ccedilla
  /Lslash /eacute /ecircumflex /ordmasculine
      /igrave /iacute /icircumflex /idieresis
  /.notdef /ntilde /ograve /oacute /ocircumflex /otilde /odieresis /.notdef
  /lslash /ugrave /uacute /ucircumflex /udieresis /yacute /thorn /ydieresis
] def

`texmext.enc': TeX math symbol encoding

% TeX math extension encoding.
% No ligatures or kerns.
/TeXMathExtensionEncoding [          % now 256 chars follow

% 0x0

% 0x8

% 0x10

% 0x18

% 0x20

% 0x28

% 0x30

% 0x38

% 0x40

% 0x48

% 0x50

% 0x58

% 0x60

% 0x68

% 0x70

% 0x78

% Have to have 128 .notdef's now to fill things out.
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
] def

`texmsym.enc': TeX math symbol encoding

% TeX math symbols encoding.
% No ligatures or kerns.
/TeXMathSymbolEncoding [          % now 256 chars follow
% 0x0

% 0x8

% 0x10

% 0x18

% 0x20

% 0x28

% 0x30

% 0x38

% 0x40

% 0x48

% 0x50

% 0x58

% 0x60

% 0x68

% 0x70

% 0x78

% Have to have 128 .notdef's now to fill things out.
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
] def

`texmital.enc': TeX math italic encoding

% TeX math italic encoding.
% No ligatures or kerns.
/TeXMathItalicEncoding [          % now 256 chars follow
% 0x0

% 0x8

% 0x10

% 0x18

% 0x20

% 0x28

% 0x30

% 0x38

% 0x40

% 0x48

% 0x50

% 0x58

% 0x60

% 0x68

% 0x70

% 0x78

% Have to have 128 .notdef's now to fill things out.
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
/.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef /.notdef 
] def

Font legalities

This section owes a great deal to Charles Bigelow (co-designer with Kris Holmes of the Lucida typeface family, among others), who has generously answered our many queries about fonts and the law around the world with remarkable patience and understanding. (But he is naturally not responsible for any errors here, much less our opinions.)

Fonts have always been treated rather strangely under the law, as befits their rather strange nature: letterforms are indivisibly both useful and artistic. In most countries--in all countries until recently--utility has taken precedence; i.e., it has been legal to copy fonts without permission or fee.

In any case, to the best of my knowledge, the situation in those countries which have adopted any sort of typeface protection is as follows:

United States
Typeface designs can be patented, but not copyrighted. Only a few designs have been patented. (Lucida and Stone are the only ones I know of. I don't know what the grounds were for patenting Stone, but Lucida had some novel features in its design which make it reasonable to patent, given the acceptance of the patent system in the first place.) Particular programs which instantiate a font can be copyrighted just as any other computer program can. This is arguably wrong, since font programs are nothing but a description of the shapes, possibly with some simple hints, and there's only one basic way to describe the shapes in any given language. Thus, the creativity lies in making the shape right, not in making the computer program right, so it would seem that to be consistent, the copyright laws should protect the design, not the program--the opposite of the current situation.
Typeface designs have been copyrightable as original works of art since 1981. As a result, many (perhaps most) designs have been copyrighted there. The law is not retroactive, but German courts have upheld the intellectual property rights of designers of earlier fonts as well: In one case the heirs of Paul Bauer (designer of Futura) won a suit against the Bauer foundry for arbitrarily discontinuing a portion of their royalties.
A copyright law passed in 1989 covers typeface designs first published in England (or published in Britain within 30 days of its publication elsewhere), and it is retroactive. It's unclear how far back the law extends, but Times Roman, designed in the late 1920's and 1930's by Stanley Morison and cut by Victor Lardent for Monotype is probably covered. This does not mean GNU (for example) cannot have a Times Roman; it just means we cannot start with an English version, as the law does not forbid importing foreign versions of English typefaces.
The Romain du Roi typeface designed by Philippe Grandjean in 1702 for the French royal family is protected, and perhaps other such "royal" designs. There is no protection for designs in general.

In 1973 the international Vienna treaty on typeface design protection was proposed. France ratified it in 1974 or 1975, and Germany in 1981. The English law might constitute ratification, but this has not been settled. In any case, since at least four countries have to ratify it before it takes effect (and even then it takes effect only in those countries which ratify it), it is still of no consequence for now.



