exit MS Win 95/98/NT

A Setup for MS Win 95/98/NT

Download the Files

  1. Establish a directory `C:\tex4ht'.
  2. Download, and unzip when needed, the following files into the tex4ht directory.
    1. tex4ht.sty
    2. all4ht.zip (*.4ht)
    3. tex4ht.exe (or tex4ht.c)
    4. t4ht.exe (or t4ht.c)
    5. tex4ht.env
    6. htlatex.tab
    7. httex.tab
    8. httexi.tab
    9. ht.tab
    10. ht-fonts.zip (ht-fonts)
    11. testa.tex testb.tex,
    The above files are also available in a single zipped file.

    Update the Environment File

  3. Replace in tex4ht.env the lines starting with the character `t', with alternative lines which state what directories should be searched for the tfm files of TeX and LaTeX. The directory names must be preceded with the character `t' at the first column. If their subdirectories are also to be searched, the names should be appended with the character `!'.

  4. The file tex4ht.env contains the following default script, of calls to system utilities for translating dvi pictures into gif.
    GDEL tex4ht.ps 
    Gdvips -mode ibmvga -D 110 -f %%1 -pp %%2  -o tex4ht.ps 
    GDEL %%3 
    Gconvert -crop 0x0 -density 110x110 -transparency #FFFFFF tex4ht.ps %%3 
    You may replace this script with an alternative sequence of system calls. In such a case, place one command per line, and mark each of these lines with the character `G' at the first column.

    The %%1 is a parameter referring to a dvi file, the %%2 is a parameter indicating a page number, and the %%3 is a parameter standing for an output file name.

    The dvips utility translates dvi files into postscript. The convert utility, provided within the distribution of ImageMagick, translates postscript files into gif.

    The script employs the Metafont mode `ibmvga' of resolution `110'; the available modes are listed in file modes.mf of Metafont.

  5. Instead of employing the G scripts, glyphs can rely on specialized F scripts of similar nature for creating gifs.

  6. If needed, replace the scripts `Mmove /y %%1 %%2%%3', and `Ccopy /y %%1 %%2%%3' in tex4ht.env with alternative scripts for moving and copying files. The parameter %%1 stands for the source file(s), the parameter %%2 provides the target directory name, and the parameter %%3 refers to the target file name(s).

  7. If applicable, replace the scripts `Achmod %%1 %%2%%3' in tex4ht.env with alternative script for changing access mode of files. The parameter %%1 stands for access mode, the parameter %%2 refers to a directory name, and the parameter %%3 refers to the file(s).

  8. Postprocessing of files can be requested with `X' scripts. The file names are accessed through the parameter `%%1', and their extensions through the parameter `%%2'. Consider setting a `X' script for validation and other applications.

    Set the Script Files

  9. Rename the files `ht.tab', `httex.tab', `htlatex.tab', and `httexi.bat', to assume an extension `.bat' instead of `.tab'.
  10. If you use a command different than `latex' for compiling LaTeX source files, replace the 3 occurrences of latex in htlatex.bat with the appropriate command name. Similarly, if you use a command different than `tex' for compiling TeX source files, replace the 3 occurrences of tex in httex.bat and httexi.bat with the appropriate command name.

    Make the System Globally Known

  11. Add `C:\tex4ht' to your path variable in `C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT', or move `htlatex.bat' and `ht.bat' to a directory specified in the path variable.

  12. Place the files `tex4ht.sty' and `*.4ht' within the LaTeX/TeX tree (either by moving the files to a directory which already has sty files, or by modifying the environment variable TEXINPUTS to point also to `C:\tex4ht').

    Didn't Use `C:\tex4ht'?

  13. TeX4ht can be installed in a directory dir other than `C:\tex4ht', provided that the following changes are made.

    Test the Installation

  14. Move testa.tex and testb.tex to your work directory
  15. Compile `testa.tex' with the command `ht latex testa'
  16. Compile `testb.tex' with the command `htlatex testb'

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