fpTeX 0.4

Fabrice Popineau

June 2000

1 fpTeX : teTeX for Win32
 1.1 What is fpTeX?
 1.2 Why use teTeX under Win32
 1.3 Where to get fpTeX and other net resources
 1.4 What's in this port
2 TeX and Win32 concepts
 2.1 Different flavors of Win32
 2.2 Command line prompt
 2.3 Path separators
 2.4 File systems
 2.5 TeX engines
3 Binary distribution
 3.1 What to get ?
 3.2 How to install it ?
 3.3 Uninstalling and other options
 3.4 Supplementary tools
 3.5 Testing the installation
4 Configuration
 4.1 Intended use
 4.2 Local stuff
 4.3 Having multiple users
 4.4 Configure the way web2c generates fonts
 4.5 Configure dvips
 4.6 Network installation
5 Troubleshooting
6 Filesystems considerations
7 Other documentation
8 How to build fpTeX?
 9.1 Add some directory to your PATH
 9.2 Generate PDF files from my LaTeX files ?
 9.3 Generate HTML files from my LaTeX files ?
10 Obtaining software
 10.1 CTAN
 10.2 Where to get fpTeX
 10.3 Documentation on LaTeX
 10.4 Important LaTeX macros on CTAN
 10.5 Info-Zip
 10.6 Ghostscript and GSView
11 Acknowledgements

Listing of the full binary TeX distribution

   Volume in drive D has no label.
   Volume Serial Number is ECE6-7035
   Directory of d:\Local\TeXLive\bin\win32
  [.]                [..]               a5bookle.bat       access.exe
  afm2tfm.exe        amstex.bat         bg5conv.exe        bg5latex.bat
  bibtex.exe         bibtex8.exe        buildhash.exe      bz2lib.dll
  bzip2.exe          bzip2recover.exe   cef5conv.exe       cef5ltx.bat
  cefconv.exe        cefsconv.exe       cefsltx.bat        ChkTeX.exe
  cjpeg.exe          cont-de.exe        cont-en.exe        cont-nl.exe
  cslatex.bat        cslatexd.bat       cslatexi.bat       cslatexk.bat
  csplain.bat        csplaind.bat       csplaini.bat       csplaink.bat
  disdvi.exe         djpeg.exe          dmp.exe            doubside.bat
  dt2dv.exe          dv2dt.exe          dvi2tty.exe        dvibook.exe
  dviconcat.exe      dvicopy.exe        dvidvi.exe         dvihp.exe
  dvilj.exe          dvilj2p.exe        dvilj4.exe         dvilj4l.exe
  dvilj6.exe         dvipdfm.exe        dvips.exe          dviselect.exe
  dvitodvi.exe       dvitomp.exe        dvitype.exe        e2pall.exe
  e2pall.pl          ebb.exe            einitex.exe        elatex.exe
  eplain.bat         epsffit.exe        epstopdf.exe       epstopdf.pl
  etex.dll           etex.exe           evirtex.exe        extractres.bat
  fixdlsrps.bat      fixfmps.bat        fixmacps.bat       fixpsditps.bat
  fixpspps.bat       fixscribeps.bat    fixtpps.bat        fixwfwps.bat
  fixwpps.bat        fixwwps.bat        fmtutil.exe        frlatex.bat
  frtex.bat          f_name.bat         getafm.exe         gftodvi.exe
  gftopk.exe         gftype.exe         gsftopk.exe        gunzip.exe
  gzip.exe           hbf2gf.exe         ht.exe             htlatex.exe
  httex.exe          httexi.exe         hugelatex.exe      hugetex.exe
  icombine.exe       ijoin.exe          includeres.bat     inimf.exe
  inimpost.exe       iniomega.exe       initex.exe         install-info.exe
  ispell.exe         jadetex.exe        jpeg2ps.exe        jpegtran.exe
  kpathsea.dll       kpsestat.exe       kpsewhich.exe      lacheck.exe
  lambda.exe         latex.exe          libgifreader.dll   libjpeg.dll
  libpng.dll         libtiff.dll        libttf.dll         lnexe.exe
  ltx2rtf.exe        mag.exe            makeindex.exe      makeinfo.exe
  makempx.exe        mex.exe            mf.dll             mf.exe
  mft.exe            mfw.dll            mfw.exe            mktex.dll
  mktex.exe          mktexdir.exe       mktexlsr.exe       mktexmf.exe
  mktexnam.exe       mktexpk.exe        mktextfm.exe       mktexupd.exe
  mllatex.bat        mltex.exe          mpost.dll          mpost.exe
  mpto.exe           musixflx.exe       newer.exe          odvicopy.exe
  odvips.exe         odvitype.exe       ofm2opl.exe        omega.dll
  omega.exe          opl2ofm.exe        otangle.exe        otp2ocp.exe
  outocp.exe         ovf2ovp.exe        ovp2ovf.exe        owindvi.exe
  patgen.exe         pdfclose.exe       pdfcslatex.bat     pdfcslatexd.bat
  pdfcslatexi.bat    pdfcslatexk.bat    pdfcsplain.bat     pdfcsplaind.bat
  pdfcsplaini.bat    pdfcsplaink.bat    pdfeinitex.exe     pdfelatex.exe
  pdfetex.dll        pdfetex.exe        pdfevirtex.exe     pdfimages.exe
  pdfinfo.exe        pdfinitex.exe      pdfjadetex.exe     pdflatex.exe
  pdfmex.exe         pdfopen.exe        pdfplatex.exe      pdftex.dll
  pdftex.exe         pdftexinfo.exe     pdftops.exe        pdftosrc.exe
  pdftotext.exe      pdfvirtex.exe      pdfxmltex.exe      pfb2pfa.exe
  physe.bat          phyzzx.bat         pk2bm.exe          pktogf.exe
  pktype.exe         platex.exe         pltotf.exe         png2pnm.exe
  pnm2png.exe        pooltype.exe       ps2pk.exe          psbook.exe
  psmerge.bat        psnup.exe          psresize.exe       psselect.exe
  pstops.exe         rdjpgcom.exe       regex.dll          rpng.exe
  rpng2.exe          runht.exe          runperl.exe        sjisconv.exe
  sjisltx.bat        sq.exe             t1ascii.exe        t1asm.exe
  t1binary.exe       t1disasm.exe       t1mac.exe          t1unmac.exe
  t4ht.exe           tangle.exe         tex.dll            tex.exe
  tex4ht.exe         texexec.exe        texexec.pl         texhash.exe
  texi2html.exe      texi2html.pl       texindex.exe       texinfo.exe
  texshow.exe        texshow.pl         texsis.bat         text1.bat
  texutil.exe        texutil.pl         tftopl.exe         thaiconv.exe
  thumbpdf.exe       thumbpdf.pl        tie.exe            tiff2png.exe
  ttf2afm.exe        ttf2pfb.exe        ttf2pk.exe         ttf2tfm.exe
  ttfdump.exe        unsq.exe           vftovp.exe         virmf.exe
  virmpost.exe       viromega.exe       virtex.exe         vptovf.exe
  weave.exe          windvi.exe         wpng.exe           wrjpgcom.exe
  xmltex.exe         zlib.dll
               264 File(s)     11ÿ896ÿ900 bytes
                 2 Dir(s)     461ÿ910ÿ016 bytes free