exit Q/A
Controlling where the gif files get written

Addresses in the html files:

The command

\Configure{IMG}{<img\Hnewline src="foo.dir/}{" alt="}{" }{ />}

in the configuration file adds the prefix


to the gif names.

The default setting uses the configuration

\Configure{IMG}{<img\Hnewline src="}{" alt="}{" }{ />}

Placement of gifs:

Add to the `G' script in tex4ht.env a command to move the gif's to the desired destination (e.g., `Gmv %%3 foo.dir/.').

Addresses of symbolic gifs in the html files:

Add the following commands to the configuration file.

   src="foo.dir/}{" alt="}{" class="}{\%s}{-\%d}{--\%x}{" />} 
   src="foo.dir/}{" alt="}{" class="\%s-}{\%s}{-\%d}{--\%x}% 
   {" align="middle" />} 
Placement of symbolic gifs:

If `foo.dir/' is not the directory used in the `G' script, introduce into tex4ht.env a similar `F' script for the character gif's, e.g.,

Fdvips -mode ibmvga -D 110 -f %%1 -pp %%2  > tex4ht.ps 
Fconvert -crop 0x0 -density 110x110 -transparency '#FFFFFF' tex4ht.ps %%3 
Fmv %%3 foo.dir/.