1 Introduction

1.1 Why another Windows dvi viewer ?

Note that throughout this document, when I say `Win32', this means Windows 9x and Windows NT.

There are many previewers for dvi files under Win32. The most popular is probably Dviwin by H. Sendoukas. However it lacks some important features:

Unfortunately, the Dviwin sources were never put into the public domain; on the other side of the fence, Xdvi under Unix has these features, is widely used and its sources are available. Xdvi(k) uses the kpathsea library to search directories, already used in the Web2c-win32 port of TeX, so there was some interest in porting Xdvi(k) to Win32. It turned out that this was far more than just a port, since X Window is far from Win32. All the user interface and the graphical part has been rewritten.

1.2 Features

The most important features of Windvi are as follows: