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Encoding defaults

\DeclareFontEncodingDefaults {<text-settings>} {<math-settings>}

Declares <text-settings> and <math-settings> for all encoding schemes. These are executed before the encoding scheme dependent ones are executed so that one can use the defaults for the major cases and overwrite them if necessary using \DeclareFontEncoding. If \relax is used as an argument, the current setting of this default is left unchanged. This example is used by amsfonts.sty for accent positioning; it changes only the math settings:


\DeclareFontSubstitution {<encoding>} {<family>} {<series>} {<shape>}

Declares the default values for font substitution which will be used when a font with encoding <encoding> should be loaded but no font can be found with the current attributes. These substitutions are local to the encoding scheme because the encoding scheme is never substituted! They are tried in the order <shape> then <series> and finally <family>. If no defaults are set up for an encoding, the values given by \DeclareErrorFont are used. The font specification for <encoding><family><series><shape> must have been defined by \DeclareFontShape before the \begin{document} is reached. Example:


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