  • 35 standard PostScript fonts
  • 7

  • 7-bit encodings
  • 8

  • 8-bit encodings
  • 9

  • 9s variant
  • a

  • Adobe standard encoding
  • Afm2tfm encoding
  • attribution of fonts, missing
  • automatic expansion
  • Avant Garde
  • b

  • base encoding, for TeX
  • Bauer, Paul
  • Beebe, Nelson
  • Beeton, Barbara
  • Bernstein, Rocky
  • Bigelow, Charles
  • bizarre font names
  • Bouche, Thierry
  • bright variant
  • bugs, reporting
  • c

  • category codes
  • CD-ROM distribution
  • character scaling, automatic
  • compression
  • contributors
  • copyright on fonts
  • Cork encoding
  • Cugley, Damian
  • Cyrillic encodings
  • Cyrillic fonts
  • d

  • design size specification
  • distribution
  • DOS filesystems
  • Dviljk translator
  • Dvips encoding
  • Dvips translator
  • e

  • EC encoding
  • eight-character limitation
  • encoding files
  • encoding vectors
  • encoding, Dvips
  • encodings, Adobe standard
  • encodings, Cork
  • encodings, EC
  • encodings, TeX base
  • encodings, TeX Latin 1
  • encodings, TeX math italic
  • encodings, TeX math symbol, encodings, TeX math symbol
  • encodings, unspecified
  • England, font design protection law
  • escape for nonstandard names
  • expansion
  • expert encoding
  • expertised encodings
  • expertised font
  • extension, TeX math encoding
  • f

  • fax variant
  • filenames, basics
  • font copyrighting
  • font scaling
  • font_coding_scheme
  • Fontinst distribution
  • FontName
  • fontname mapping file
  • Fontname version 2
  • foundries
  • France, font design protection law
  • Futura
  • g

  • Garamond, versions of
  • Germany, font design protection law
  • Grandjean, Philippe
  • Greek fonts
  • h

  • hexadecimal design size
  • history
  • Holmes, Kris
  • Horn, Berthol
  • i

  • individual font designers
  • informal variant
  • introduction
  • ISO 9660
  • italic, TeX math encoding
  • j

  • Jeffrey, Alan
  • k

  • Knuth, Donald E.
  • l

  • Lang, Russell
  • Lardent, Victor
  • LaserJet 4 fonts
  • legalisms
  • letterspacing
  • ligatures and encodings
  • limitations
  • long names
  • long naming scheme
  • Lslash
  • lslash
  • Lubalin, Herb
  • Lucida Bright
  • Lucida, protection of
  • m

  • MacKay, Pierre
  • mapping file
  • mapping files
  • math extension, TeX encoding
  • math italic, TeX encoding
  • math symbol, TeX encoding
  • math variants
  • Mittelbach, Frank, Mittelbach, Frank, Mittelbach, Frank
  • Monotype
  • Morison, Stanley
  • multiple variants
  • n

  • nonstandard names, escape for
  • p

  • patenting of fonts
  • phonetic encodings
  • pi fonts
  • PostScript encoding vectors
  • PostScript fonts, standard
  • PSfonts distribution
  • r

  • Rahtz, Sebastian
  • raw fonts
  • references
  • related files
  • reporting bugs
  • Rivlin, Jean
  • Rokicki, Tom
  • romain du roi
  • s

  • sans variant
  • Schoepf, Rainer
  • schoolbook variant
  • scripts
  • semisans variant
  • semiserif variant
  • small caps fonts
  • small foundries
  • Southall, Richard
  • standard PostScript fonts
  • Stone Informal
  • Stone, protection of
  • SuperFont
  • suppliers
  • symbol, TeX math encoding
  • t

  • TDS standard
  • terminology
  • TeX base encoding
  • TeX Directory Structure standard
  • TeX Latin 1 encoding
  • TeX math extension encoding
  • TeX math italic encoding
  • TeX math symbol encoding
  • Times Roman, protection of
  • type foundries
  • typeface design protection
  • typefaces
  • typewriter variant
  • u

  • unattributed fonts
  • United States, font design protection law
  • utilities
  • v

  • variants
  • Vienna treaty
  • w

  • weight
  • widths
  • Windows ANSI
  • x

  • X Window System font names

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