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Case changing

\MakeUppercase {<text>}
\MakeLowercase {<text>}

TEX provides the two primitives \uppercase and \lowercase for changing the case of text. Unfortunately, these TEX primitives do not change the case of characters accessed by commands like \ae or \aa. To overcome this problem, LATEX provides these two commands.

In the long run, we would like to use all-caps fonts rather than any command like \MakeUppercase but this is not possible at the moment because such fonts do not exist.

For further details, see clsguide.tex.

In order that upper/lower-casing will work reasonably well, and in order to provide any correct hyphenation, LATEX2e must use, throughout a document, the same fixed table for changing case. The table used is designed for the font encoding T1; this works well with the standard TEX fonts for all Latin alphabets but will cause problems when using other alphabets. As an experiment, it has now been extended for use with some Cyrillic encodings.

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