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This document contains an overview of the new structure and features of LATEX. It is not a self-contained document, as it contains only the features of LATEX which have changed since version 2.09. You should read this document in conjunction with an introduction to LATEX.
Section 2
contains an overview of the new structure of LATEX documents. It describes how classes and packages work and how class and package options can be used. It lists the standard packages and classes which come with LATEX.
Section 3
describes the new commands available to authors in LATEX2e.
Section 4
shows how to process old LATEX documents with LATEX2e.
Section 6
contains advice on dealing with problems you may encounter in running LATEX2e. It lists some error messages which are new in LATEX2e and it describes some of the more common problems and how to cure them, or where to find further information.

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