6 Filesystems considerations

Win32 supports multiple filesystems:

Moreover, Win32 calls which refer to filenames are case-insensitive. There are several other features in NTFS that Win32 can't use for the moment. Another dimension is the use of different directory separators: / or \, but Win32 calls accept both.

So what difficulties may arise ?

Most likely, you will have some style files with long filenames. If you are running on a filesystem which supports them8, there is no problem and you have nothing to do. Otherwise, you will need to use the alias feature of kpathsea (Refer to the kpathsea manual). Say for example you are trying to install texmf on a FAT partition and you have the style file named longtable.sty in you tree. The filename will be truncated to its 8.3 form : longtabl.sty. In this case, you will need to create a file named aliases along to the ls-R file in you texmf tree. This file should contain the following line:

  longtabl.sty longtable.sty

There is an example of aliases file in $TEXMF/aliases. All references to longtable.sty will be redirected to longtabl.sty as long as the long filename is not found.

Otherwise, if you think you have trouble with filenames, consider doing the following: